Schumacher remains in a stable condition

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher’s condition remains stable and relatively unchanged at Grenoble Hospital where he is in an induced coma as a result of a skiing accident last month.

The F1 legend’s PA, Sabine Kehm broke a ten day silence on Schumacher’s condition to inform media that he is in a “stable” condition.

She added, “Unfortunately I have to repeat that any information regarding Michael’s health not coming from the doctors treating him or from his management must be treated as pure speculation.”

“I also repeat that Michael’s family is very happy and confident with the work of the team of doctors treating Michael, and they trust them completely. Michael’s condition is still considered as stable.”

Schumacher has been in a coma since 29 December, in an effort to limit brain damage as a result of a knock on his head when he crashed while skiing. (GP247)

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  • McLarenfan

    I am glad to hear that he is stable and that the family are happy with the treatment from the medical specialists treating him. Speculations are just the words of people not in the loop and those speculating are only being quoted about the worse case scenario.
    Keep up the good fight Michael.

  • Hiding information

    Funny how his management spokes woman does not want to tell the truth. There has been no change in Schumacher’s condition and that is he is in critical condition which id very bad news.

    Saying he is stable is being totally dishonest. The only thing that has stabilized is Schumacher has not gotten worse but he has also not gotten better and remains in critical condition.

    Lies from Schumacher’s management team do no one any good.

    Schumacher’s own management team are creating bigger issues with their dishonesty. All she had to say was that Schumacher remains in critical condition with no change in his condition. Instead she lies and makes it sound like he has improved to stable condition when the fact is he remains in critical condition.

  • Hiding information

    One more thing, it has been reported that this coma is doctor induced and that is not correct either. It was reported that Schumacher fell into a coma on his own while on the way to the first hospital. While the doctors have moved to give him medication that will keep him a coma the fact remains he fell into the coma on his own which is also bad news.

    The longer he remains in a coma the worse his outlook becomes.

    If he had been induced into a coma only by doctors his chances would be much better, sadly that is not the case as his own body fell into the coma on its own and the doctors are just using medication to keep him in a coma, but no one knows if he well ever come out of the coma he fell into while being transported to the first hospital.

    Him still being in critical condition with no change is just not a good sign no matter how his management team tries to spin it.

  • Tamburello_1994

    The fact Micheal is still in France and not in Germany tells me all I need to know about his current situation.

    Over the radio yesterday I hear MSC condition had been “Downgraded to stable condition” – I’ve never heard of someone getting “DOWNGRADED to stable” so I text the station to get clarification but got no response. I’m quite sure I heard it correctly because the second the announcer mentioned the name, it immediately caught my attention. (expecting the worst)

    Anything can happen – not speculating – but I think most folks have come to the realization that this is a quality of life issue now.

  • Hiding information

    I think what you are hearing are the statements from his management team. She keeps saying he is stable but continually leaves out critical. Go back and look at her statements as they all have down played the critical part buy just saying he is stable.

    Schumacher remains in critical condition and has only stabilized at the critical condition meaning that death is not immanent. All the while his management keeps playing on the word stable instead of being honest and stating he remains in critical condition.

    We all know that if he had been upgraded to stable and was no longer in critical condition it would have been reported as such. It is really bad form for his management team to be playing with words about his condition.

    I think you are correct that there will be a quality of life issue if he does in fact survive which still has not been determined.

    The other thing that sends up red flags about his condition vs. what his management is putting out is there is zero talk about any scans and test on his brain. With him remaining in critical condition one can conclude that Schumacher has not responded positively to any tests.

    The reality is the outlook looks grime for Michael Schumacher.

  • Torque

    Still rooting for you Michael, get well soon.

  • RBC

    Schumacher’s publicist has no responsibility to tell people his exact condition. She has the right to give out a little bit of information so the scum bag reporters will leave the family alone, so they can deal with this extreme situation in the best possible way. Her responsibility is to Schumacher, not to the public.