Raikkonen: Driving the new F1 turbo cars will not be as difficult as people think

Kimi Raikkonen happy to be back at Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen happy to be back at Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen spent three days this past week re-familiarising himself with Ferrari and the team’s headquarters at Maranello ahead of his second stint with the legendary team with whom he won his first and thus far only world title in 2007.

During an interview while driving around Maranello town at the wheel of a Ferrari FF the Finn, popularly known as the Iceman was more verbose than normal. Here we have highlights of this conversation.

How does it feel to be back at Maranello?
It’s nice to come back [to Maranello], obviously it is nice to be back and seeing the people that were here when I was at Ferrari. Also some new people, but it has been so far very good. There are a lot of good people in the team, with a lot of knowledge. We have to the best and see where we end up, but there is the chance that we can do very well.

What’s the target for the future?
There’s only thing we try to do and that is to win Championships. Hopefully as a team we can do that. It’s going to be difficult, especially with the new rules. It’s very hard to say who is where and how its going to be. Thats the only thing we try to do and that is to win Championships. Hopefully as a team we can do that. It’s going to be difficult, especially with the new rules. It’s very hard to say who is where, and how its going to be.

Kimi Raikkonen during his first visit to Maranello after leaving Lotus

Kimi Raikkonen during his first visit to Maranello after leaving Lotus

Your return has made Ferrari fans very happy…
As always nice to have fans and the fact that they are happy [that] I came back to Ferrari is obviously a bonus. And hopefully we can get the results and make them even happier.

How different will it be with new regulations and the all new Formula V6 turbo cars?
My feeling is that driving the new cars will not be as difficult as people think. Hopefully we find out it is pretty simple. For sure it will be difficult for the technical people, all those who have to make a new engine, new gearboxes and all this. But it is not affecting so much the driver, I think. Sure we have new buttons and things to follow, let’s wait and see. It will be much easier to say after the first test.

How do you feel about double points to be awarded at the final race of the season?
This is the same for everybody It might help somebody or might be against somebody, and obviously people who it helps will like it. For me it doesn’t matter what it is. It’s the rule, so like it or not it isn’t going to change.

What’s your favourite track?
Spa is very nice track because it is sort of old fashioned, there ae some nice new circuitts too where they have done a good job. The United States track and India [were] quite nice. I quite liked it.

Stefano Domenicali with Kimi Raikkonen during the Finn's first stint at ferrari

Stefano Domenicali with Kimi Raikkonen during the Finn’s first stint at ferrari

You were in the Ferrari simulator?
We did some work on the simulator and we will do more later, but mainly to check some of the buttons and see how things work.

What are your thoughts on your new race engineer Antonio Spagnolo?
We worked with him together before for two years, he was the data engineer for me. I know him from that time already, so basically it wasn’t too difficult and it was nice to see him. I saw him at some races and we spoke quickly when we passed each other in the paddock. For him it is a new challenge, but he knows the systems and has a lot of experience, so I thinbk it should be fine. Obviously we have to start from somewhere and then build things together. I don’t see any problems, or wy it shouldn’t be good. So it’s only exciting.

Raikkonen will be in action in a Ferrari, for the first time since 2009, during the first day of testing at Jerez on 28 January at the wheel of the team’s 2014 turbo powered car. (GP247)


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    can’t wait to see you on the track in a red car! 😀

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    Poor guy can’t perform unless the car is exactly to his liking. But he wants us to believe it’ll be okay.

    Welcome to mediocrity, Kimi.

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    I love the way Kimi thinks the driving is about the same just more buttons.
    It is the Engineers that have more to do.

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    Poor guy can’t perform unless the car is exactly to his liking. But he wants us to believe it’ll be okay.


    Did not know JB was driving for Ferrari?

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    Too true, realf1fan

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    I know i thought we were talking about kimi not JB. Kimi can perform with a set up he messed up on. Did it last year. I think. Kimi will blame himself and not the car. Its kimi not JB

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    However some other drivers are going to have hard times.

    Be ready for another season of complains and whines of the crybaby Slowso.

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    Kimi will probably win the championship. Even if the car isn’t the fastest, he is the only driver capable of outperforming the car.

    The fact that kimi has never been outqualified by a team mate shows he is the fastest and alonslow will cry and run to marussiaor aanyone that will accept hia santander cash.

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    So right, it’s embarassing

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    The only embarrassing thing is that people rate alonso.

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    Alonso is top drawer the most complete in F1 followed by the quickest in f1. followed by the the driver who had the best cars for the last four years then Kimi.

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    No. Kimi is the best. He has never been beaten by a team mate, unlike alonso who was destroyed by a mediocre rookie.

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    Wow stoner, mediocre rookie? Lewis is the best rookie F1 has ever had and I challenge you to find any f1 rookie in history who finished above a reigning 2xwdc champion.

    But I will say, I was visiting a few f1 sites and on a vist to crashnet f1I came across a thread which someone had wrote that Alonso asked Ron to short fuel Lewis’s car in the 2007 Hungary gp and if Ron did not do it then Alonso threaten to show some emails to the FIA, if it is true then this means Alonso was scared of the rookie because he was being matched by the rookie.

    It makes me think If Kimi does get the better of Alonso then who knows what he will do.

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    I have the feeling maranello will be a powder keg by July. If the car isn’t perfect and kimi is giving Alonso a run for his money…BOOM!

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    Kimi is a top driver but Alonso is the best and in equal cars Alonso will have to much, but if Kimi can do What that Lewis Hamilton guy did in 2007 and get under Alonso’s skin by being competitive then Kimi could do him.