Raikkonen will beat Alonso says Hakkinen

Raikkonen vs Alonso

Iceman vs. Samurai Warrior


Former F1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen believes the style of driving required to maximise the new era V6 turbo will suit Kimi Raikkonen more than his Ferrari teammate Fernando Alonso.

In his column for Ilta-Sanomat, Finland’s first F1 World Champion wrote, “I think Kimi’s driving style is really perfect for these turbo cars. Alonso pushes too hard, so I think Kimi will beat him.”

Hakkinen believes that Raikkonen’s return to a big team is ideal, as the 2007 World Champion will not have to worry about financial matters, thus enabling him to focus on driving to at his best.

“Everyone knows that Ferrari has huge resources to develop during the season. The development will not stop, even if good engineers leave. And Kimi does not have to be worried about the financial side, Ferrari has what it takes,” concluded Hakkinen. (GP247)

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  • Snowman

    Finland’s first world champion?

    Does Keke Rosberg not count?


    LOL Snowman same reaction here.

  • MacStar227

    My 2 favourate Ferrari drivers. However Alonso will come on top.

  • Tamburello_1994

    It all depends on the car. That’s the key.

    But it fun to speculate.

  • Kili Liam

    Wasn’t Kimi the first Finn world champion? Mika who? What Keke?



  • Old

    Wow, posting a 6 months old news? Must be a dry period…

  • matthew

    @Old Exactly what I was going to write, literally word for word!

  • F1_expert

    Kimi has unfinished business in Ferrari, he lost the seat in 2010 so he will push hard to prove he is better than Massa and better Alonso. And all for to make a point for Ferrari – ther choice was wrong that time.

  • O’Ferrari

    Although I am unconvinced about kimi’s ability to consistently get 100% from a package, it would be pleasing to see him really put the screws to alonso.

    They’ll either push each other to higher levels, or one will throw the toys out of the pram (alonso) or sulk and give up (kimi).

  • stoner

    Kimi might beat alonso


    Kimi’s strength is that he enters a car and brings out the most of it immediately – no whining, no moaning, he stays cool and just performs.

    That’s the crucial difference to Fernando…


    Bueno creo que ya tenemos otro “anti” en el buen Mikka,
    ya que cualquiera que se atreva a decir que Alonso pude perder ya es un “anti”, ya veremos como nos viene la nueva temporada

  • AlonsoFan

    well Insiders at Ferrari are in no doubt about Kimi’s pace but there were alarm bells ringing in the Ferrari camp when Romain started beating Kimi in the second part of the year in the same car!
    But that being said both Alonso and Kimi know that problems beating each other will only come into spotlight when they will be fighting for top Positions not fighting for mere points. As a brainwashed Alonso Fan I would prefer Alonso to win but I wouldnt mind If kimi beats Alonso. Top Drivers

  • Emiguel

    My concern is not who beats who but to see Ferrari in front, both are great drivers so whoever gets the chequered flag is fine…


  • The Pessimist

    Can’t wait for Kimi to give Alonso’s arse a sound thrashing, tired of Alonso’s whining and moaning, C’mon Kimi put Alonso in his place.

  • Taskmaster

    Raikkonnen’s reputation for delivering with a difficult car is unearned. He is very sensitive to car feel, as we saw with his issues with the Lotus steering system, brakes, etc.. Until they got the car sorted, he was off his pace. He also too-frequently fails to keep his head in the game, which is a liability. His last races with Ferrari (2009) were obvious phone-in jobs. With Lotus he just quit and drove away. Alonso stays in the game to the bloody end. If the car feels good to Raikkonnen, he is quick enough to beat Alonso. If the car is difficult or uncomfortable to drive, Alonso will succeed with his greater capacity for adapting to bad cars (learned over several seasons now) and raw determination. Either way, Ferrari may be well set to succeed – assuming the two can co-exist productively.

  • fools

    oh gawd…this again

  • Dr. Azlan

    Being second means you lose. Ferrari lost to Red Bull.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    As long as ferrari is in front of red bull im happy

  • A41202813GMAIL

    GO, 44 !

  • Tom Riddle

    Ferrari 1st and 2nd would be great to see.

  • the fan

    what do you expect from a fellow finn? being both an Alonso and Kimi fan, id rather wait than made assumptions.

  • stoner

    What would you know? Kimi will waste alonso. Kimi would waste any driver, in any car in the last 40 years, maybe 50. Only Stirling Moss could challenge.

  • Radio F1

    amm Keke Rosberg was the first Finn to have won a F1 World Championship in 1982, scoring his title with just a single victory in the Swiss gran prix. Hakkinen was the first double Finnish World Champion

  • OneMoreToy

    Alonso has always been one of his main rival throughout his entire carrier (rivalry in different teams/cars). So IMO this will probably serve as an ultimate challenge for Kimi to finally see who will be on top between the two given the same machinery.