NASCAR team owner Haas interested in Formula 1 entry

Gene Haas with Tony Stewart

Gene Haas with Tony Stewart

NASCAR team owner Gene Haas has expressed an interest in entering a Formula 1 team starting around 2015 or 2016 with what would be a U.S. run team.

“We have responded to the FIA’s ‘call for expression of interest’ regarding a Formula 1 entry on behalf of Haas Racing Development,” the Stewart-Haas co-owner said in a statement on Thursday.

“We respect the FIA’s evaluation process and will share more details in the coming weeks.”

The governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in December it was seeking by Jan. 3 formal expressions of interest from would-be new teams.

Full applications have to be submitted by 10 February with a decision due on 28 February.

F1 last admitted new constructors in 2010, including a U.S. team, USF1, initially accepted but later removed from the entry list when it became apparent that they were not in a position to race.

That failed team was led by Ken Anderson, a former technical director of Haas CNC Racing which was the previous name of Stewart-Haas.

Formula 1 media reports indicated Haas, who owns a full-scale rolling road wind tunnel in North Carolina, is working with former Red Bull and Jaguar technical director Guenther Steiner on the latest project. (GMM)

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  • Kimi4WDC

    1990-2000 golden age of IndyCar. Enjoyed it so much. Those cars were amazing, same goes for 2005 F1 cars – they were on limit! Engine, aero, tyres – everything was on the edge.

  • Mikus

    Carl Haas Formula Indy HAS NO CONNECTION with Gene Haas Nascar team, they are NOT RELATIVES

  • captain tortuga

    LOL, i feel ‘rainman’ jokes coming up…

    K-mart sucks, but im an excellent driver! xD

  • O’Ferrari

    Mansell, Vileneauve, Montoya . 3 winners if both f1 and indy from the 90’s.

    Bourdais, Zanardi, Michael Andretti, Paul Tracy. All winners in indy who disappointed in f1 (although Bourdais had Vettel’s measure until Monza)

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Kimi4WDC

    Agree totally. 3 Marlboro cars !! Loved it.

    Jacq Villeneuve winning Indy.

    And who can forget Greg Moore.

  • CNB

    Haas GP with Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch!

  • matthew

    I wonder who would drive for them? A new face or one of the current drivers? The only driver that can be ruled out would be kimi. No american team would touch him after he made a laughingstock of himself when he dabbled in nascar and was crushed by subpar drivers. Exciting times ahead!

  • jeff

    Pure dream talk. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • matthew

    I just found the article on this site that said ferrari was contacted by an interested team, it has to be either haas or the other group that we don’t know about yet. This might just turn into a reality!