Lotus: Should talks be successful with Quantum then it will be a bonus

Quantum Motorsport boss Mansoor Ijaz still hoping the Lotus deal will happen

Quantum Motorsport boss Mansoor Ijaz (left) still adamant the Lotus deal will happen

In the wake of Grand Prix 247’s exposure of the “fake” Mansoor Ijaz website it may yet be that the American financier of Pakistani heritage who heads Quantum Motorsport  may still conclude a deal with Lotus in the near future.

Ijaz has clamed, “The original configuration of the Quantum deal is indeed no longer being pursued by us. That was my decision internally, and I conveyed that to Lotus and Genii before the Christmas break.

“During the break, we brought the appropriate professional assistance on board, and we conveyed our results on Wednesday to the team, and it was agreed that we proceed to conclusion,” added Ijaz.

Property tycoon Andrew Ruhan, who bought a 2 percent stake in Lotus last May, confirmed Ijaz’s claims, “At this moment of time, the original structure of the deal cannot be completed. However, we maintain discussions with Mansoor and still believe it is possible that a deal on a similar basis can be concluded.”

Eric Boullier with Gerard Lopez

Eric Boullier with Gerard Lopez

Speculation continues that Lotus is in a dire financial situation which is already impacting its 2014 campaign, starting with them having to miss out on the opening test at Jerez at the end of the month.

But Ruhan is adamant that all is well at Enstone, “This team is very stable – and we have taken action to make sure the future is secure.”

“Should talks be successful with Quantum then it will be a bonus, but we are not dependent on it happening,” added Ruhan.

This latest information contradicts what team owner Gerard Lopez said earlier this week, “The Quantum money never arrived. We have now killed the talks. For 2014, our budget is complete with our new sponsor PDVSA.”

Genii confirmed on 16 January to Grand Prix 247, “We can confirm that the ownership of Lotus F1 Team limited remains unchanged and that Mr. Mansoor Ijaz is not an owner of Lotus F1 Team Limited, considering [that] the Quantum Motorsports Limited transaction has [been] not completed.” (GP247)

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  • matthew

    The death spiral continues…

  • O’Ferrari

    This is getting sad. …

  • stoner

    Maybe we should hear him out?

  • jeff

    I like many others are getting real tired of this story. This guy is a fake a phony a con man. Lets move on.

  • Spartacus

    Keep taking the pills.

  • Bub

    Lotus would want to have the money actually in their account before they sign anything.

  • BlackBear

    stoner – we already heard him, umpteen times; really tired of it!
    jeff – you said it!
    Spartacus (Keep taking the pills.) – you’re right; somebody is hallucinating!
    matthew (The death spiral continues) – brilliant!

  • Snowman

    Must be nice to know that the website has reached such notoriety as to be deemed a threat by the likes of Ijaz

  • Soreman Nojizz

    The real reason that Lotus cannot attend the first tests of the season is the fact they still have not completed development work on the plow they are planning to fasten to the E22 to deal with this whole snowjob.

  • Boycottthebull

    The deal fell through? Im shocked. A known Pakistani con man claiming secret middle eastern investors but hinting one was a known Arab royal family? I got a spam email along similar lines and most readily signed over all my assets to invest. Just phoned them to check on my investment but the phones disconnected but Im sure the just forgot to pay the phone bill. You know what they say theres one born every minute!

  • McLarenfan

    You forgot that Mansoor Ijaz is also a Secret Agent for the Pakistani Government who has relaying secret messages to the United States? And is also trusted by 25 intelligence agencies across the world so he could well be on a mission to save the World or Lotus!!!!

  • stoner

    It is people like you Black Bear who criticize and destabilize that have destroyed this deal and jeopardized lotus, not Ijaz

  • PB

    I just hope that the current owners of Lotus do their own due diligence on Quantum and its shareholders before accepting whatever deal is on the table.

  • RBC

    How much crack are these Lotus people smoking?