Red Bull RB10 to be unveiled on first morning of Jerez test

Red Bull

Red Bull have confirmed on Twitter that they will launch their 2014 Formula 1 car on the morning of 28 January, the opening day of testing at Jerez.

The reigning World Champions are leaving it to the last moment to show the much anticipated RB10, designed by Adrian Newey and his team.

Traditionally Red Bull have launched their new cars at a function a few days before the first pre-season testing.

However this year they appear to be leaving it to the last moment in what could be an effort to maximise the time available to get the all new car – featuring the new Renault V6 turbo engine and related technology brought about by the new regulations – ready for Jerez and perhaps to keep the new car away from prying eyes for as long as possible. (GP247)

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  • matthew

    I wonder if they’ll embarrass the other teams again! (Mcclarens the exception, they embarrassed themselves in 13.)

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Maybe. Wonder how ugly its going to be. Adrian newey said the car is not exactly pretty. But looks dont matter in F1. Its not California its F1.

  • matthew


    A very valid point sir, but honestly… When was the last time an f1 car was pretty? They’re despicable creations and always have been. Admit it… In the 80s, f1 were ugly, now all of a sudden their beautiful!!!

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    @matthew One of the “sexiest” in my opinion was the McLaren MP4-20 from 2005. I love that car. But i know what you mean…. I think

  • Hawk

    for me the MP4-22/3 of 2007/8 and the grooved tyres