Mansoor Ijaz: The website stating I am an owner of Lotus does not belong to me

Eric Lux with Mansoor Ijaz at the 2013 Hungarian GP

Eric Lux with Mansoor Ijaz at the 2013 Hungarian GP

In the wake of the Grand Prix 247 report today originally entitled: ‘Lopez says all is well but Quantum deal is dead while Ijaz claims to be a Lotus owner’ we have received an email from Mansoor Ijaz’s Gmail account clarifying the situation from his perspective, the contents of which we publish in full and unedited form below.

“Your website contains an article ( that has false and misleading information on two counts.  The website your report as stating I am an owner of Lotus does not belong to me and has never been edited by myself or anyone associated with me.”

“To this end, I forward herein my complaint to the domain registration company (to be followed by the responses and our replies in other emails subsequent to this one), where we make clear that this is the case.  Please therefore remove any reference to this website as it is owned and operated by some person who clearly has an agenda to malign and misrepresent matters in my name.  This misrepresentation issue is a matter being handled by my lawyers in London — you can independently confirm this with the attorney copied on this email to you.”

Fake Mansoor Ijaz website

Screen-grab of ‘fake’ Mansoor Ijaz website (

“A similar incident occurred last year when some party created a false Twitter account in the name of Quantum purporting to contain information from us.  We had that web presence removed.  We will have a court in the United States require that this one be removed as well in the near future.”

“The second inaccuracy is that the Quantum deal is dead.  This will be clarified by co-chairman of Lotus, Andy Ruhan, later this morning.  I trust you will report that matter accurately when it is clarified and then redact and edit your story accordingly.”

Ijaz also CC-ed Grand Prix 247 on an email to Go Daddy hosting provider informing them that the site is fake and damaging to his reputation, requesting it be removed.

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has the point of contact for as: WebsiteWelcome, 5005 Mitchelldale, Suite #100, Houston, Texas, USA. (Grand Prix 247)

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  • McLarenfan

    The geezer has more faces than the town hall clock

  • O’Ferrari


    I wonder how many gp’s Mansoor attended as a VIP for free?

    Hopefully, , he had a very nice time.


  • captain tortuga

    lol @ Mcl fan

  • phil

    Heard he’s going to MotoGP now with Rossi. Says he get more for his rupy. As he has never been to MotoGp he expects many free lunches where he can tell the fairytale about that nasty F1 crap and how he lost millions of shareholders funds. LOL

  • Beware

    Like we should believe the Ruhan’s?

  • Spartacus

    Nice to know Mansoor Ijaz is reading this.

    So, just to clarify for Mr Ijaz. You don’t own Lotus.

    Mr Ijaz you might also find that all the freebies that you enjoyed at various GPs last year won’t be repeated. You might also wish to seek professional help from someone who deals with those who suffer from delusions (and I’m not being disparaging to those who have already sought out such necessary help).

  • Urko

    I think there must be something else in this Lotus/Ljaz “friendship” & that both are equally involved. But what is the truth story, that’s something I would also like to know.

  • matthew

    It’s true he doesn’t own the site, he probably couldn’t afford it! He probably blew his budget by getting an internet connection for the camper he lives in. Mr jiaz, we all know your a fraud and have nothing. At your age you have no success in anything… I would feel embarrassed for you if you were even a somewhat decent person. But your not.

  • O’Ferrari

    He’s leading a better life than me…..

    Maybe honesty isn’t the best policy?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much?

  • O’Ferrari


    Want to go halves in an F1 team with me? I represent a conglomerate of your investors (possibly linked to Antarctic royalty – king penguins) and if u give me half, I can promise that I can organize the other half.

    It may take a while to clear the funds as they have to be laundered through nigerian billionaires.

    And while u wait for funds to clear, can you please fly me business class ro the gp’s and give me the full VIP treatment?

    Now, let us say that not everything goes to plan (hard to believe), don’t I have the right to defend myself without criticism suggesting that I protest too much?

    If not, I will take my millions elsewhere. I hear lotus is selling seats?

  • SteveisGreat

    “Lotus” are the biggest media whores. I’m sure Colin Chapman would be so proud. ROLLS EYES

  • jurrabi

    It’s like I’m watching “the Sting”.

    The time of the final race is about to start. I wonder how all it will pay out.

  • Peter

    How Lopez was taken in by this oxygen thief, beggars belief

  • Peter

    Lopez is to blame for feeding his fantasies along with all at Lotus , Rather than blame this fraud, perhaps it’s better to have another closer look at Lopez. We are well used to hearing his porky pies

  • The Pessimist

    Mansoor Ijaz attending some grand prix’s last year and rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty of Formula posing as a potential investor in Lotus shows how easily people can be fooled in Formula One, now that the Quantum deal is officially off will Lotus get new investors? Would love to know the answer as Gerard Lopez claimed that he had offers from other investors to buy a stake in Lotus.

  • BlackBear

    WOW – an impressive set of 17 comments! Mansoor Ijaz, you must by now have realized you can not fast-talk your way out this final (“not my website”) nail in the coffin! Scam artists and the infamous Nigerian Princes do get caught.

  • matthew

    I just realised that mansoor being a scumbag, crashtor being an idiot and whitmarsh being useless are things we all agree on.

  • O’Ferrari


    Funniest comment ever. It is witty, has shock value and literally made me laugh out loud.

  • ku

    But even just a google search of this fraudster returned disturbing results about past his past dealings(Pakistan I think it was) and his character, I have to wonder about Mr Lopez and Team’s Due Diligence… Seemed fairly obvious it was not going to happen.

  • stoner

    You guys should leave Mansoor alone. He is trying hard to save Lotus and everybody is sabotaging him.

  • BlackBear

    stoner – you obviously have done no research into the records of this clown Mansoor Ijaz. You have to time travel a year back, read all the “the-deal-is-as-good-as-done” statements, about “difficulties” transferring money from U.S. to Luxenbourg (yeah, right!), review court records, company names, the ownership claims on the website (suddenly not his – yeah, right): it’s like watching a grand-master scam artist in the middle of a circus arena, sawdust flying everywhere, with three idiots as dancing partners: Boullier, Lopez and Ruhan. All this spectacularly embarrassing to an old famous name, Lotus. STOP ALREADY!

  • stoner


    I hold three truths to be self evident.

    1). Kimi is the best driver ever to sit in an f1 car. Period.
    2). Alonso is possibly the worst driver on the current grid. The fact that he was destroyed by a driver as hopeless as Hamilton makes this obvious.
    3). Mansoor Ijaz has had to face incredible hardship in his attempts to save Lotus. Johnny-come-lately fans like u baying for his blood don’t help. He is very public with his struggles. A conman, doesn’t make his failures public.

  • Boycottthebull

    Oh my good Stoner it appears Ijaz isnt the only one delusional!

  • LOL

    @stoner undebatedly incorrect ln all 3 counts. Kimi is not even in the top 15 of all time f1 drivers. Also… “hopeless hamilton and worst driver alonso” BEAT your idol. Accounting for his 2 missed races they beat him. Both won more races. Both led more laps. Both outperformed kimi in every way that matters.

  • stoner

    Shut up, j danek. I’d rather have faith than have no hope.

  • Mellow Jessica

    SO I guess that Mansoor Ijaz will not make his last-last deadline? When is it – tomorrow?

  • Mellow Jessica

    “The second inaccuracy is that the Quantum deal is dead. This will be clarified by co-chairman of Lotus, Andy Ruhan, later this morning. I trust you will report that matter accurately when it is clarified and then redact and edit your story accordingly.”

    It’s now 23 February 2014 – can GP 24/7 report the Quantum deal as dead, please?