F1 in talks with two potential new teams claims Ecclestone

More teams on the F1 grid in 2015?

More teams on the F1 grid in 2015?

Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone claims Formula 1 authorities are in talks with two potential new teams for the 2015 season.

The governing FIA recently invited new entrants to bid for the vacant spot on the grid, but until now there has been no sign of any serious interest.

Ecclestone, however, told the Wirtschaftswoche publication: “We are in talks with two new names. Neither is an automaker,” he added.

The 83-year-old Briton gave no further details. But the new teams would come at a timely moment for the sport, amid fears several existing outfits are struggling financially.

The FIA is aiming to introduce a budget cap, and team bosses will reportedly meet in Geneva next week for early talks.

Diminutive Ecclestone, said he has proposed a budget limit of “200 million”. (GMM)

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  • Urko

    Haha, save this stories for children for Munich spring;) We all know the question is not, how many teams will enter the F1, but how many of them will exit it bcs of financial collapse so that his spoiled daughters could continue making pictures of themselves lying on even bigger pile of money. Disgusting!

  • Red Horizon

    If the new teams will be like the last three (Caterham, HRT, Marussia) who entered F1, is useless. Too little competitive, not suitable for F1, they belong to a minor class.

  • matthew

    Well, I guess that squashes the tata f1 team rumors.

  • sunny stivala

    The US based HAAS team is reputed to be one of the two.

  • alberto

    Give us please the return of: Tyrrell, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Brabham. Or some other good marques. We don’t need “grid-fill-up” teams.