Ferrari to reveal 2014 car next week after fans pick the name

Ferrari under wraps until January

Ferrari under wraps until 25 January

Ferrari confirmed have confirmed that it will launch its 2014 car on 25 January, but before then fans will pick the car’s name – the 2013 car was  the Ferrari F138.

The team announced on their website: “For the first time in the history of Scuderia Ferrari, the name of the car that Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen will drive as they aim for victory in this year’s Formula 1 Championship will be chosen by fans from around the world.”

We reported last week that the Italian team would have its new car ready for a Jerez debut, with an official launch date set for Maranello a few days earlier.

Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari driver

Kimi Raikkonen to be publically presented as a Ferrari driver on the day of the new car launch

Indeed Ferrari said it will reveal its car on the internet with a series of exclusive photos on 25 January along with Alonso and Raikkonen’s public re-introduction, a day after the official 2014 car name is announced.

Before then, fans can vote for the name in an online poll, with the five options being F14T, F14 Maranello, Formula 14 Scuderia, F166 Turbo and F616.
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Ferrari added: “Not only can fans make their mark on the Scuderia’s 2014 adventure, but again through the website and social media networks, they can also put questions to Team Principal Stefano Domenicali and the two race drivers, using the hashtags #askStefano, #askAlo, #Kimi. The protagonists will answer the most interesting and stimulating questions in a video which will also go out on Saturday 25 January.” (GMM)

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  • Butterfly

    Ferrari F14 Scuderia sounds about right.

  • Eevel


  • Red Horizon

    F166 Turbo

  • SteveisGreat

    F 14TPenisNose

  • Ankit

    Ferrari F146. 14 for the year and 6 to mark the beginning of V6 turbo era!

  • Ankit

    ^I know that’s not an option. But it should have been

  • Matthew

    I wish it was called the 166F1… identical to the name they gave their last car when they switched to V8’s for the first time (248F1)

    But, F166 Turbo is close enough!

  • Ankit

    I voted for F14 T. When you put all of them together like this, F14T, it looks like FIAT, which is by Ferrari!

  • Ankit

    Okay a bizarre calculation but if you add up all the numbers corresponding to all the letters from the name Ferrari F one four T, it adds up to 196. 1+9+6 is 14 which is Fernando’s number. Just saying 😉

  • practical

    If it runs like the ones of last 2 years ; should be name F-pinto

  • Andy

    good point, then my vote for “F-500 T” un vero cinquecento topolino !

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    F14T Penis-Nose. But F166T or F14T sounds good

  • O’Ferrari

    F’d up? Ftroop? F minus?

  • pengmalups

    nose looks good if that’s the new car.

  • Tamburello_1994

    One of my favorite times of year right here, new car unveiling.