Alonso says drivers must always obey team orders

Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa after the 2010 German GP

Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa after the 2010 German GP

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso says thatdrivers are ‘obliged’ to follow team orders when they are given from the pit gantry.

Alonso was asked by a young journalist if “you have ever received a team order you did not responded to?”

Alonso replied, “No. Normally when the team says something you must obey, because they have all the information and [they] know what’s going on.”

“You can ask them on the radio why you have to do something [which they have requested] to try and understand the order, but you must always obey,” added the Spaniard.

Famously at the 2010 German GP Alonso’s teammate at the time, Felipe Massa, was informed by his engineer, “Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”

This was a thinly veiled team order for Massa to allow Alonso to get past, which the Brazilian did much to his consternation.

In 2014 Kimi Raikkonen rejoins Ferrari as teammate to Alonso. (GP247)

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  • O’Ferrari

    Interesting soundbite.

    I have to admit, there were a couple of times in the mclaren days that were a bit borderline.

    Not sure I buy this comment as anything more than a psychological game.


  • WestMclarenMercedes

    That will not get to Kimi so fernando should just give up his mind games and focus. Looks like Fernando’s dark side is coming back. We will see what happens.

  • Fernando Aloser

    This is just the cheat’s way of saying : when I can’t beat Kimi next year because I’m actually just overrated and have far less talent then most think, I expect to get my way with the team and have them order Kimi to move over, just like with Felipe.
    This could also go as far as ordering him to crash, after which I’ll deny any involvement.
    If I can’t get my way I’ll throw a little tantrum and try to blackmail the team.

  • Tifosi fan except alonso

    Easier said than done, when you are constantly on the better end of this deal. And yet, look at you, 4 years, despite all the favoritism you got, you got nothing! I hope that you will never win another championship as long as you are with Ferrari. Serves you right, a-hole!

  • Snowman

    A lot of people seem to forget how quickly kimi jumped out of Grosjean’s way when lotus ordered him to.

  • Alex M

    This is mind games from Fernando.

  • GVp

    Alonso you twat. McLaren said they didn’t want team orders so you got fired. Apparently if your name is Fernado Alonso you can make up your own rules so they are in your favour. Threatening to leave Renault only becase Trulli challenged you shows what a coward you are.

  • ghog

    FA is in the wrong job, he should have been a Politician – Spin Doctor!

  • Tifosi fan except alonso

    I pray to the F1 God that Kimi will make you his bitch.

  • BabyGirl

    Kimi is faster than you!
    Can’t wait for the Jerez test sessions and the first races!

  • Taskmaster

    Raikkonnen is unlikely to lead Alonso, so this is a precursor warning to Raikkonnen that he must step aside when ordered to do so, as Massa was required to do. Of the two, Alonso is at his best when dealing with cars that are not exactly to his liking. The 2014 cars are going to be difficult for all the drivers to deal with, especially for those who desire specific driving characteristics the new cars will not be capable of delivering. The first Jerez test lap times are going to be slow, focused more on reliability and data collection than pushing any envelopes. We won’t really know how all this is going to play out until 3 or 4 races into the season.

  • George

    What about the time Ron Dennis screamed for FA to leave the pit box while he blocked LH from being serviced during qualifying when they were teammates?


    What about when Ron Dennis said “We were racing Fernando and not Kimi” and despite all that (the boss and team) declaring “racing against one of their own drivers” Alonso managed to finish equal on points to RGB’S LULU.

  • PB

    Mr Happy is looking for a way to put a smile on his face. Team orders – bah! They do not exist except in his mind.

  • Donna

    What a prat. He agrees with team orders when they benefit him. I hope Kimi kicks his butt at Ferrari.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    And when Alonso passed Massa he disappeared into the distance. Massa WAS slower than Alonso. Much slower.

  • Zombie Jebus

    Alonso was referring to Singapore 2008, right?

  • Klmak

    Looking forward how Kimi react this guy on track.

  • rxracer

    The article refers to him being asked by a ‘young’ journalist. For those of you with your panties in a knot, he was being interviewed by a 9 year old spanish girl who won the ‘Journalist for a day’ competition. And she was better than most who do it for a living! My point is he was trying to be honest but also give positive answers to a young girl learning the ropes. Amazes me how many jump to conclusions, read into things, criticize, and just generally act like angry knobs on these forums.

  • ninjamonk

    anyone else this is just preempting when he’s slower than Kimi and his team orders rules are used on him for a change. I think Kimi was bought in to keep FA in his place and I think if you see the comments and pictures coming out he is looking rather happy to be there. Is it possible that the actual team members like Kimi a little more :p

  • A41202813GMAIL

    GO, 44 !

  • LOL


    No. The team mambers do not like kimi more. No one, (and I do mean no one) that has worked with kimi likes him. He is lazy, arrogant, and not a team player. It’s frustrating to me because he could be one of the greatest of all time if he tried. My best parallel to kimi is mark henry, he could have been the strongest man in the world by a wide margin, but he was lazy and would not train consistently. As it is right now, in 10 years no one will care about or remember kimi.

  • Otiva

    Massa was slower and Alonso caught up. Alonso could have fought him and eventually would have passed him (CHECK BOTH RECORDS HISTORY FOR YOUR REF.) Remember Alonso knocked Massa out when he was at Mclaren & Massa was driving the good old Ferrari. Massa had to let him other wise they will run their tiers out and chance a DNF probably for both.
    So for all of you inadequate Alonso haters, its time to wise up with your dull silly comments. Just remember who & what you are compare to him…have a good shot at reality.

  • SteveisGreat

    Alonso is a nobody. If he didn’t cheat and have the best car he’d have been done long ago. Just look at his stats since he left 2007. Not impressive at all.

    If he were doing the best a driver could at Ferrari then there is no way they would have felt the need to hire Kimi – much less pay Kimi way more than Red Bull and Mclaren were willing to! Especially with Luca having to swallow his massive ego!

    Face it Alonso fans, there is a new #1 driver in Maranello… and this one has already brought the Championship home!

  • fools

    damn…old news. and more old news. bringing back drama to stir a bee hive nest that was just hanging there untouched. Now you kicked it. smh

    Media always sparking bullsh!t

  • Ankit

    @rxracer you are probably the only sane one on this post who seems to think logically. Everyone else is just throwing punches in the dark for no reason. READ the damn article you twats, not just the headlines.

    @Otiva, fools and Taskmaster damn right mates!

    @steveisfullofrubbish and @fake tifosi fan nuff said about you two. I want to see you both make more noise once the season begins and once Fernando is leading the championship:)

  • bobw

    I wonder how Alonso is going to this year with out his third team mate Mark Webber to let him through?

  • tod

    Doesnt matter what all you A-hole lovers say or how many issy fits you all throw, Kimi is gonna wipe the floor with A-hole by doing the job he has been brought in to do – WIN!!!!

  • PB

    Hope he listens and obeys when Kimi is faster and he is told to move over.

  • Asuha

    Kimi is probably, again “probably” better than Massa but not Alonso. Alonso might not be as fast in a lap or two compared to Kimi, but Alonso is way stronger & more focus. He is the backbone of Ferrari and he will show Kimi’s true colors.
    Ferrari hired Kimi hoping he will bring more points to the team for the construction. Remind you, the Lotus was quicker than Ferrari last season, but Alonso was on the podium more often than Kimi.
    Beside, Ferrari will have a bigger marketing base when Kimi races with them. Imagine Kimi fans are back wearing the all new red & buying all the new red gadgets.

  • stoner

    Kimi won’t mobe over for alonso. He’s a man. A man’s man.