Paffet: McLaren never fully understood MP4-28 problems

Gary Paffett

Gary Paffett

McLaren came to the end of the last season without fully understanding where it went so wrong with their 2013 Formula 1 car.

The  Woking based team’s main test driver Gary Paffett, has admitted as much while revealing that he has been testing the all-new 2014-specification MP4-29 in the simulator.

“We certainly feel it is a bit of a fresh start for everybody and we are pushing very hard to make sure we get on top of it from the start [of the 2014 season],” he told the British broadcaster Sky.

Uncharacteristically for the great British team, McLaren finished last season a distant fifth in the Constructors’ World Championship, having dramatically erred with the design of the MP4-28.

But with the rules changing so radically for 2014, the team decided to design its next car with a clean slate, rather than try to rectify every problem with the 2013 car, Paffett explained.

He admitted that McLaren engineers do not even know why the MP4-28 was so bad.

“I think if we had fully identified [the problem] we would have been a lot more competitive at the end of [2013],” he said. “I think [that] the problem was [that] some of the areas were too big to fix during the season.”

With Lotus having pulled out of the forthcoming first winter test at Jerez, the media’s attention has now turned to whether other high-profile teams will also be missing in action as the crucial 2014 pre-season begins.

Paffett said that McLaren is right on track.

“Yes, I’ve seen the car in the workshop, they are working hard and the car will be in Jerez,” he said.

“It is going to plan but I think just understanding the (V6) powertrain and how it all works is going to be the first target which isn’t going to be too easy I don’t think.” (GMM)

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  • SteveisGreat

    Must be awfully embarassing to know Ferrari could figure out the pull-rod front suspension and it’s inherent issues and Mclaren simply couldn’t.

    I hope Magnussen turns out to be a good development because JB hasn’t. First with the Pirelli’s then the suspension… without Lewis Mclaren is much weaker.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Sam Michael and Martin Whitmarsh is the problem. But to save their necks they blamed it on perez. Sam Michael destroyed williams and now hes after McLaren. Like many people speculate magnussen will be like his father(an unorganized wreck) and he knows something about the team that they dont want out. Maybe spygate 2.0?? Lol