2014 Formula 1 cars to have anteater style nosecone

Front nose solutions for the 2014 regulations could leave Formula 1 cars resembling anteaters, claims authoritative magazine Autosprint.

The report published an image apparently originating from the mandatory FIA crash test undergone recently by Caterham’s new car.

It depicts an impression of the 2014 nose on the so-called ‘control plate’ after the impact, confirming some observers’ fears that the likely solutions are aesthetically questionable.

“Notice how the nose is considerably narrower (than in 2013), for aerodynamic reasons.

“When the noses could be higher, they could be wider as they channelled air under the chassis. But a wide nose would now be a disturbance to the air flow,” correspondent Alberto Antonini explained.

Antonini said that it is likely thatmost teams will adopt similar ‘anteater’-like solutions. Video animation by Giorgio Piola. (GMM)

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  • O’Ferrari

    Meh, no biggie.

  • stoner

    Worst is yet to come, probably the slowest f1 car in last 3 decades.

  • O’Ferrari

    What about the 2013 McLaren? Hahaha

  • L

    You’re wrong, with the bigger ERS, the car could be between 1 to 3 seconds faster per lap!

  • quixpeed

    probably less power and torque will cause in much better handling, it is all down to the numbers we will see once the laps get off sooner.

    sometimes the high torque causes a lot of tire slipping, which in return does affect the driver to manage less throttle in order to optimize grip. in this sense, it is probable that the less torque can even produce better lap times because the driver then has a lot more buffer to manage his throttle control.

  • SteveisGreat

    No L you’re wrong.

    You too quixspeed.

    The cars will be initially slower and will definitely produce more torque in a less controllable fashion thanks to the turbos. I expect RBR will shine in this area considering how much effort they put into torque control for the latter half of last season. You’ll see it will be like formula drift. Regardless the ERS is even lamer than KERS, imo, same with the lower rev limit, endurance gearboxes, awful engine note, and worst of all is the fixed fuel flow regs. That last one is just silly and has the potential to ruin the season… especially since Renault are always better on fuel.

    I also think “anteater” nose is being polite. Looks like penis noses to me.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Not a big deal but the way RBR got a lot of grip through the exit of a corner was also because aero and exhaust which they cant do anymore with it being at the back with just 1 exhaust port. But im sure they will do it mechanically. They look better than the 2009 cars. They should go back to 2005 style aero regulations with slicks though.

  • rte

    After the stepped noses fiasco I thought we had hit rock bottom.

    Is this “penis nose” some sort of tabloid joke?

    …. or is it actually real?

  • Tim

    Every year we say F1 cars cant get uglier, but every year the FIA delves deeper in the well of insanity.

    A penis nose.

    Wow, it looks like those joke caps with a dildo hanging off the forehead.

  • Troy F Collins

    I think it would be illogical to assume that red bulls car will have some sort of special effectiveness…..Adrian Newey has stated that his design philosophy was spread out over the RB6 onward to the RB9 and that the design was highly evolutionary……the 2014 rules effectively resets all designers back to square one…..he may still come up with a landmark design…..but so could another team….there is the chance of a dud or two in there as well

    On the subject of engines….yes much higher initial torque..and the management of ERS with so many ways to go…to exploit that will give many an engineer more than a few grey hairs….In terms of fuel flow management….the teams have already been reporting that some circuits can be run under full power and others will not be……..so far heat management/rejection and reliability appear to be the biggest factors

    And dont worry about the sound…..yes the high pitched scream is gone for now…….replaced by the hard edged mechanical thrum that only a V6 can make..followed by a hollow turbo drone on full throttle….There will be a huge difference in sound depending on who is fully into the throttle and who is pedaling it for economy…..the biggest of which be heard on the in car camera

  • F1 Fan

    the Redbull car had probably the best Mechanical grip and there is no hiding that it had the most consistent downforce..But with Exhaust Blown Diffusers completely gone, its gonna be amazing..

    I have just one mental picture Sebastian Vettel Australian GP 2012, While being followed by Schumacher. sebastian took turn 1 with very late braking and alot more speed (like he used to with the Blown Floor in 2011)the car just snapped with oversteer and Martin Brundle said something on the lines of “Vettel is driving like the car is the 2011 spec(with EBD) and the rear end has just said you gotta be kidding me! ” alot to look forward to.even Vettel isnt that good!

  • practical

    SteveisGreat I have to agree with you one more time and to prove your point look at this:

  • practical