Law change paves road for India GP return

Start of the 2013 Indian GP

Start of the 2013 Indian GP

India has moved a step closer towards securing its return to the Formula 1 calendar, after being axed from the 2014 schedule

New Delhi hosted three races between 2011 and last year, but the grand prix will be absent from the Buddh circuit this season.

Many believe that the restrictive government’s import laws, which resulted in cars and equipment being held up in customs and subject to hefty duties, contributed to the demise of Formula 1 in India.

But news this week indicates that the country may be paving the road for the return of the grand prix.

The Times of India reports that race equipment will no longer be treated as normal imported cargo, so long as the equipment leaves the country within 30 days.

The foreign trade department confirmed the news.

“The decision will be music to the ears of (race promoter) Jaypee, who have been struggling to deal with rising import duties while organising the Indian Grand Prix over the last three years,” read the Times of India report.

Jaypee chief Sameer Gaur confirmed: “It appears to be a positive development for automobile racing in India. We cannot, however, say more without studying the [department’s] order.”

Indian Motor Sport Federation chief Vicky Chandhok added: “I welcome this decision to modify the import policy for cars and bikes for racing events.

“This will pave the way for India to host many more world class international motor sport events.” (GMM)

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  • matthew

    Eh… not a great track and the only place with worse track workers is korea.

  • Zombie Jebus

    F1 doesn’t need India.

  • AAX

    Yes Zombie.. F1 does need india and you would be foolish to think otherwise cos you just dont think ahead!

  • Rick

    India, if it were able to deliver more exciting races, it would be good to see it back. From what’s happened so far, it’s complete crap! Get rid of it!

  • SteveisGreat

    lIndia really messed up their chance at F1, imo. I won’t even go into the whole corruption nonsense, as it’s a worldwide problem and not only and Indian problem… but let’s face it, only Valencia and Korea have been as bad for F1 and neither of them even have a population worthy of courting… but who honestly wouldn’t rather see Imola or Magny Cours back on the calendar over India?

    Don’t worry though my Indian friends, money talks. But I’d expect to see a Mexican GP before I see another Indian GP. Especially if Force India replace their livery with a Telmex based one. Also, I expect Sochi – assuming it happens – to follow Valencia right into obscurity. After the Olympics, it will be a ghost town with no one to maintain it and prevent looting. Which again makes me wonder about F1 having races in countries where a large percentage of the population would have to spend more than a week’s wages for the cheapest F1 ticket.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    I dont know about you mates but there are some parts of the track I do like if you ever drove a simulator or had one and liked high speed corners you would too! Sector 1 is the boring sector and vettels favorite.

  • @Samdescorpion

    To the wheel chair experts of F1, the Indian circuit is a good mix of high and slow speed corners. No wonder most of the F1 drivers like it.. there is always a trick in deciding to go with downforce or straight line speed for the teams which makes it very interesting..