Former F1 driver Irvine convicted over Milan club brawl

Eddie Irvine

Eddie Irvine

Ex Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine was sentenced to six months in prison by an Italian court on Thursday in a trial over a brawl in a nightclub, lawyers in the case said.

The judge found the Northern Irishman and Gabriele Moratti, the son of a former mayor of Milan, guilty of “mutual injury” during the incident in the VIP section of the Hollywood nightclub in the northern Italian city in 2008.

Both men were sentenced to six months in prison. But the sentences can be appealed, and if confirmed would probably be suspended so neither is likely to end up going to jail, lawyers for both said.

The lawyers disagreed on whether the fight had occurred because the former racing driver made contact with a former girlfriend of Moratti.

Irvine, aged 48 and from County Down, drove for Jordan, Ferrari and Jaguar before retiring from the sport in 2003.

Moratti, 35, is a director at energy company Saras and is well known in Italy for being fined 49,000 euros ($66,600) for illegally converting a warehouse to a luxury home inspired by Batman, dubbed the “Bathouse” by the media. (Reuters)

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  • sarahsdadjeff

    F1 needs more characters today. It”s all so polished. I for one for the most part liked EI. Today it”s all so boring. I’m hoping Nando and Kimi spices it up! I miss the old days.Sure there’s still all the animosity amongst the drivers. But everything is so politically correct.with all the PR crap. We need more guys like Irv The Swerve, Hunt comes to mind, as does Senna.

  • O’Ferrari

    Hakkinnen was great. He just said it like it was. Kimi tries to be iceman, but tries a bit too hard and is a bit transparent. Villeneuve was good for a soundbyte, but…. ugh.

    Irvine is/was a party animal, but Clay Regazzonni was king. Ever better than hunt.

  • matthew

    I’m surprised the 2 girly boys actually fought. I’m sure the “mutual injury” was split lips at worst!

  • MightyK

    Good !!

  • LOL


    HA! So true!

  • John

    As soft spoken as he was Senna actually decked Eddie Irvine who fell KO after Suzuka 1993 after Irvine as a backmarker touched cars with Senna multiple times while he was in the lead.

  • SteveisGreat

    Lol what happened to the comment about him getting Hep C from Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee? That was priceless.

    ps. fcuk the ulsterman.

  • O’Ferrari


    Actually, senna was slow on old tyres and irvine merely overtook senna to unlap himself. Irvine got his first points that day. Senna (a spoilt brat if there ever was one, just ask hakkinnen) stormed into irvine’s trailer and hit him. Not exactly knocked out…. not exactly a backmarker hitting sooky senna several times….

  • John

    @O’Ferrari: Irvine actually hit Senna (the race leader) several times while trying to unlap himself in the last few laps. That’s why Senna decked him.

    As for the knocking out part Irvine said it himself in that 45 minute Legends of F1 interview.

  • ghog

    So the Mayors Son must have been the victor as EI always surrenderd his place.