FIA releases 2014 F1 Championship entry list and permanent driver numbers

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Quadruple Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel has gone for number five, the German choosing to have that numeral on his car when he is eventually deposed as number one.

Under new regulations for 2014, Formula One drivers will have permanent racing numbers to be used throughout their careers from now on and can choose any from two to 99.

The governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) published the official list with some surprises among the selections.

Vettel, who will have the number one on his Red Bull this season, opted for the number that many fans associate with Britain’s 1992 champion Nigel Mansell who was often referred to as ‘Red Five’.

Nigel Mansell made red 5 famous

Nigel Mansell made red 5 famous

Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado opted to have 13, a number considered unlucky in many countries but lucky in others, on his Lotus. Traditionally the number 13 has not been used.

McLaren’s Jenson Button chose to roll back the years and race with the number 22 that he used in his 2009 title-winning campaign.

“Two little ducks,” the 33-year-old Briton, who won his Formula 1 Championship with the Brawn GP team that is now called Mercedes, had told his 1.6 million Twitter followers earlier. “Quack quack”.

“#Jenson22 Great memories, looking forward to making a few more,” he added.

In British bingo halls numbers are called out using nicknames, with 22 sometimes referred to as two little ducks or quack quack.

Gilles Villeneuve in the number 27 Ferrari

Gilles Villeneuve in the number 27 Ferrari

The question of what number drivers will choose has intrigued F1 fans aware of the evocative past behind some of them.

The late Canadian Gilles Villeneuve, one of Ferrari’s greatest heroes, remains closely identified with number 27 which was also used at times by the late Brazilian triple champion Ayrton Senna. Germany’s Nico Hulkenberg will carry the historic numerals.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso requested 14, which he explained last month has been his lucky number since 1996 when at the age of 14 he won a karting title with 14 on his car on July 14.

“Let’s see if it’s lucky for me again,” he told reporters in Madrid.

The Spaniard is also a fan of the Real Madrid soccer club, whose Spain international midfielder Xabi Alonso plays with the number 14 shirt.

Number 14 on Fernando Alonso's junior kart

Number 14 on Fernando Alonso’s junior kart

Alonso’s new Finnish team mate, and 2007 World Champion, Kimi Raikkonen has opted for seven while 2008 Champion Lewis Hamilton took 44. Germany’s Adrian Sutil, who has joined Sauber from Force India, chose 99.

Daniel Ricciardo, who has joined Vettel at Red Bull, will race as number three.

Previously, the smiling Australian would have had to have the number two on his car as the champion’s team mate – a status very few racing drivers willingly accept – and none chose.

The FIA entry list in full with drivers’ permanent numbers:
1 Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull (will carry number 5 when he is not Champion)
3 Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull
44 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
6 Nico Rosberg, Mercedes
14 Fernando Alonso, Ferrari
7 Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari
8 Romain Grosjean, Lotus
13 Pastor Maldonado, Lotus
22 Jenson Button, McLaren
20 Kevin Magnussen, McLaren
27 Nico Hulkenberg, Force India
11 Sergio Perez, Force India
99 Adrian Sutil, Sauber
21 Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber
25 Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso
26 Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso
19 Felipe Massa, Williams
77 Valtteri Bottas, Williams
17 Jules Bianchi, Marussia
TBA Max Chilton, Marussia
TBA, Caterham
TBA, Caterham

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  • Zombie Jebus

    Meh. I object to Sutil choosing the “Great One”s number!

    In fact I object to Sutil being on the grid! lol

  • webberbbq

    i cant believe no driver picked 69. what a bunch of uninspired dorks. who doesn’t like a good 69?

  • captain tortuga

    Crashtor took #13.. that has to be a joke. if not i will lmao.

  • 45

    Hulkenberg cheated Bianchi out of 27?

    Now I hate that bucktoothed ugly cretin evenmore.

    He has nothing that reminds one of Gilles, Alesi or Ayrton… Bianchi sort of has the potential to remind us of them after having wiped the floor with Chilton last year.

  • ADF

    I would choose #2. Prost won the 85, 89 & 93 titles wearing #2. Senna won 88 wearing #12 (2 is the end number).
    Plus, an Aussie, who doesn’t like an underdog contender?

  • ADF

    Should’ve said “as an Aussie”

  • SteveisGreat

    Lol Webberbbq!!! I went straight to Kimi’s # to check, lols.

    Seriously though, this is mighty lame I think. How this poilcy came to be when there are so many other areas of F1 that need attention… almost shameful and is strike two for Todt’s reign imo, right after Merc going unpunished for their “secret tire test”.

    Silly engine regs, single tire supplier, and drs under the guise of green technology and cost savings can be attributed to Mosely’s derranged vision for F1 as he laid the foundation for all of it.

    Driver numbers that last for a career? Whatever happened to earning your place with results??? And what idiot made the argument that F1 needs numbers to be more fan friendly? What kind of colorblind prevents seeing the different paint on the t-bars?

  • A41202813GMAIL

    GO, 44 !

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Glad Nico got 27 and not JEV. Jules deserved 27 more than he did. If max stays he needs to chose 69. My number has always be 17 so damn you jules. Lol

  • ashyxt

    all the best! FA14!

  • Tamburello_1994

    More merchandise to sell is the only benefit I see out of this.

    Kinda got a NASCAR feel to it. Imho.

  • Fisico

    Lucky 14 for 2014

  • Caz

    Jenson 22 – 2 little ducks

    Lewis 44 – droopy drawers (baggy trousers)

    Google british bingo speak if you don’t believe me!!!!!!!

  • The Pessimist

    Here are a few interesting facts about some numbers chosen by the drivers.

    Top of the list for mechanical failures is No.22 with 274 breakdowns through history, just one ahead of No.15.

    Pastor Maldonado’s choice is exceptional as number 13 has not been used on F1 cars for many years, Moises Solana used it in 1963 at the Mexican GP and was classified a finisher in 11th place although his engine failed eight laps short of the chequered flag and he never used that number again.

    in 1976 Divina Galica attempted to qualify for her first GP (also her home race) at Brands Hatch in car number 13 but she failed to make the race.