Ferrari testing new F1 V6 turbo engine or getting ready for Le Mans campaign?

Ferrari testing F1 V6 turbo engine?

Ferrari testing F1 V6 turbo engine?

Reports that Ferrari is already testing its all-new turbo V6 Formula 1 engine have only gained in strength in the last days and weeks – but the possibility of a full Le Mans onslaught on Le Mans is also on the table.

Citing video evidence, we reported last month that a LaFerrari supercar had lapped the Maranello marque’s private Fiorano circuit amid the distinct tones of a turbo engine.

Auto Motor und Sport now has more details, it has published detailed photos that depict the supercar, with a camouflage livery, also featuring a “suspiciously large” air intake on the roof.

The car also had a “giant wing” at the rear. Correspondent Tobias Gruner said it is obvious the car was not powered by its usual V12 engine, but a “small-volume turbo engine”.

Ferrari Le Mans car?

Ferrari Le Mans car?

Further, on the livery was a triangular, yellow warning sticker, indicating that complex electric technology lurked beneath – perhaps the sort of sophisticated energy-recovery systems that will power the team’s 2014 Formula 1 car?

“Ferrari will not publicly comment on the test,” Gruner said, adding that it is also possible Ferrari was testing in preparation for a potential Le Mans project.

But the heavily-modified LaFerrari also featured a Formula 1 2014-style, single and central exhaust outlet at the rear, while the car “sounded suspiciously like” the audio clips that have been released depicting this year’s turbo V6s in development. (GMM)

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