Ferrari testing new F1 V6 turbo engine or getting ready for Le Mans campaign?

Ferrari testing F1 V6 turbo engine?

Ferrari testing F1 V6 turbo engine?

Reports that Ferrari is already testing its all-new turbo V6 Formula 1 engine have only gained in strength in the last days and weeks – but the possibility of a full Le Mans onslaught on Le Mans is also on the table.

Citing video evidence, we reported last month that a LaFerrari supercar had lapped the Maranello marque’s private Fiorano circuit amid the distinct tones of a turbo engine.

Auto Motor und Sport now has more details, it has published detailed photos that depict the supercar, with a camouflage livery, also featuring a “suspiciously large” air intake on the roof.

The car also had a “giant wing” at the rear. Correspondent Tobias Gruner said it is obvious the car was not powered by its usual V12 engine, but a “small-volume turbo engine”.

Ferrari Le Mans car?

Ferrari Le Mans car?

Further, on the livery was a triangular, yellow warning sticker, indicating that complex electric technology lurked beneath – perhaps the sort of sophisticated energy-recovery systems that will power the team’s 2014 Formula 1 car?

“Ferrari will not publicly comment on the test,” Gruner said, adding that it is also possible Ferrari was testing in preparation for a potential Le Mans project.

But the heavily-modified LaFerrari also featured a Formula 1 2014-style, single and central exhaust outlet at the rear, while the car “sounded suspiciously like” the audio clips that have been released depicting this year’s turbo V6s in development. (GMM)

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  • is this legal

    @ the Editor.
    Is this legal to test F1 equipment outside of F1 in this way?
    What stops Mercedes and Renault from using a formula 3 or formular renault 3.5 cars?

  • Hawk

    but at least its legal

  • Hawk

    meant.. not illegal..

  • is this legal

    @ the editor

    Is this legal?
    what stops Mercedes and Renault from testing on Formula 3 or formular renualt cars?

  • Spartacus

    It’s the extra cooling vents at the rear that look suspicious. However, this could easily be the power train for the next hyper car that Ferrari are going to make.

    Although if it is the F1 engine then Ferrari have again found a way around F1 regulations.

  • rxracer

    @Spartacus – Have you seen the ‘video’ the article refers to? Check it out. There is absolutely no chance the engine could be suitable for a road car, even a hyper one. It’s a full on pneumatic valve, turbo, race engine. Revs obv aren’t quite what the V8 is, but WELL beyond any practical road car use.

  • O’Ferrari

    Good on them. Same as Renault running the v8 engine in the 3.5 cars. ..

  • quattro

    Hmm, let’s hope it is true. At last Ferrari is learning something from Reddull and maximizing it’s chances. After all Reddull has taught us that “there is no such thing as the spirit of the rules”.

  • Butterfly

    Before the video surfaced on the internet, there were those awful rumors that the Merc V6 is so much more powerful compared to the Renault and the Ferrari. Everybody was saying the hierarchy is Merc, Renault, Ferrari.

    Then the video came along and, aparently, Merc were shocked to see the Ferrari engine already being tested on track. Then Niki Lauda came and said Merc were still learning – meaning they have issues – and, finally, Renault said they won’t be ready for the first test.

    The drawings I’ve seen show an engine that’s way more compact than the Renault or Merc, and I doubt those can be modified in time for the start of the season.

    I guess it’s not bad for “Italian Improvisation” as that moron Toto Wolff said…

    Marussia must be smiling right now. :-)

  • Jackal

    At least Ferrari are thinking outside the box again. They haven’t bent any rules in a long time not to mention they lost their imagination. Last few cars they’ve made have been standard and well within the rules with nothing really innovative.

  • Red Horizon

    Mercedes and Renault would be ahead of Ferrari because they are more prepared and have three customer teams instead of two, Mercedes and Ferrari would be ahead of Renault because they build also the chassis at home; there are those who even think that Honda will benefit in 2015 because this year they will be only watching the other three: madness!
    Who will have an edge between manufacturers with turbo engines? Soon track will respond, for now it’s all a game of pure tactics, speculations, fantasies.

  • Red Horizon

    However, if Ferrari will return to Le Mans will not be immediately, but it will take, at least, another year, if not two. This year will be crucial.

  • wolfgang

    rxracer. it has been reported that the new ‘california’ is possibly going to use a v6 turbo. so, nothing is impossible.

    look at the rear shot. Ferrari have even retained the quad exhausts to fool people.

  • lol

    @Butterfly…where the hell are you getting that rubbish?

  • ninjamonk

    When I saw the video I thought it was clever because its not just the engine they are testing but also the whole power unit with the electric part and the gearbox and other systems.

  • Butterfly

    @lol: There are many F1 sites, not just this one. Not to mention various forums. :-)

  • haha

    Spartacus, this is their latest hypercar just witj some ugly vents and cooling. This is just to test their v6 engine, maybe they will have some data that can be usefull for Lmp1. Monty admitted interest to renew the battle with porsche. As a tifosi I think it would ge awesome if they do Le Mans again. But if they do it’s not a good sign for the future of F1, be sure of that. The reason being that aweful formula E project that the FIA pushes trough our noses.

  • matthew

    Some reporter needs to grow a pair and sneak in there to find out! On another note, yet another gorgeous prototype by ferrari! I love rough around the edges test cars.

  • Zombie Jebus

    ok fools, ferrari already announced their intention to run in LMP1 with the F1 “power unit”. Go watch and more importantly, listen to the video. That’s def a very high revving (for a street car or LMP1 car, but not a true f1 car) turbo engine. And from the way it’s being driven it’s def a engine cycle test… they test one would do in a first time real world test of a dyno baby engine.

    So the answer is both. And nothing is illegal about it. And nothing is stopping Renault or Mercedes from running their engines in non-f1 cars.

  • Taskmaster

    Its obvious that F1 fans are not getting the new formula. Mechanical power is the easy part – modern engine technology and engineering process has made that almost plug-n-play. None of the three will find any secret formula to mechanical engine power advantage any more than they did with the V8s. F1 is now a hybrid formula – with ERS contributing to turbo spinning to mitigate lag plus adding 160HP of rear wheel power. In the V8 era one could still podium a car with a failed KERS system. In the V6 ERS era, failure of ERS means end of race. Renault may lead the other two initially (Formula E work, Nissan tie in, etc.) while Honda is likely to find advantage from their decade+ experience in hybrid systems. The future winners in F1 will not be founded on burning fuel, it will be from reliable exploitation of electrons to best advantage. Welcome to the new F1.

  • wolfgang

    zombie. it is not us who are fools! look at the rad inlets and outlets. that is the f1 engine complete with inclined rads in the correct place. and the centre hole at the rear, is the exhaust. despite the dummy quad pipes. look at the heat/smoke damage on the car around the centre exit. and the height is correct for f1.
    lmp does not require a single exhaust, so there would be absolutely no reason for such an exhaust, other that that it is required by f1 rules!

  • Texas Roadhouse

    Nothing wrong with their doing this – whichever series they are testing for. And it they had any sense, if it were for F1, then they would have packaged the engine bay of La Ferrari to closely resemble that of the F1 car to get a more accurate assessment of the powertrain module.

  • GoldLeaf

    I just happened to meet a Red Bull executive in (of all places) a sandwich shop in eastern Pennsylvania. He is Brazillian but works in the West Indies (possibly Martinique). He said he had a conversation with Adrian Newey a few days ago wherein Newey described receiving the new formula for 2014. Newey reportedly said that they have about a hundred people read each regulation and give their “opinion” of how each rule “might” be interpreted and build a working understanding of the regulations based upon that. Semantics and exact wording do matter!

  • wolfgang

    Texas Roadhouse. Yes, they have done that. Look at F1 style airbox. Look at position of radiator inlets. Look at radiator outlets pointing at inclined radiators. Look at central large bore exhaust.

  • Zombie Jebus

    wolfgang: I never said it wasn’t the f1 power unit, just that they are open to using it for both series so why not test it in the f1 configuration. Surely if ferrari or someone steps up for LMP1 they’ll use a coanda exhaust and other LeMans rule adaptations. As it stands, the engine is only headed to F1.

    And as I stated watch the video and listen to it. Ferrari don’t have a turbo La Ferrari. 😉

  • Sujith

    No doubt the new F1 Engine for sure!!

    They did the same in the latter poarts of 2005 while testing their first version of the 2.4 L V8. They used an Enzo at that time.

  • SteveisGreat

    Someone give Sujith a cigar! He’s totally correct.

    I watched the video a couple of weeks ago… no way that’s not a turbo engine and it’s revs super high too, so it’s not the v12 from the LaFerrari range, plus just look at the ductwork.

    Though Ferrari are trying to get a LeMans private team or three to offset their costs and may even field a factory team and according to them the 2014 F1 power unit and gearbox are suited for it. And this test seems to serve dual purposes, imo.

  • F1 Novice


    Where is this video you speak of ?

  • captain tortuga

    Honda will rock in 2015.. im sure Honda has of those sail-60miles-out-of-the-coast-down-a-whirlpool-super-top-secret-undergound-race-testing-facilities 😛 where they are normally testing real-size wipe-out models, and pod-racers 😛

  • the fan

    the luxury of being at ferrari. being able to test on their own time, own track, own cars. they could fit that engine in a california and wont even matter. and yes that is legal as long as the car doesnt have an open cockpit, a front nose and rear with wing and diffusers or a sticker that says Scuderia Ferrari.

  • George

    Link to the video. I didn’t see it in the thread.

  • George

  • Troy F Collins

    The dead giveaway being the center exhaust pipe outlet whilst the outer ones are there playing the dummy……the sound clip suggests on a few corners they were playing with the egu-h feed on the overrun into corners….I always loved the turbo V6 sound…and it sounds just like the 80’s lumps

    Obviously it could be a Le Man prototype as well…….but as critical as the new F1 season is at this stage…..would you assume anything else ?

    Getting critical miles and seeing how the engine reacts to G forces and heat rejection is beyond critical at this stage….

    I’m curious how it eventually was pronounced the Mercedes was the most powerful engine…….as the three engines were never simultaneously tested on the same dyno and with other factors as EGU K or EGU H could never be factored in…..all three engine manufactures will keep the magic up their sleeves till the first test…even still running very conservative for mileage of the car

    Lets wait till Jerez