New Force India to feature a ‘hump’ and Telmex branding


A Force India car under wraps (file photo)


Force India livery will feature Telmex colours in 2014 and an unique hump on the top of the monocoque, the Italian publication Omnicorse reports.

Swiss rival Sauber announced just before Christmas that, with Mexican Esteban Gutierrez staying on board for 2014, the logos of magnate Carlos Slim’s brands Telmex and Telcel will still be carried by the Swiss team this year.

Force India, however, has signed McLaren refugee Sergio Perez for 2014, another Mexican driver prominently backed by billionaire Slim.

As well as some details of the 2014 livery, Omnicorse also claims to know that the Silverstone based team’s technical boss Andy Green has “a few surprises” for the Formula 1 paddock up his sleeve for when the new VJM07 is unveiled.

The unloved ‘step noses’ of 2012 mainly disappeared last year, when the FIA allowed teams to install a ‘vanity panel’ to disguise the unseemly solutions.

But with the bodywork regulations changing yet again in 2014, Omnicorse claims that Green’s new Force India will have a ‘hump’ not on the nose, but directly atop the monocoque.

The report speculates that the solution directs more air underneath the car, without compromising the amount of space necessary inside the cockpit.

Vijay Mallya’s Force India finished the 2013 Constructors’ Championship in sixth place. (GMM)

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  • ninjamonk

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t they say signing Sergio had nothing to do with money 😉

    Maybe they should donate the funds from mexico to charity to prove that Sergio’s signing was to do with being more talented than Paul Di Restsa than his backers Money.

  • D.R.S

    They didn’t.. but the un-deny-able fact is that TELMEX backs Perez… and that Checo is a good young driver. We can continue to argue whether money comes with the speed or the other way around! 😉

  • pengmalups

    Looks like someone is sitting inside the car with the blankets on. Sergio…are you there?

  • mikka

    correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that “hump” just the antennas on top of the front of the car?


    @ninjamonk Checo is better than PDR.

  • ninjamonk

    @madeeve I am not convinced, I don’t think Checo could of win a DTM title and people forget that Paul is a pretty good driver.

    I think its just a matter of time before we find out if Checo is good or not. He is still really young so has time on his side. He needs to be more consistent and focused to shine.

  • Zombie Jebus

    Lol @ the TelMex livery… baby blue and white! Has to be better than their current “carrot” livery as Sutil called it.

    F1 needs Checo and Latin American interest, while Di Resta apparently isn’t needed at all. Personally I’m totally shocked Sutil – even with Medion’s money – is still in F1, especially after Di Resta pretty much wiped the standings with him.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Zombie Jebus

    For me it looked like Sutil had a great start, buy was unlucky when it mattered. While Di Resta had too many faults on his own and was expected to perform better at the start of the season compare to Sutil.