Authorities set to rule that Schumacher fall an accident

Fans layout flags in tribute of Michael Schumacher outside the Grenoble University Hospital Centre

Fans layout flags in tribute to Michael Schumacher outside the Grenoble University Hospital Centre

French authorities are set to rule that Michael Schumacher’s skiing injuries were caused simply by an unfortunate accident.

There has been speculation the seven time World Champion’s skis failed, that he was travelling too fast, or that the ‘off-piste’ section at the Meribel ski resort was poorly marked.

First, chief Albertville prosecutor Patrick Quincy ruled out equipment failure or excessive speed, saying the former F1 racer was travelling at a “reasonable” speed for a “very good” skier.

And “I have come to the conclusion that he made a conscious decision to leave the piste”, Quincy said in a news conference on Wednesdsay, according to Germany’s Welt newspaper.

Police investigator Stephane Bozon agreed, saying that Schumacher – currently in a critical condition and coma in Grenoble hospital – was skiing “quite normally for the terrain”.

“The skis were not the cause of the accident,” he added, confirming that the 45-year-old had fallen forward after tripping on a rock, striking his head on another.

The investigators also said they reviewed high-quality footage from a Gopro camera mounted on Schumacher’s helmet, contradicting claims the Formula 1 legend only entered the off-piste zone to help a fallen fellow skier.

“In the video, in the field of vision, no one else can be seen, including anyone else having an accident,” they told reporters.

Quincy said that the investigation is not yet complete, and it is “too early to establish responsibilities”, but he seemed to clear Meribel’s name by saying that the resort appeared to have “observed all standards” for safety. (GMM)

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  • pengmalups

    why are they looking for someone to blame? are they suspecting foul play? this is ridiculous.

  • GoldLeaf

    Yes, it is ridiculous. Of course it was an accident. What else could it be? A botched suicide attempt? He was doing something relatively safe in a reasonable manner, fell down and hit his head.

  • Zombie Jebus

    There is no-one looking to blame anyone here. It’s a normal practice in France to investigate all major accidents, even on the slopes, and especially so when it’s someone famous.

    Do some research or travel before you, yourselves are pointing the finger of blame. 😉

    Accidents happen, even to the best of the best.

  • Dean C

    Shit!, really? Accidents still happen then? No one to blame?