Lotus won’t travel to Jerez at all, not even with E21

Formula One Testing

Lotus has confirmed that it will not have its new 2014 car, the E22, ready for the first test of the season at Jerez starting on 28 January.

It has also come to light that the Enstone based outfit will not make the journey to the Spanish venue even with last year’s E21 to take advantage of the track time.

A spokesperson for Lotus said, “No benefit in running the E21 [at Jerez] – the cars are too different with the regulation changes. We’ve decided that attending the Jerez test isn’t ideal for our build and development programme.”

“We are likely to unveil the car before attending the Bahrain tests, and in Bahrain we should really be able to put the car through its paces in representative conditions,” he added.

Thus the team’s new signing Pastor Maldonado will have to wait before getting familiar with his new surroundings. (GP247)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    Still waiting on those Quantum dollars? What a joke team.

  • Doombeard

    Can’t call them a joke team really, they came 4th in the WCC last year! Think it’s really sad that a competitive team like this (who I happily support) are struggling so much with money. As a fan, I am worried

  • Tamburello_1994

    “We’re broke.” is how I translate the article.

    O.K. Joke team is a bit harsh . . . . . I prefer laughing stock.

    More befitting a “forth place team”.

  • Janjua

    In reply to Doombeard. Yes iIagree, i am a very big Lotus Fan/Supporter. Lotus is a great team not a joke ‘Red Bull Cheats’ said. Lotus will hopefully improve financially. The Quantum money is not going to come know I think, but Lotus will hopefully get sponsors and other investors quickly. Lotus will be at the front this year, all you haters of Lotus will be left shocked.

  • Jaycee

    As an ex mechanic its sad to see LOTUS living up to the old joke of ( Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious) and with their new driver I cant see it getting better although I do like a pleasant surprise.

  • matthew

    We can’t even blame crashtor for this! I can’t believe the severe dysfunction at lotus! Shameful.

  • JR

    Lower sponsorship AVE due to lower viewing figures, due to increasesd pay wall TV, is hurting all the teams. Lotus are just the latest victim.

  • SteveIsGreat

    I said it before and I’ll say it again… Hulk made a great decision and I can’t wait for him to relegate LOLtus to the back of the gird.

  • TarasT

    Wasn’t bringing Maldonado on reputed to solve Lotus’ money problems?

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Yes this article says ” we are broke and PDVSA has not given us any money, but we assure Quantum will be a partner as soon as London Bridge ownership transfer to a known saudi family is complete”. What a freaking joke of a team. They are lucky Romain stayed. I wonder what Colin chapman would say of all this!

  • fools

    Kimi said they ran out of gas money.


  • fools

    I wonder what they will replace the bunny porn with now? Perhaps Proactiv sponsorship from Maldonado????


  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ Janjua, Lotus are owned by a financial investment company and they spent the WHOLE YEAR waiting for money from a guy who is known publicly to be a con artist who has no investors. That is why I said they are a joke. How retarded can they have been? This guy is a known con artist, and he strung them out for a year, when they are in the business of investing other people’s money. WHAT A JOKE!

  • SteveIsGreat

    I just want to point out that “Lotus” does’t even have an engine deal for 2014.

  • matthew


    Which could potentially be the primary reason for their delay. I assume the engine builders are requiring $ up front with lotus!

  • Zombie Jebus

    LOLtus stop! Please stop… I just can’t handle all the lols when I read Boullier’s pathetic media spin!

    Also this team has NOTHING in common with the team Colin Chapman built. NOTHING!!! It’s a sad marketing ploy, nothing more.

  • The Pessimist

    Lotus not attending the winter test in Jerez will not shake heaven and earth as Jerez is merely a playground for top F1 team teams to remove dust and cob webs from their million dollar machines, nothing more. The real testing will start in Bahrain and by holding back Lotus may have an ace up their sleeve and would certainly have a better car than what some trolls are predicting.