Helmet camera footage proves Schumacher ski crash was at low speed

Michael Schumacher is an accomplished skier

Michael Schumacher is an accomplished skier (File Photo)

Footage from a helmet camera used by Michael Schumacher appears to prove that the seven time Formula 1 World Champion was not skiing at high speed when he fell and struck his head on a rock.

That is the claim of France’s RMC radio and also BFMTV television, after authorities reportedly extracted the footage as they investigate the incident at Meribel resort late last month that left Schumacher, 45, in a coma.

The information contradicts earlier reports which clamed  that the former F1 driver was at speed in the rock-strewn ‘off-piste’ section between two slopes.

It could also spell legal trouble for Meribel, a major ski resort in the French alps, with lawyers already circling.

“The [safety] standard has not been met, as the signs and markings were inadequate and non-compliant,” lawyer Edouard Bourgin told Le Figaro newspaper. “It cannot be that a resort collects the skiers’ money, but does not ensure their right to safety.”

Dent de Burgin mountain area where Michael Schumacher fell while skiing

Dent de Burgin mountain area where Michael Schumacher fell while skiing

Germany’s Welt newspaper reports that Meribel has already retained the services of a top ski industry-specific lawyer.

A top former ski racer and Olympic gold medallist, however, has leapt to Meribel’s defence. Markus Wasmeier said that areas such as the one Schumacher fell in “are quite normal”.

“The problem is unsolvable, short of lining the entire slope with guardrails,” he is quoted by Sport Bild magazine.

A witness to the Schumacher rescue scene said the two slopes to either side of the rocky area were clearly marked with signs, according to Brazil’s Globo.

“Even a professional can fall on a rock,” Wasmeier added. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    We already have been told several times Michael was going at not far off walking pace. As for the fact “Meribel has already retained the services of a top ski industry-specific lawyer”. What are they trying to hide. I would say Corinna is more interested Michael than going for the Ski Resort.
    Get well soon Michael.

  • John

    Totally agreed, at this point of time, it’s doesn’t matter if it’s low…..
    or faster speed. To the family is Michael get well and out of coma.

  • O’Ferrari

    Schu doesn’t need the money…

  • wg

    Get well soon Michael. Semoga cepat sembuh, dan Tuhan memberi ketabahan kepada keluarga anda.

  • wolfgang

    oferrari. So what has that to do with it?

  • matthew

    Reporters are just trying to play the blame game. It was a freak accident.

  • TarasT

    Michael owned a chalet at Meribel, I’m sure he knew where he was going, hence the slow speed. An unfortunate accident of course.

  • Spartacus

    The only thing that’s important is Schumacher, and his family. He’s not out of danger so let’s all wish him a speedy recovery.

  • SteveIsGreat

    No one is trying to put the blame on anyone. In France it’s standard procedure to investigate any major accident. Much more so when it involves a major public figure.

    Though the media are vultures, that has been proven a million times over.

    Let’s see you beat the odds Schumi! :)