McLaren to launch MP4-29 online before Jerez test

Pedro de la Rosa drives the McLaren MP4-21 during Barcelona testing in 2006

Pedro de la Rosa drives the McLaren MP4-21 during Barcelona testing, 2006

McLaren have announced that they will launch the MP4-29, their 2014 Formula 1 World Championship challenger on Friday, 24 January.

The team will conduct an online launch of their car four days before the start of testing at Jerez. The Woking based outfit is yet to announce a title sponsor, to replace Vodafone. Speculation has been put forth that they will revert to their historic orange livery.

It will also be the team’s final year as engine partner with Mercedes, before a return to Honda power, starting in 2015.

The team will also present their new driver Kevin Magnussen, who will partner 2009 F1 World Champion Jenson Button in the team.

McLaren will be looking to bounce back from a woeful 2013 season, one of the worst in their illustrious history in Formula 1. (GP247)

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  • Urko

    Does this mean they still don’t have title sponsor..?

  • matthew

    I guess no one wants to sponsor a loser. Unfair I know, but a teams most recent performance is the most relevant for advertisers and that’s how sponsors make their decisions.

  • Jack

    If Catherham can have sponsors then surely mighty McLaren can find a title sponsor

  • matthew

    People know what to expect when they sponsor a small team. A huge team like mclaren is supposed to deliver results, and they failed miserably. I hope they get their act together, we don’t need another williams on the grid!

  • LOL

    Lets see if mclaren continue their downward spiral. Their engineers really failed to deliver in 13, I’m sure there were a lot of firings.

  • SteveIsGreat

    Mclaren…. what is happening to them. Unless they have a great season this year, then they’ll be even further behind in 2015 when they have to use Honda. I just don’t get why they didn’t let Merc buy into them, rather than being broke, selling out to Arabs, and taking on pay drivers…. sad to see another top team fall out.

    I wish I could just blame Sam Michael?

    I also heard Gilette has bailed out of their sponship deal for 2014 – forcing Mclaren to delay their title sponsor announcement which was scheduled for December… I wouldn’t be shocked if the ran without a major title sponsor, keep the orange livery, and just wait until 2015 when Honda come on board. Then they can resurrect the white with red livery, but instead of Marlborough then can label it Honda. No way anyone would go use the bug red dot from BAR. I hope. Unless they want to give Button nightmares, lol.

  • Mclaren_Mircea

    Given the fact that they announced the day launch, I suppose the team passed the crash-test. I can’t see announcing the launch day without passing the crash-test.

  • Irelmo

    I don’t believe for one minute mclaren haven’t got a main sponsor. They’re just biding their time. All the teams are behind because of such a massive rule change. I’m not giving up on them yet!