Kehm: For the family, the situation is calmer, the most dangerous moment has passed

Michael Schumacher getting better

Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari heyday

Nine days into his induced coma, positive news is finally starting to emerge from the Michael Schumacher camp.

Multiple authoritative media sources, including major German news agencies and television broadcasters, cited the 45-year-old’s manager Sabine Kehm as reporting that Schumacher’s life is no longer in imminent danger.

“This is a certain relief,” she is quoted by Spain’s El Mundo. “For the family, the situation is calmer. This is the start of a long, long period, but thankfully less difficult now.

“The most dangerous moment has passed,” added Kehm.

The SID news agency, and the major German daily Bild, quoted an unnamed source close to the former F1 driver as confirming that there was indeed a “slight improvement” in Schumacher’s condition.

Rolf Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher visit Grenoble Hospital

Ralf Schumacher and Rolf Schumacher visit Grenoble Hospital

Bild said that it was a dramatic change from the unofficial news on Friday, when the seven time World Champion “looked as though he had lost the fight for life”.

A brain scan on Friday, the newspaper added, was “catastrophic”.

“His condition is still critical,” Kehm was quoted by Sky Deutschland television, “however it has stabilised over the weekend. The danger to his life is no longer immediate.”

Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport quoted Kehm as saying that the family had “heaved a sigh of relief” early this week.

Jean-Francois Payen, on of the doctors treating Schumacher, was quoted: “While we emphasise that the danger has not yet passed, it is certainly no longer acute.”

Michael Schumacher with Sabine Kehm

Michael Schumacher with Sabine Kehm

RTL reporter Felix Gorner said: “Sabine Kehm has just told me on the phone that, for the first time, Michael Schumacher is no longer in imminent danger of death.”

An official statement issued by the treating hospital in Grenoble also sounded more positive than earlier bulletins.

It said Schumacher’s “clinical state” is now “stable”. “However,” the statement added, “the medical team in charge of his care underlines that they continue to consider Michael’s condition as critical.”

Later, Schumacher’s manager Kehm played down those reports that had quoted her as saying her boss’ life is no longer in danger.

“I cannot confirm any expressions that he is no longer in danger,” she said. “I refer you to the statement that was issued by the doctors.” (GMM)

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    what does that guy eat? does not look good for his age.

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    What the hell are you on about? Michael? Ralf? Michael’s Dad?
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    Keep up the battle Michael.

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    It’s looking more positive. Long road ahead though….

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    This is wonderful news. I have been watching this story with great interest. I will sleep a little better knowing Michael is making progress. GODSPEED MICHAEL SCHUMACHER.

  • rene alfaro

    Please give the next info to Sabine Kehm: treat Michael witn TNF blocker, the brain inflamation is produced by the overexpression of tumoral necrosis factor in the traumatic brain injury, strokes and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson, using the verterbrobasilar venous system. The etanercept is off label drug use, the expirience is short, but my wife after a brain hemorrage and the posssibility of 5% of surviving, now is walking and working with a many limitation, but at least alive.
    Thank you this is the only way to reach sabin,
    dr alfaro

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    Skip all the other drugs! There is only one thing Schumacher needs! And I hope Sabine please tells the family about the “Hemp Oil” from Cannabis!