Lotus E22 will not be ready in time for first F1 test of 2014 at Jerez

Eric Boullier with Nick Chester

Eric Boullier with Nick Chester

Lotus have decided to skip Formula 1’s first pre-season test in Jerez, later this month to give themselves more time to work on their new car, the team said on Monday.

“We’re going to keep our car under wraps a little longer than some other teams,” technical director Nick Chester said in a team release. “We’ve decided that attending the Jerez test isn’t ideal for our build and development programme.

“We are likely to unveil the car before attending the Bahrain tests, and in Bahrain we should really be able to put the car through its paces in representative conditions.”

The first pre-season test, at the Spanish track, is due to start on January 28 with two further tests in much hotter conditions in Bahrain before the opening race in Australia on March 16.

In the past, some teams have participated in the opening test of the year using cars from the previous season but there is nothing to be gained from that now with the introduction of a new engine.

Lotus F1 factory at Enstone (File Photo)

Lotus F1 factory at Enstone (File Photo)

However, given the extent of the technical changes and the limited opportunities to test cars with the new 2014 tyres before the season starts, most teams still want to get as much mileage as possible even if the weather in Jerez can be variable at this time of year.

Formula 1 has replaced the previous 2.4 litre V8 engines with a 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 unit with energy recovery systems.

Chester, whose team had financial difficulties last year, said that development of the new E22 had been positive and that the figures looked promising.

“That said, we are very much working with very little idea of what the other teams are doing. This is the first year of radically different regulations which means that all teams are developing their cars along potentially quite different avenues,” he added.

“We think we have a very good solution to the challenge and hopefully this will be seen when the E22 turns its wheels in anger.”

The Lotus E21 was a front runner for most of 2013

The Lotus E21 was a front runner for most of 2013

Renault-powered Lotus finished last season fourth overall, with Kimi Raikkonen winning in Australia and the E21 a front runner for most of 2013.

“I think we can still reflect on what a good car the E21 was as it finished the season still looking particularly competitive, and it was the only car able to get close to the Red Bull. There are certain concepts from the E21 which are still valid for the E22, but in particular our development methodology and synchronisation with our various simulations is especially relevant and promising,” said Chester.

Raikkonen has since moved to Ferrari, complaining publicly before he left that he had not been paid, with Pastor Maldonado joining Lotus alongside Frenchman Romain Grosjean, in what is seen as financial salvation for the team, due to the Venezuelan’s large sponsorship package.

“We’ve undertaken chassis fits for Romain and Pastor. Certainly, our partners who have seen the car have reported themselves to be very impressed with the layout and various solutions to the new technical challenges,” added Chester. (Reuters)

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  • Butterfly

    It would be quite funny if the Lotus arrived much later than Ferrari and yet wiped the floor with it like the last two years on a MUCH smaller budget.

    It could happen.

  • Urko

    Don’t worry, it won’t.

  • phil

    WOW! I bet Mansour will not be happy with this news, seen as he has put so many BILLIONS into this team. I also heard he is thinking of running for president of Pakistan and pakistan will be the Title sponsor. Great news :)

  • captain tortuga

    Bye Bye Loltus!

    this is the end… the end, my friend, the end…

    Teams such as CTH and MAR are missing tests.. clearly there are in that spot now. .. and deservedly also.. since their latest signing..

  • haha

    If I were Lotus I would be verry careful with the information they share with Renault pre season. Red Bull are known cheaters and Renault sees them as worx team nr.1 because they ride along on their succes. Ferrari and Mercedes deserve more credit, without them their would be no f1 at this moment, actually the only one from the beginning is Ferrari. They never pulled out as the others did while they have less revenue than mass producers like Honda, Toyota, Merc and Renault. Same for Mc laren and Williams, the only worx teams that never pulled out. Monty is not that crazy without Ferrari f1 is dead, Mclaren or Williams leaving would be a blow to f1 but not its demise. On the other hand if Red bull left the sport they wouldn’t be missed, it would even be good for the sport. They took the Toyota approach and were lucky to have Seb and adrian. Renault, Honda, Toyota, Bmw just proved already that they were not really missed, Red bull isn’t even a motorsport brand it’s a can full of jerk! If renault call it quits, it’s over as nobody except cosworth would give them an engine. Or maybe audi or vw would try to thrive on their succes as renault does now. All i know is that f1 without red bull and le mans without audi was much more fun to watch

  • matthew

    They can’t make it to the test because crashtor wrecked his during the seat fitting!

  • njellis


    2012 Ferrari 400 pts Lotus 303 pts
    2013 Ferrari 354 pts Lotus 315 pts

    Interesting definition of “wiped the floor” :-)

  • Nemo Nobody


    butterfly is often eating different kinds of manures :)

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Classic that Lotus say they were the only car “able to get close to the Red Bull.” In 2013 Ferrari won 2 races and came second 5 times. Mercedes won 3 races and came second 1 time. Lotus won 1 race and came second 7 times. Yet somehow they were the only car able to get close to Red Bull. WAKE UP you idiots!

  • farizY

    Let the Lotus boys do their work.

  • Hawk

    at least some cash is saved.
    lemme see what Allison will do with a big budget, if he had one as big as Newey’s in 2013 it would have been a different story today.

  • Butterfly


    I know about the points, but that was down to Fernando’s driving.

    The 2012 and 2013 Lotus cars were championship-winning cars, it’s just that Lotus lacked on the driving front.

    Remember Red Bull watching the Lotus E20 from 2012? How about that incredible straightline speed on the least-powerful Renault engine?

    Those two cars were pieces of art. Beautiful, kind on the tires, fast.

    …which is more than I can say about the Ferraris.

  • Zombie Jebus


  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ Butterfly, Lotus lacked on the driver front? Kimi Raikkonen. Are you on drugs?

  • Chris

    On drugs? Well maybe Butterfly isnt one of those raging, biased Kimi Ass kissers like you.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    To be fair kimi was outperformed by romain this year. Probably because he was not getting paid at ALL! We will see who is the better driver this year. Alonso or Raikkonen

  • matthew

    Kind of a neat behind the scenes picture of the factory. Normally any factory pics we get to see are shining immaculate areas where no real work is actually done.

  • the fan

    what can lotus do right? i think none. they failed paying their top driver, failed to get a replacement “driver”, failed to build a car on schedule.

  • LOL

    Incompetent leadership in full display at lotus! They have great workers, all of their faults are due to management.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Chris, I’m talking about NUMBERS. Look at Kimi’s stats in the years he has been in F1. Amazing.

    @WestMclarenMercedes Yeah Grosjean outperformed Kimi. Well except in terms of overall points, and podium results. That’s with doing 2 less races that Grosjean. But if you mean in terms of hair length then yes, Grosjean outperformed Kimi.


  • LOL

    Sorry @redbullcheats, but after seeing some of your previous posts, I now realise your opinion is worth less then nothing. Ive been using this site for a mere month or so, but I have seen no post by you that is even worth the 3 seconds it takes to read. Literally. Not one. Even @stevethegreat has at least a couple decent posts. You are the maldonodo of this site. Congratulations.

  • SteveIsGreat

    Speaking of me, LOL, i generally skip the comments once there is more than a couple because most are just garbage between trolls anyway.

    I will say if you are shocked by “Lotus’s” announcement you haven’t been paying attention to F1. Where’s Mansoor Ijaz and his Quantum Motorsport money? LOOOOL

    They couldn’t even afford the tire test, lol. With any luck, RoGro was smart enough to have an escape clause in his contract and we’ll see them and Caterham fighting over 10th. How sweet would that be?

    Final thought: does this mean we won’t be hearing Boullier say how great Pirelli are for F1 at every race?

  • Butterfly


    You do realize that the O in LOL means “out”, right?

    So, essentially, you wrote “Laugh Out Out Out Out Loud”, which makes no f-ing sense whatsoever.