Lotus to replace reserve Valsecchi with youngster Sorensen

Davide Valsecchi

Davide Valsecchi

Lotus team looks to have made its choice of official reserve driver for the 2014 Formula 1 season.

It appears unlikely the Enstone based team will keep Davide Valsecchi on board, particularly after the Italian admitted that he was “angry” when bosses overlooked him as the surgery-bound Kimi Raikkonen’s replacement late last season.

“Perhaps I lack experience but what chance do you have to gain any?” he said at the time.

According to the Italiaracing publication, Lotus looks set to turn to the similarly Eric Boullier-managed, 23-year-old Danish driver Marco Sorensen for 2014.

He raced in Lotus’ black and gold colours in the Formula Renault 3.5 series last year, finishing seventh, and in September made his Formula 1 test debut in a two-year-old car at the Paul Ricard track. (GMM)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    Lotus really have no idea how to treat their drivers. They let Grosjean crash into people 50% of the time for a whole season and defend him, but don’t pay Kimi and accuse him of screwing them when he leaves for Ferrari. They don’t let Valsecchi drive the car when that is his job and instead put the hack Kovalinen in the car who does nothing. Now they sack him. What a joke they are. And they pick Maldonado for his money after talking about how they are focused on racing and not focused on the money.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Money talks in F1 again. Yet another unexperienced dane enter F1 while someone who deserves to be part of the sport is out. Suprised its not a russian this time.

    Way to go Lotus you just pulled a prick move like McLaren did.

    They are going to lose so much fan base this year with crashtor. Feel bad romain has to stay there. No kimi no interest. Kubica was the only good driver from 2010-2011 nick heidfeld was a joke with BMW no longer in F1 he has no drive.

  • Rlf2002

    Nick Heidfeld was a joke? He was able to equal and even out pace teammates like Massa, Raikonnen, Webber, Villeneuve and Kubica and he is a joke? Why dont you just say ‘I dont like Heidfeld so he sux’ Seriously, some comments on this site are ridiculous. Go look on the Wiki of you dont believe me. 2008 was the only year Kubica beat Heidfeld.

  • Tg

    Stop calling them Lotus, they are Renault.

  • matthew

    He finished 7th in the formula renault series? Wow aim high lotus…

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ Rlf2002, Nick Heidfeld was a joke! He was able to equal and even out pace teammates like Massa, Raikonnen, Webber, Villeneuve and Kubica SOME of the time. But over a season he was slow. Like Massa, he out qualifies Alonso a FEW times, but over a season he gets destroyed. So yeah, Heidfeld the joke…

  • Rlf2002

    @Red bull cheats

    ‘Some’ of the time? He beat his team mates more than ‘some’ of the time, if you care to do some research. I guess you are just mad because a ‘joke’ of a driver was able to outpace some random driver you are a fangirl of. Whatever.

    And he gets destroyed? Funny. Beating your team mates in the points standings means you get destroyed in F1? Thats new to me…

    But im not surprised to hear such hateful comments come from someone who has a name calling a team cheats. I guess you are also mad at them for beating a team you are also a fangirl of? Heh.

  • Chris

    Any driver who could beat Kubica isnt a joke. Hiedfeld wasnt the fastest driver but he was a very good one. If he is a joke for not beating Kubica in 2008 then is Kubica a joke for not beating him in end of 06, and 07 and 09? Although I do think Kubica was faster than hiedfeld. Any driver who even makes it to formula1 deserves respect and some people forget that.

  • matthew

    @chris “Any driver who even makes it to formula1 deserves respect and some people forget that.”

    Wrong. Maldonodo. Unless you don’t consider all the awful pay-drivers over the years to count as drivers… In that case I agree with you 100%

  • Chris


    Yes, I should have said non-pay drivers… Although even some of them can be quite skilled. Some. In any case, they are all better drivers than we are!

  • drift

    Again, for the ones slow on the uptake, Kovalainen didn’t “do nothing”, he qualified 8th overall in his first quali not knowing the car at all, nailed the 7th fastest race lap and would have finished at this position if not for a freak accident that forced him to pit and destroyed his race.

  • LOL

    I agree he did an average job in texas. But what about brazil? Even big fans of his admit it was a weak performance. Overall he was a disappointment.

  • The Bog

    Somewhere, Colin Chapman is rolling in his grave.

  • Badman Jose

    Marco Sorensen for 2014. Money talks again..