Lauda: We are constantly learning new things with the new turbo engine

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda says that his Mercedes team is on track for the start of official 2014 Formula 1 pre-season testing, despite the huge challenge of the all-new turbo rules.

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that World Champion team Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner had floated the idea of delaying for a week the start of winter testing late this month.

“Nothing is being moved,” Mercedes team chairman Lauda insisted. “The plans are going ahead for late January. The task is big for everybody.”

The report said that the German squad is currently testing its new V6 engine, energy recovery technology, gearbox and cooling systems in a hybrid chassis on the test bench.

Lauda admitted that cooling the 2014 package is one of the greatest challenges.

Mercedes F1 turbo engine

Mercedes F1 turbo engine

“We are constantly learning new things [with the new turbo engine],” he said. “Suddenly you are managing things like water pressure and intercooling.”

“Oil and water must be in a precise temperature window,” added Lauda. “Once you go just a few degrees above a certain limit, everything stops [working].”

The triple World Champion said that he sympathises with the customer teams, who unlike full works teams Mercedes and Ferrari are unable to do “any comparison testing”.

“They are doing their cooling [development] only on the basis of information provided by the engine partner,” said Lauda.

He thinks that Mercedes and Renault, each with three non-works customer teams, have a slight advantage over Ferrari, who is only supplying customer engines to Sauber and Marussia in 2014.

“Four teams is four sources of information,” said Lauda. “Everyone [has] their individual problems, so we can learn faster and respond sooner.” (GMM)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    Red Bull love the rules to change to benefit them…

  • matthew

    blah blah blah @red bull cheats Are you just bitter that williams is not a relevant team anymore? Or do you just hate a winner? Or are you angry that alonso beat kimi with a slower car? Or are you angry that lotus can’t get their act together? Is it one of these? A combination? Or do you just throw useless comments out for no reason?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ matthew, I love that Williams are not a relevant team. They have been claiming for years that “next year” they will return to winning, and never do it. I love winners. I hate cheaters. Like Lance Armstrong, Michael Schumacher, Red Bull Racing. I love that Alonso beat Kimi in a slower car. I think Alonso is an amazing driver. The best now and probably second only to Senna of all time. I love that Lotus can’t get their act together after insulting Kimi for leaving them to go to a better team. Do you even read what I say or just hate that I don’t suck up your a$$? My thoughts are clear, consistent and based on reality. What is your basis for commenting? Insanity?

  • matthew

    Except you seem to think only the winners are cheating. Every team finds loopholes and exploits them. Even lowly marrusia had a foul called on them by lotus early in 13! Ferrari cheats their @ss off and mclaren is the biggest cheater of them all, and almost no one hates them. I Hate/love red bulls dominance. I hate it because predictable races suck, I love it because everybody said they wouldn’t be a threat and now everyones whining after 4 years of their favorite team being unable to compete.

  • Krunksoft

    @Red Bull Cheats – All you have said is that RB cheats but you haven’t provided a single shred of evidence. Where’s the proof and where are the long lists of sanctions against them?? You didn’t even explain how the new Formula benefits them. That doesn’t represent consistent thought based in reality. Break it down for us so we can have a real conversation about it and not just read your rumors and innuendo. Calling any team a cheat is a strong accusation to make with nothing concrete to back it up. You can’t call take advantage of loopholes cheating, if that’s the case then ALL teams cheat.

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  • Jose

    If looks makes a winner, that Mercedes Turbo V6
    could be the real deal.

    Old Jose

  • sunny stivala

    According to Niki Lauda up to now if that good looking Mercedes engine goes beyond just a few degrees above a certain limit, it tears-up everything.