Schumacher video footage reveals leisurely skiing pace before accident

Michael Schumacher is an experienced skier (File Photo)

Michael Schumacher is an experienced skier (File Photo)

Michael Schumacher was skiing at a moderate pace at the moment of the accident which has left him in coma, news magazine Der Spiegel reported on its website on Saturday, citing a video filmed by a German witness.

The witness, a 35-year-old steward, said that he was filming his girlfriend with a smartphone when he captured by chance the moment when Schumacher slammed his head against a rock in the French alps.

According to the witness, who contacted the German magazine on Friday, Schumacher was descending the slope at a “leisurely” pace – “a maximum speed of 20 kilometres an hour”.

In the background of the film, a skier could be seen descending on an unmarked run between two groomed pistes before falling.

Der Spiegel said that the witness planned to provide the video to French investigators.

Schumacher was skiing off piste on 29 December near the Meribel ski resort with his 14-year-old son Mick and friends when he struck a rock so hard that his helmet was split in two.

He remains in a critical but stable condition, his spokeswoman said on Saturday. (AFP)

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  • jeff

    A smartphone is not a helmet camera. Is this being made up?

  • SeedoReido

    There perhaps are two videos…

    First, I am 100% aware very circumstance is different when it comes to brain injuries.

    As I have been watching michael’s progress daily, I have seen this type of thing before just recently. My brother in law had a heart attack, was flat line for TWENTY MINUTES and was put in a medically induced coma and a reduced body temperature state and after he stabilized and was taken off the medication inducing the coma. It took ALMOST A MONTH for him to open his eyes. Within a week he was calling me on his cell phone and now he is 95% of who he was originally. Very lucky guy.

    My 88 year old father recently fell and his CAT scan reviewed a massive amount of bleeding in his brain and in fact took up about 20% of his cranial cavity. His brain was pushed off center considerably. They drilled the holes, relieved the pressure. He went through a months mental, occupational and physical therapy and at his geriatric assessment he was told he was absolutely 100% fine and actually gave him permission for him to drive from Cleveland Ohio to Tampa Florida. All this at eighty eight years old.

    The reason I’m writing this is to give us all rooting for Michael some hope and perspective. It may take a month to come back. Give it some time. It’s amazing what the human body can take and just how strong the will to live in within us.

    Before I experienced the two events I mentioned, I had no experience with a brain injury. I hopes this helps at least someone who is concerned about Michael.

  • Resultant Asteroid

    Thank you very much for the cases you shared with us. I pray Michael ends up as lucky as your loved ones.

  • Zombie Jebus

    We all have perspective when cheering for Schumi, even if his case is much more dire we still wish him the very best!

    Sadly this kind of story will on increase the number of hits on the awful ‘tube videos using the news of footage about Schumi’s accident as a launching point for their pathetic attempts at trolling.

  • Zombie Jebus


  • Dean C

    I wish Mr S a good recovery, but can we get on with F1 News and not news about a former, albeit, excellent driver?

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ Dean C, you are not forced to read this news. There is other news on this website and many others. Why should you decide what is newsworthy and what is not? Just don’t read the articles about the topics you don’t want to know about. Simple. So simple a child could work that out.

  • Tamburello_1994

    . . . . . . Besides, It’s the dead of off season. Isn’t like your missing a whole bunch of anything.

    There is lots to play out with the Micheal situation. Count on the story getting lots of attention and wont fade to the backround anytime soon, it appears

    As for the the video, Not sure what mystery viewing it will solve, Not like it’s going to change anything.

    Keep up the struggle MSC.

  • the fan


    the smartphone was held by the witness, schumacher was wearing the helmet camera. those are 2 different things and different evidences.

  • Sam

    Come on Schumi you can do it as you always did. You are harder than that silly rock…which will not become a shrine.

  • Dean C

    @ Red Bull Cheats. I ask for more F1 news and you get personal???…who is the child?

  • richard

    DeanC. have a look at the contents page! If you don’t want to read about an F1 driver’s progress, just do not open that particular thread!!!!

    Easy isn’t it, even a fool should be able to understand!

  • Dean C

    The family want to be left alone, yet the press continue to bother them, only because there are people keen to hear/read anything about Mr S, regardless what his own family wish. I may be a ‘fool’, but I am also respectful.