Ferrari and Formula 1 fans wear red in global vigil for Schumacher on his birthday

Schumi fans outside the Grenoble Hospital

Schumi fans outside the Grenoble Hospital

Ferrari fans will hold a silent 45th birthday tribute to Michael Schumacher – wearing red – outside his French hospital on Friday with the seven time Formula 1 World Champion in a coma and fighting for his life after a skiing accident, with experts predicting that he could remain in a coma for weeks.

The Formula 1 team’s Facebook page said that the Scuderia Ferrari Clubs wanted to show their support and were organising “a silent and respectful event all in red” at the Grenoble hospital where the German has been since shortly after his fall on Sunday.

Ferrari said that the team also planned a special tribute to their former driver, who won five successive titles with them, on the official Ferrari website.

Schumacher left Ferrari in 2006 but then came out of retirement in 2010 for a three-year comeback with Mercedes that ended unsuccessfully in 2012.

Michael Schumacher won 72 grand prix races as a Ferrari driver

Michael Schumacher won 72 grand prix races as a Ferrari driver

Ferrari wrote on their website: “This is a special day for Ferrari and all its fans, as it is Michael Schumacher’s birthday. At the moment, he is tackling the most important fight of his life and therefore we want to send him very special wishes. There have [been] so many wonderful moments we have spent together and we have chosen 72.”

“It’s not a random number, as it represents the number of wins Michael achieved with the Scuderia from 1996 to 2006: 72 grands prix that gave us and the millions of Prancing Horse fans from all over the world so much pleasure. These were unforgettable moments which, along with his passion, commitment and dedication makes Michael part of the great Ferrari family for ever.”

“Everyone at Ferrari, from President Luca di Montezemolo and Team Principal Stefano Domenicali, who are in touch all the time with Michael’s family and those closest to him, are continuously watching how his situation evolves. Obviously, today there are double the [usual] reasons to wish him all the best.”

Michael Schumacher with President Luca di Montezemolo

Michael Schumacher with President Luca di Montezemolo

The most successful driver in F1 history, with 91 race wins to his credit, suffered head injuries while skiing off piste during a family vacation in the Alpine resort of Meribel on Sunday.

His agent Sabine Kehm said on Wednesday that he was in a stable condition and it was too early to talk about his further prospects. No further update was given on Thursday, the day before his birthday.

Doctors have carried out two operations so far, including one to remove a build-up of blood from his brain.

Schumacher’s family posted a message on his official website thanking all the well-wishers from around the world.

Media interest in Michael Schumacher's condition is massive

Global media interest in Michael Schumacher’s condition is massive

“They are giving us great support,” it said. “We all know he is a fighter and will not give up.”

Schumacher could remain in his coma for weeks, or even months according to Professor Uwe Kehler, the highly respected head of neurosurgery at the Asklepios hospital in Hamburg.

As is much of the world at present, he is also watching with keen interest the progress in Grenoble of the injured F1 legend.

“Generally, it takes two to three weeks until a patient with such a severe trauma can be woken up,” said Professor Kehler. “But it can take days or even weeks until the patient opens his eyes. Unfortunately, it is also possible that the person does not wake up properly.” (Reuters-GMM)

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  • O’Ferrari

    C’mon schu

  • Torque

    Happy Birthday Michael. Best wishes for the future.

  • McLarenfan

    Michael you are needed to by your family and friends, your fans need you and nobody can celebrate your Birthday without you.
    Now is the time for you to win the battle of all battle’s and come out the victor!!

  • D.R.S

    Happy Birthday Schumi ! May this be the only birthday ever that you have to spend in a hospital. Get well soon!

  • matthew

    Happy birthday MS!! I was scared for a minute when I saw gp247 had changed their background to red!

  • Bub

    Happy Birthday!

    Everyone is behind you on this one.

  • Zombie Jebus

    The event is hardly silent and I find Ferrari using this day as a media event shameless and revolting!

    Particularly as the Schumacher family has asked for privacy!

  • haha

    I wander about Vettel too, he called Michael his 2nd dad, his f1 dad. I know he must be verry hurt right now, as is his family, Jean, Ross, all the people he worked with and all the fans. If I were Vettel I would find it hard to break the record with what has happened recently, that’s why Schumi cried when achieving Ayrton’s records. They had some on track feuds but Ayrton explained his visions in colour to Michael off track, maybe at the time he was not agreeing but I’m sure he learned a lot from him. Hopefully this mentor and inspiration to youngsters does make it, we already lost one and that’s quite enough. I sincerely hope such young kids don’t lose their father, no matter how wealthy you are such loss hurts the same to all people.

  • el vicepresidente

    Your wishes are not valid you are a bad person,you always wish bad to everyone,you do not deserve to be listen.You do not have a heart for nobody

    Happy Birthday SCHMI will all praying for you get well soon

  • McLarenfan

    @Zombie Jebus,
    I actually see what you are saying in the light it has been said in.
    I know Ferrari & LDM have said that Michael will always be member of the Ferrari Family but it does seem that the Ferrari press machine are working this to their advantage. I have not seen Ross in any publicity shots or any of the high up Mercedes management I know of others (drivers and friends) who have flown out to see Corine and Michael yet they have managed to hide behind the scenes but Ferrari seem to be head on in the media giving it the LOOK WE ARE HERE

  • fools

    Happy Birthday Michael.

    God Bless

  • SteveisGreat

    Did anyone see how many media vehicles were there? I wonder how the anyone could get in or out of that place. I’m shocked the hospital allowed it… oh right, free press is $$$.

  • Alejandro R

    Happy Birthday Schumi!!!
    You have been my inspiration since I was young and have been an example of determination, hard work and success.
    I pray for you to keep fighting and to have a new victory!
    I wish the best to your family!

  • O’Ferrari

    Continued Best Wishes, Schuey

  • Tamburello_1994


  • Schumacher Fan

    Whether someone like it or not Schumacher will always be remembered and celebrated for his successes in red.
    The enemies of Ferrari that, until a few years ago, were also enemies of Schumacher, should, at least in this situation, shut up, stop making horrifying and stupid comments and reflect on their own hypocrisy.

  • gilgen

    Not surprising to see the nay sayers, such as zombie, putting their narrow minded oar in.
    People want to show their support for an injured idol, and they have every right to do so. the fact is that schumi is remembered for his ferrari era, so ferrari, and ferrari fans will naturally want to show their support. interesting to note though, the lack of merc statements and fans. a comment from brawn or zetsch would not go amiss!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Just as it’s silly to be critical of Ferrari for they’re show of support, Same goes for Mercedes. The team and drivers put out statements early on and could be found with a casual internet search. Don’t know what else they’re suppose to say. As for Ross Brawn, Didn’t he show up at the hospital along with Jean Todt? Just because they are not out front getting face time with the press doesn’t mean anything. People show there support in differing ways. Ferrari and the tfosi are doing public thing, Other chose to be more private.

  • Zombie Jebus

    Hey trolls, check the other stories and use that pile of crap you call brains. I’ve been among the first to wih Schumi a great and speedy recovery… even if I didn’t agree with some of his on track actions I greatly respect him both on and off the circuit. Your trolling and narrow minded harrassment is almost as sickening as Ferrari’s media day.

    For the record, I’m not crictical of anyone showing their support, just of how they choose to show it. Huge difference. Especially when it contradicts the family and attending physicians requests. Now go re-read everything prior to friday and then use logic and come back and apologise for your ignoranance. 😉

  • O’Ferrari

    Get well, schu

  • Red Horizon

    I would like to thank all the fans of the Ferrari clubs that last Friday went to show their affection for Michael on his birthday. They are people who have done it just for passion, voluntarily and without being forced by anyone. Their act has also touched Michael’s family who publicly thanked them. I wanted to be there myself.
    I’m a fan of F1 and Ferrari for nearly 30 years and he will always remain in our hearts, even though there are people who are not able to understand it. These are people who hate Ferrari, but most of all I think that they hate themselves. These people is bothered that Ferrari is in F1 and they would Ferrari to disappear from F1. I’m sorry for them, but this will never happen.