Schumacher updates only if something changes says Kehm

Michael Schumacher with PA Sabine Kehm

Michael Schumacher with PA Sabine Kehm

Press conferences regarding the condition of Michael Schumacher’s health will no longer occur, unless there is something significant to report.

That is the word from the injured seven time world champion’s PA Sabine Kehm, after reporting from the hospital in Grenoble that the great German is now “stable” but still “critical” in a coma after his skiing crash.

“I think the doctors have explained very well what is the plan,” she told German television. “So we will only hold press conferences when we have significant news from the doctors to report.

“To have to report to the press every morning would hinder the doctors, and we are all very keen for them to be able to work in peace,” added Kehm.

“I will not give status reports every day, at least while the situation remains stable and there is no change, either positively or negatively.”

While the news about Schumacher’s condition is scarce, the international media interest in the fate of Formula 1’s most successful driver remains unparalleled.

Some commentators have said the skiing fall, barely a year after he retired from Formula 1 for the second and final time, demonstrates that ‘adrenaline junkie’ Schumacher was unable to ease off the throttle.

Germany’s Bild newspaper quoted an eyewitness as saying Schumacher’s helmet was “cleaved in two” by the obviously high-speed impact.

“All your Formula 1 career you are at the limit,” Mika Salo, who subbed for an injured Schumacher at Ferrari in 1999, told the Finnish broadcaster MTV3.

“When you are used to living like that, then even in your hobbies you can hurt yourself, especially when you do them at an extreme level like Michael.”

Alain Prost added: “Every day after Formula 1, you try to fill the void but nothing gives you as much adrenaline,” the quadruple World Champion told Itele.

But others have defended the 45-year-old ex racer.

“[Schumacher] explained to me that often it looked to outsiders that he is addicted to risk and speed,” said RTL presenter Kai Ebel, perhaps the last to interview Schumacher at length earlier this month.

“But he knew very well his ability and told me with a very great emphasis that he is never out of control with the speed,” he told Bild newspaper.

Flavio Briatore, one of Schumacher’s first bosses in Formula 1, agrees.

“I was with him in a car – from the hotel or airport, or to the circuit – hundreds of times,” the Italian told La Gazzetta dello Sport, “and – believe me – I never saw him ‘do a Schumacher’. In traffic, Michael was very cautious, tolerant of those in his way. Now, he was skiing with his son and I cannot imagine he was going at breakneck speed.”

“It was the saddest New Year’s [eve] of my life,” Briatore, holidaying at his resort in Kenya, admitted.

Former Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli also insisted that Schumacher is not reckless.

“He had just gone skiing with his child, as many fathers do,” he told Il Giornale. “Throughout his career, he was always very safety-conscious.

“Actually, it is thanks to Michael that during his years of activity in Formula 1, many improvements were made in the field of safety,” added Trulli.

“It’s true that a driver is used to living with risk, but it’s a calculated risk and certainly less dangerous than many kids out drinking on a Saturday night.

“We do our work and at Christmas we go on vacation,” said Trulli. “Just like Michael, I too am now going to the mountains to ski.” (GMM)

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  • O’Ferrari

    Get well, schuey

  • SteveisGreat

    It’s a waiting game now, though we all want to next days news to include he’s awake and recovering!

    The “stable condition” press release leads me to believe his swelling is controlled and no further actual brain surgeries are expected. So they’ll leave him sedated in a coma until they are sure of this and when the doctors are they start reducing the medications keeping him in the coma and start raising his body temperature. It’s my understanding that once he’s off the meds entirely that it could take up to 7 days for him to wake up on his own, if possible, and only then will they be able to access his actual prognosis/brain damage. Apparently the real problem is from the initial swelling/intercranial pressure; how well and how quickly they were able to control it and lower his body temperature… I won’t speculate on that or tell you how much of his skull has likely been removed to ease the swelling and have access to the haematomas.

    Helluva a way to start the new year and his birthday. Really takes the piss out, as the Brits like to say.

    Schumi is a fighter though and he has the well wishes of millions and millions of fans so fingers crossed for the best possible outcome for him!

  • Hartge

    Happy Birthday Schumi… May God heal you today

  • AlsoRan

    Had he been wearing no helmet he would not be with us today.
    Had he been wearing his F1 helmet there would be no story.
    My Canadian professional skiing buddy says that current
    ski helmets are merely glorified bicycle helmets and therein lies
    the problem.

  • Zombie Jebus

    Sad day for a birthday… hang in there Michael!!!