No significant change in Schumacher’s condition which is good news

Sabine Kehm wityh reporters outside Grenoble Hospital

Sabine Kehm with reporters outside Grenoble Hospital (Photo courtesy EPA)

Michael Schumacher is now in a ‘stable condition’ according to his personal assistant Sabine Kehm speaking to reporters outside the hospital in Grenoble on Wednesday.

“The good news for today is [that] there’s no significant changes,” she said on the first day of 2014.

However, Kehm warned that seven time world champion Schumacher, who turns 45 on Friday, remains in a “critical” condition.

“Michael is monitored all the time but his condition was stable all night,” she is quoted by Bild newspaper.

As for whether the great German’s life remains in danger, Kehm answered: “I’d rather not comment.”

She did deny reports the former Ferrari and Mercedes driver had fallen from his skis last Sunday because he was going too fast.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

“Michael was not going very fast,” Kehm insisted. “But unfortunately as he took the turn, we assume, he hit a rock and was catapulted upwards and then struck [the] rock head-first.”

It also emerges that the Grenoble university hospital is considering banning journalists who are covering the Schumacher story, after a series of incidents.

The worst involved a journalist disguising himself as a priest and trying to enter Schumacher’s room, where he lays in coma.

“I wouldn’t have ever imagined something like this could happen,” Kehm told the Die Welt newspaper.

SID news agency quoted Kehm as saying that important hospital work has been disturbed by journalists, after some of the 100 reporters on site were repeatedly blocked from entering the emergency room. (GMM)

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  • superseven

    Speaking as someone who’s father was comatose for 10 days after a motorcycle accident with a fractured skull in the 1970’s, I can only hope that he makes the same full recovery that my father did.

    Best of luck, Michael.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Everyday he fights, the odds of survival increase. The first thirty-six hours being most critical.

    You would think after what they did to Diana the paparazzi would get a clue. I’m pained and disgusted by this part of the story – Not sure what the intent is there. Nobody would have bought any pictures and the outcry would have made them toxic to even possess.

    The dressing up as a priest bit takes it to even another level for me.

  • Hawk

    @Superseven you were lucky. as for me we I was not so lucky when my dad passed away 2 years ago of the same after having been comatose for 3 months! I hope Schumi’s is less severe. He should be in and out as quick as possible so that other organs do not start complaining. Fortunately he is much younger.

    you cant put anything past those scum. but am willing to bet, that pic would be bought immediately it came up and then some editor would start mulling on whether to publish it or not, but after securing it.

  • Tamburello_1994

    To both of you, Sorry about your loss. I am very fortunate to still have both my parent alive and well. I did lose an sibling so I can relate to losing a very close family member.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do when that time comes. My mom and I are very close.

    On a side note to that, After encouraging my mother to watch “Senna” she became a big (Senna) F-1 fan!! She had never heard of formula 1 up to that point. She’s seen that movie now more times than me – Always hoping for a different outcome.

    So of course she’s totally caught up with Michael’s situation. Called me at work today to give me an update!! Too much!

  • McLarenfan

    I for one feel that fitness has a big impact survival rates and in that way we know Michael is as fit as a fiddle and as stated every day is one day closer healing wise.
    The trouble is that brain injuries are unpredictable but Michael’s coma is induced to give his brain time to repair and I am one of those who has said prayers not that I pray often.
    As for the Low Life Scourge of the earth who thought it was a good thing to break the personal boundary’s of Michael’s family akin to the B’stard who thought it was OK to take the photos of Princess Di in the wreck of what once was a car. I personally think that they should be banned from ever holding any form of reporting licence any form of photographic equipment and the publication they normally work for should be fined major amounts of Cash (as is the french way as we the fans of F1 see from the FIA). And if that same publication breaks another golden rule within 12 months the publication either pays another major fine or closes down. Privacy laws should be sacred and these million mile lenses should be only available to law enforcement not reporters.