Speed not a factor as more information on Schumacher ski accident emerges

Dent de Burgin mountain area where Michael Schumacher fell while skiing

Dent de Burgin mountain area where Michael Schumacher fell while skiing

Michael Schumacher’s long serving press officer Sabine Kehm has revealed how a journalist attempted to access the seven time World Champion’s room at the Grenoble Hospital.

Before providing media with an insight in to the circumstances of the skiing accident, which has left Schumacher in a coma and fighting for his life, Kehm reported, “Apparently a journalist dressed as a priest had tried to gain access to Michael’s room. I wouldn’t have ever imagined something like this could happen.”

This after Schumacher’s family had on Monday appealed for privacy during this trying period. The journalist and the media outlet concerned were not identified.

Kehm went on to shed more light into the circumstances of the fall which incurred the serious head injuries which afflicted Schumacher after he fell while skiing the Dent de Burgin mountain, towards Meribel where he owns a family chalet.

Sabine Kehm speaks to media at Grenoble Hospital

Sabine Kehm speaks to the media at Grenoble Hospital

“I think after having spoken to several people that were with Michael at the time that the group had been skiing on slopes that were normal slopes,” she said.

“There was a red slope and a blue slope and in between there was a part which was deep snow and Michael went into that. But even after that, it would seem from everything people have told me that he was not even travelling at high speed as he had helped a friend who had fallen on the piste.

“So he started to ski again, went into the deep snow and apparently what we assume is he hit a rock when he wanted to do a curve and he was catapulted in the air and apparently went head down hitting another rock.

“It was extremely unfortunate circumstances and not because he was speeding too much. It was something, I have spoken to several people – including ski instructors – and they say it can happen at 10km/h. It is just very, very unfortunate.”

Schumacher remains in an induced coma in the Grenoble Hospital, having had two brain operations since he was admitted on Sunday. According to doctors his condition has improved slightly since he was admitted, but they “cannot forecast” what the future holds for the German F1 legend. (GP247)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Ouch!! Those rocks look like an accident waiting to happen.

    I hope something can be done about dude who tried get in to see Michael. That’s not journalism. Have some fcuking respect. The family asked for privacy, YOU GIVE IT TO THEM.

    A good, Old fashion ass kicking is definitely in store for him at the very least.

  • sarahsdadjeff

    GODSPEED Michael Schumacher

  • James

    I hope they will now install some fence to prevent similar accident…

  • O’Ferrari

    I hope that journalist pays….

    Utter disrespect

  • Zombie Jebus

    That media member and his employer should be publicly named and shamed. Disgusting.

    As for Schumi… no change is better than a change for the worse! Keep fighting, Michael!

  • Taskmaster

    As an ex-avid (rabid) ski-bum with arthritic remnants from dislocations and facial scars from encounters with immovable natural objects (i.e. trees), I can dig what happens in seemingly un-threatening conditions. My sincerest wish is for full recovery – to log this as one of those moments so many have in their ski-story portfolios.

  • McLarenfan

    Oh my god those rocks are nasty and I note there is a massive demarcation zone saying beware MASSIVE ROCKS.
    You would have thought they would have some barrier made of that orange plastic with holes in it with some sticks to hold it in place. or is it a case of COST.

  • Jon Jon

    Like tens upon tens upon tens of millions, I too, can only hope and pray – and I am not religious – for as best a full recovery as is hopefully possible. We are all so hoping (and praying)…………

    As to the “journalist” – and his employer……….. To those who say he/they should be exposed or worse……….. For myself (and I ttrust several others whose sense of propriety IS intact, that doesn’t even remotely begin to vaguely describe what I would do were I to have the power over that scumwad and his. Doesn’t even come close to what needs to be done.

    You all (good community) take care. You’re good folk. We’ve never met and we never will in all likelihood. But we can feel each other.
    To the entire Schumacher family, their friends, associates……………., I hope time will prevail the pragmatic best. Our respects to each of you. Michael IS in our hearts.

  • larski

    Extreme skiing through rocky couloirs, yes. Man-made rock pits in the middle of a beginner / intermediate slope, no. That area between the two green/blue (beginner/intermediate) trails is obviously where the French decided to put rocks and boulders removed from the adjoining trails. In the U.S. such a man-made rock pit would not exist and even if naturally occurring it would be marked or even fenced off. Schumacher, based upon videos, appears to be an intermediate skier at best — he probably ventured into the rock pit accidently and fell because he lost his balance in the ungroomed or because he hit a rock or other object hidden by snow. Such a shame. But since the rock pit is not an inherent risk of skiing (having been placed there by man) perhaps a nice lawsuit will follow (even if this isn’t the litigious U.S.).