Massa: In qualifying I was at least as fast, if not faster, than Alonso

Felipe Massa in action during the German GP weekend

Felipe Massa in action during the German GP weekend

Felipe Massa who will  will drive for Williams in 2014 insists that he was “as fast, if not faster” than Fernando Alonso in qualifying trim during the 2013 season.

Ultimately, the Brazilian scored less than half the points of his high-profile teammate, and finally lost his race seat with Ferrari to Kimi Raikkonen.

“I know they are going through a tough phase,” the 32 year old is quoted by Turun Sanomat newspaper, “but I think that with the changes they’re making, they can go back to what they were doing a few years ago. I want to be a part of that process [at Williams].”

Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso

Felipe Massa with Fernando Alonso

“The Mercedes engine should be very competitive, so I think we will have a good package at our disposal to fight for points on a regular basis and move steadily closer to the top.”

But Ferrari justified Massa’s exit on the basis that he was not able to support Alonso’s quest for the World Championship on a consistent enough basis. Massa, however, thinks that he stacked up well against the Spaniard in 2013.

“Of course, Fernando is a very strong racing driver,” he admitted, “especially in the first few rounds of the Championship. Qualifying has not been as important to the Championship as it has been, but I was at least as fast, if not faster, than Alonso.”

Felipe Massa with Ferrari crew at the end of the 2013 Brazilian GP, his final race for the Italian team

Felipe Massa with Ferrari crew at the end of the 2013 Brazilian GP, his final race for the Italian team

“But with the other factors – the strategy, traffic, pitstops and all of those things – I really was not very lucky. And when Fernando is going for the Championship, and I am not, then he had the advantage for strategy and it affects your ability to drive for the top positions,” he added.

Interestingly, Massa named having to give up the win at Hockenheim in 2010 as the lowest point in his eight-year Ferrari tenure.

“I got a team order and had to obey it,” he said. “It was very bad from both a professional and a personal point of view. Of course, my accident in Hungary in 2009 was a very negative event, because I could have died.”

“But I don’t remember when I hit the part from Rubens Barrichello’s car. I know what happened and of course I remember taking a long time to recover, but I don’t remember the accident. So, it doesn’t hurt me as much as the memory of what happened in Hockenheim,” he mused. (GMM)

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  • Tamburello_1994

    I understand the show must go on, But right now I couldn’t care less about Felipe f’ing Massa.

    The whole F1 world is at a standstill waiting for news about Michael. Sorry.

    @ The Moderators
    Keep up the good work and thank you for “taking out the trash”.

  • SteveisGreat

    You forgot the feckup in the first line too “Felipe Massa who will will drive for Williams”… the proofreader should be sacked.

    As much as I agree about Schumi, the report won’t come for a couple of hours yet no matter how much we want it to come sooner and be good news!

    For this article, well, Massa is quite correct and I’ll always wonder how many points he would have scored if he wasn’t told to let Alonso past at 80% of the races!

    Even better will if Williams can take the fight to Ferrari again and we can see them duel on track!

  • farizY

    I guess this is true, Alonso is not and was not a very good qualifier, just look at his pole tally, not so much. But during Sunday, he’s consistently fast.
    Felipe no longer the same following that Hungary unfortunate mishap; he says he still the same, fast and frugal as ever; but we all can see that he’s not.

  • Alonso_is_Slow

    Alonso is a joke as a Nr1 driver.

  • the fan

    thats true felipe, but i guess that wouldnt matter especially on sundays. even if you let alonso pass cleanly, its massa’s finishing position that’s been the problem most of the time.

  • O’Ferrari

    Points come from Sundays. Alonso, like schumacher (get well, soon) is a racer first and races better than qualifies.

    Thing is, massa was so very rarely in front of alonso or schumacher it made very little difference to massa’s points at end of season.

    Kimi moved aside for massa in 2008. Felipe has experienced bith sides of the coin.

  • Tinto

    Felipe talks nonsense, better shut up. Ocasionally he could beat Alonso, but overall there is no comparison. He said Alonso was better than him. Being beaten is not the worst thing, losing you man honor is painful indeed, and Felipe did it.

  • fools

    give it up Felipe. Good luck in Williams where you wont ever get ahead of Alonso. When you never have. Even if you did qualify where did you end up? Behind Alonso. Why because you lack pace. End of discussion and Ferrari rant when you have been replaced

  • fools

    stevisstupid would have been clever.

  • O’Ferrari

    I feel sorry for massa, in some ways. He was reasonable qualifier and often matched schumacher in his 2006 year (altho schu wasn’t the best qualifier), but over the distance of a race, he rarely had the chops to match schu (who was already past his best). He never matched alonso for pace exvept for round one in 2010.

    As for Hockenheim 2010, he was too slow on hard tyres. He was blacking like a maniac and nearly took alonso’s wing off on the straight after chopping across.

    I wonder if his lack of pace hurt as much as the order? I wonder if he consoled kimi in 2008 when kimi had to move aside?

    Let’s face it, with schuey or alonso in the car, Ferrari would have won the 2008 driver’s championship. Kimi and massa just didn’t have the extra required at every round.

  • Keaaukeli

    For whatever reason Felipe always went backwards in the race. He didn’t have the mechanical problems that Mark Webber had.
    He could not (in race trim) drive the cr@p slow Ferrari like Fernando could.
    It was amazing the number of points Fernando scored in a car that was such a pig.

  • matthew

    I really like massa but come on… He isn’t in the same league as alonso. At least he proved he’s a true racer by saying giving up that win was worse than his near death experience!

  • O’Ferrari

    Agreed Matthew.

    I would be slower than hell in an f1 car, but it would still hurt to finally be in the lead and have to hand it over.

    However, schumacher did it in 1999 to eddie Irvine.
    Kimi did it to massa in 2008.
    Webber did it every time he was told to ‘turn his engine down’

    Even Senna gifted berger a win.

    No one likes knowing they aren’t the centre of the universe.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Just let it go already, Felipe! Ferrari supported you through good times and bad times and they gave you plenty of opportunities. Enough of this Hockenheim talk! After all the kindness Ferrari should you, letting Alonso pass to increase Ferrari’s chances of winning the Driver’s title in 2010 was the least you could do. Sounds like sour grapes. I love you Felipe, cause you were a Ferrari driver and as a Ferrari fan I love all Ferrari drivers, but don’t you even dare to start digging up dirt and complaining about how much you have “suffered”. You were a Ferrari for 8 freakin years!!! That’s more than most other drivers can even dream! So be proud and happy of what you have achieved. Without Ferrari’s belief in you, you wouldn’t have gotten any further than Sauber. It’s thanks to Ferrari that you are one of the top drivers today.

  • AlonsoFan

    Felipe is very quick in Qulaifying but these Pirellis didnt suit him and he has very intensive and very aggressive style of driving.But all in all Ferrari backed him up in the darkest days through the start of 2011 and for like the most part of 2012.

  • Dr. Azlan

    Massa should be proud because he always beats Alonso at the simulator.

  • Dr. Azlan

    One lap qualifying is not a good indicator. The car is also set up with the long race in mind. Drivers and their engineers will compromise the best set up for both qualifying and race.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    Massa, Alonso out qualified you on average every year you were in the same team as him, so what drugs are you smoking? Plus he made up 3-4 places on most starts, where you went backwards on average. I think that spring that hit your head severely affected your sense of reality. Oh and you were told to move over because Alonso was faster than you. Once he passed you he disappeared into the distance. How is that for reality?

  • Hawk

    Yes. He disappeared in the distance because I was crushed. In fact my helmet was soaked in salt.