Formula 1 Quotes of the Year for 2013

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It is time to present the 2013 Formula 1 season – From January 1 until 31 December – in quotes, the pearls of wisdom along with the rubbish spewed by those worth quoting or not….

As usual there are some quite hilarious gaffes, outrageous contradictions, misplaced predictions, but equally there are some spot on proclamations – the collective sum of which provide a pretty comprehensive overview of the year gone by: in one liners.

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Jenson Button and Sergio Perez


Domenicali: What happened to us last year [2012] in Jerez will not be repeated
Dennis: Keeping Hamilton would have been wrong
Lopez: I want drivers not robots
Perez: To be part of the team [with which] Ayrton made history with is very special
Raikkonen: I can learn nothing in the simulator
Wolff: Bottas will be given time to realise full potential
Stewart: Jenson can win the world championship again
Hembery: We will be taking a more aggressive approach
Brundle: Button is now McLaren number one
Di Resta: Money talked in Perez move to McLaren
Domenicali: Priority is to give our drivers a competitive car from the very start
Domenicali: The toughest part of Felipe’s career is now behind him
Domenicali: Time is not right for Alonso-Vettel dream team at Ferrari
Button: I feel absolutely refreshed and ready to go!
Alonso: I’m confident I can start the season with a better car
Massa: The fire still burns inside me and I know I can win
Alonso: Twitter allows direct contact with fans
Massa: Alonso toughest Ferrari teammate of all
Alonso: Hamilton is the strongest opponent on the grid
Newey: We should be careful that F1 rules don’t restrict inventive spirit
Force India: No truth behind claims that the team is in crisis
Pat Fry: We made fundamental mistakes before 2012 season started
Hamilton: I live to win and look forward to the journey with Mercedes
Wolff: I hope Ross is going to stay as long as possible
Buemi: Sitting on the sidelines as an F1 reserve is real torture
Kubica: I’m very pleased with my performance on first day of DTM testing
Hamilton: Mercedes seems hungrier than any group I’ve seen before
Brawn: I am the Mercedes F1 team principal and I am in charge
James Key: Toro Rosso better than Sauber in some areas
Webber: It’s evident that I’ve never been a part of Marko’s agenda
De la Rosa: Jean Todt turned me down when I first approached Ferrari
Lopez: We want to build on last year and do better
Grosjean: I think everyone is waiting to see if I’m able to be consistent
Boullier: We are very eager to taste glory again
Allison: We never set out to build the second or third fastest car
Glock: Small F1 teams stuck in vicious circle
Marko: Horner contracted until 2017 with Red Bull
Whitmarsh: For 2013 we go racing to win with Jenson and Checo
Perez: I am fully aware of the steep slope ahead of me
Button: This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made

Mercedes AMG F1 W04 Launch, Jerez, Spain, Monday 4 February 2013


Ecclestone: I see it in this order Vettel, Alonso, Button and Hamilton.
Button: No big deal if Lowe leaves McLaren.
Ferrari: We will have a strong package for the third test and first race.
Montezemolo: I hope this car is competitive right from the first race.
Domenicali: Clear goal is to give Fernando and Felipe competitive cars.
Kaltenborn: We want to continue on our upward curve.
Vettel: I expect a very long and very tough season.
Newey: The Red Bull RB9 is an evolutionary car
Horner: We have a fierce determination to keep both F1 World Championship trophies.
Webber: I can have a crack at the Championship again this year.
Horner: Marko can be a little outspoken at times.
Montezemolo: Decisions are taken by Ferrari, not Alonso.
Brawn: We have the strongest driver line-up in Formula 1.
Wolff: The only thing that counts in Formula 1 is lap time.
Rosberg: I look forward to working with Lewis to make this the best F1 team.
Massa: Compared to last years car, it’s a completely different planet.
Rosberg: I’ve never been as well prepared for a season as this year.
Vettel: It will be even closer at the top and everyone is in the hunt.
Maldonado: I will try to be away from the troubles.
Boullier: It was pleasing to see both Kimi and Romain smiling at Jerez.
Pat Fry: I’m not going to be happy until we are clearly quickest.
Valsecchi: The next aim is to get into F1 and I’m moving closer.
Alonso: I share Felipe’s opinion that the F138 is on another planet.
Perez: McLaren MP4-28 is adapted to suit Jenson’s style.
Sutil: It’s obvious that I’m still quick and that’s very important.
Rosberg: I just want to win races and I’m confident we can with this car.
Hamilton: I don’t see us competing for the world title at the moment.
Vergne: Ricciardo and I are not friends any more.
Lauda: Ross is in his position and will stay in his position.
Domenicali: I would be very surprised if the F138 was the quickest.
Button: Paddy leaving is part of the sport but we have strength in depth.
Button: The MP4-28 is very good and we will be strong in Melbourne.
McLaren: Our car appears normal, we’ve had no major issues.
Sutil: I’m delighted to be back in F1 with a team I know so well.
Allison: Every team on the grid is shameless in copying developments.

Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 24 March 2013.


Williams: We [that] hope Bottas was sent from heaven to drive racing cars.
Schumacher: There are so many other beautiful things in life.
McLaren: We’re all really looking forward to the first race.
Alonso: I am better than last year.
Horner: Hamilton and Mercedes will be a factor this year.
Domenicali: Ferrari will be in the battle to the end.
Coughlan: We at Williams want to break into the top five.
Button: We go to Melbourne aiming for a victory.
Sutil: Year out of Formula 1 has made me mentally stronger.
Hamilton: Alonso is the fastest and is the guy I want to beat.
Raikkonen: Our car feels good, so we are well placed for Melbourne.
Perez: My target is to beat Jenson and to beat all the others.
Alonso: It will be a surprise if Red Bull is not in front of everybody.
Toro Rosso: Competition is very tight in our part of the grid.
Lotus: We’re certainly running with the leading group.
McLaren: We are struggling a bit to be honest.
Rosberg: My teammate is one of the best and that is a challenge.
Lotus: We’ve looked good come both wet and dry.
McLaren: We’ll work incredibly hard to bring more pace to the MP4-28.
Ferrari: We have started this season on the right foot.
Hamilton: Way better than we ever expected in the first race.
Alonso: The car is responding well and we feel much more optimistic.
Raikkonen: One of the easiest races I’ve done to win (of his Australian GP victory).
Perez: Ferrari often asked me to take care of Alonso.
Hamilton: McLaren offered more money than Mercedes for 2013.
Alonso: Making most of what they have is not one of Red Bull’s virtues.
Williams: Team has regrouped and working hard to solve the problems.
McLaren: All our energy is going into the current car and understanding it.
Massa: The car is ten times better and I feel happy and more comfortable.
McLaren: We’re working as hard as possible to find extra performance.
Mercedes: We asked Lewis and Nico to hold position.
Vettel: I got the call, I ignored it, I’m not happy I won, I f*cked up, I apologise.
Webber: Unfortunately there’s no rewind button.
Hulkenberg: Thank you guys but this is not acceptable.

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain - Race


Boullier: Drivers are paid to work for you and must obey team orders.
Brawn: I didn’t like having to give the orders I gave in Malaysia.
Wolff: Power struggle with Lauda is biggest bullsh*t I ever heard.
Bianchi: I need more experience but I can jump into a top team like Ferrari.
McLaren: No magic bullet but we’ve got underlying a very good package.
Marko: Webber has always been a driver with a good reputation.
Rosberg: Malaysia was sobering for me in every respect.
Todt: It is not normal that half of the drivers in F1 are pay drivers.
Vettel: I don’t consider myself the bad guy.
Sutil: The past for me is done and I’m concentrating on my future.
Sutil: The Force India VJM06 is the best car I’ve driven.
Lauda: As of immediately our drivers can drive against each other.
Horner: Is my leadership undermined? I don’t think so.
Hamilton: I think I made the right choice to leave McLaren.
Whitmarsh: Perez needs to toughen up he’s been very polite so far this year.
Webber: Bahrain is my 200th appearance, jeez it goes quick.
Perez: I have definitely felt the pressure at McLaren – everyone is watching.
Hamilton: Sam Michael threw me out of the garage.
McLaren: Lewis knew he shouldn’t have been in our garage.
McLaren: We always allow our drivers to race.
Vettel: A beautiful race [in Bahrain] where you could push every single lap.
Alonso: Having a good race involves a lot of factors including a bit of luck.
Button: Perez has to calm down or soon something serious will happen.
Pirelli: As a sporting spectacle we know [that the] fans want to have uncertainty.
Marko: At the moment we fear Lotus more than we do Ferrari.
Domenicali: We believe in our ability to be in the title fight right to the end.
Webber: Quitting is a tough decision but I’m not there yet.
Mateschitz: Vettel and Webber can race freely to the end of the season.
Vettel: Kimi is very honest, there’s no bullsh*t with him.
Perez: I didn’t apologise to Button, because I didn’t think it was necessary.

Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Preparations, Barcelona, Spain, Thursday 9 May 2013.


Ricciardo: Vettel is pretty nice for a German.
Whitmarsh: I want to go to every grand prix thinking that we can win.
Perez: Hopefully we have turned the corner now.
Marko: I take the final decision at Red Bull Racing.
Grosjean: Now I have the tools at my disposal so I can really push.
Marko: Niki should absolutely try to get Vettel.
Sauber: Problem is rookies hardly drive F1 cars before they race them.
Maldonado: Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, this is racing.
Massa: I hope from now on we are fighting for the podium every race.
Raikkonen: It’s disappointing to finish second.
Alonso: It’s very special winning [the Spanish GP].
Alonso: This year Ferrari have the best chance to win the title.
Boullier: Not many sports increase the size of goal posts mid-season.
Hulkenberg: We are not producing the results we wanted.
Bianchi: It is very important for Marussia to end up in tenth.
Perez: I am sure that we will win some races this year.
Webber: Monaco with small dogs and handbags is not really my thing.
Alonso: Red Bull won too easily for years now it’s difficult for them to lose.
Pirelli: We may not be in Formula 1 next year.
Ecclestone: Turbo engines are an unnecessary cost we might regret.
Raikkonen: I don’t use Facebook and if I could throw my phone away I would.
Whitmarsh: Frankly the car is not fast enough.
Hamilton: How the hell can a dog be distracting?
Rosberg: I’ve grown up here and now to win at home [in Monaco] is very special.
Lauda: I’ve bet €50 with Marko we will escape penalty for secret test.
Raikkonen: Maybe someone should punch Perez in the face.
Hamilton: I just have to focus on myself and try and get my sh*t together.
Mallya: Formula 1 also needs the independent and the smaller teams.
Vettel: Drivers are not enjoying the races as much as they would like.
Marko: Mercedes secret test is like 2007 spy scandal.

Pirelli and Mercedes FIA Tribunal Hearing, FIA Headquarters, Place de la Concorde, Paris, France, 20 June 2013.


Grosjean: Ile de Notre Dame is my favourite circuit on the Xbox.
Hamilton: This team is just going to continue to improve.
Frank Williams: As long as Formula 1 exists we will be there.
Hamilton: I can’t say anything bad about McLaren.
McLaren: We’re fully behind Checo as long as he keeps developing.
Raikkonen: Of course it would be nice to break Schumacher’s record.
Alonso: Bad luck will come to Sebastian and in that race we need to maximise it.
Raikkonen: I don’t feel any different now, Perez f*cked up our race.
Brawn: It was a private test, It wasn’t a secret test.
Pirelli: Maybe F1 will find another supplier willing to work in the dark.
Massa: I don’t think there is anyone better than me to take my place [at Ferrari].
Schumacher: I am a private F1 television commentator on my couch.
McLaren: Hamilton departure not cause of slump.
Wolff: Nico has proved that he is really fast and it’s surprised Lewis.
Perez: There is nothing that can save us, not rain, not a miracle.
Maldonado: Williams rely too much on me.
Hamilton: Since I won my title I’ve never had a car to compete since then.
Kubica: Without the prospect of racing in F1, a test doesn’t interest me.
Perez: You don’t win races when you’re a second slower than everyone.
Hamilton: My mind was clouded, but now I feel good and am really happy.
Whiting: We will see some amazing machines out there in 2014.
Horner: The sanction for illegal testing doesn’t fit the crime.
Hill: I don’t want to say that Lewis is naive but he has a lot to learn.
Webber: I’ll watch with interest who will succeed me at Red Bull.
Ricciardo: I need to remind everyone that I’m here to be successful.
Lotus: Red Bull is chasing Kimi and we obviously want to keep Kimi.
McLaren: We’re putting a lot of resource on [2014], a lot earlier than usual.
Pirelli: We are taking the [tyre blowouts] situation very seriously.

Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Qualifying, Barcelona, Spain, Saturday 11 May 2013.


Grosjean: You always want to be faster than your team-mate.
Raikkonen: Maybe I did something bad in a former life.
Pirelli: We will run Kevlar belt tyres in Germany and all new tyres from Hungary on.
Di Resta: It’s every boy’s dream as they grow up to get in a Ferrari.
Raikkonen: Lauda likes to talk a lot and that doesn’t concern me.
Red Bull: Impossible to tell how [the new] tyres will affect our car.
Peter Sauber: The [financial] situation is uncomfortable and embarrassing.
Raikkonen: I don’t know what will happen in the future, when I know I will tell you.
Montezemolo: I have faith, but now it’s time for fewer words and more achievements.
Alonso: If I said I didn’t want Newey on the team, I’d be lying.
Ferrari: Felipe is fully aware that he can count on our total confidence in him.
Bianchi: Ferrari dream will always be there and there’s no point talking about it.
Alonso: Sebastian is ahead because he does the best job.
Vettel: In the end it doesn’t matter who my teammate will be.
Horner: We’re very keen to have a look at Daniel [Ricciardo] as a prospect for next year.
Calado: Getting to drive an F1 car was a lifetime ambition.
Magnussen: I feel ready for Formula 1.
Felix da Costa: I don’t hide it, my goal is to be in F1 next season.
Vettel: There is not that much difference with the tyres.
Massa: It seems to me these tyres work better.
Neale: We made some mistakes, we’ve got to get over it and move on.
Mallya: We have a big fight to beat McLaren in the remaining races.
Alonso: Gap to Vettel is beginning to be a bit too much in terms of points.
Hamilton: I don’t really look at myself as a Championship contender.
Horner: Too early for Vergne but Ricciardo is a very quick racing driver.
Massa: I remember 2008, but actually I don’t remember 2009 at all!
Hamilton: I haven’t been writing love songs to win anyone back.
Button: We still can win a race – it’s not going to be a completely bad year.
Brawn: Paddy works for me, but at some point in the future it will change.
Vettel: Like they say, don’t talk about it. Just do it!
Vettel: If you look at the gap to Nico I think [that] Lewis did an exceptional job.
Sutil: The new tyres are for the top teams, no matter what they say.
Boullier: Grosjean has the strengths of any Champion and has a future in F1.
Perez: Jenson is the benchmark for judging my work.
Hamilton: [Hungary] is one of the most important grand prix wins of my career.
Ferrari: We need to stay calm and not give up.
Alonso: I want the car the others have.

Formula One World Championship, Rd12, Italian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Monza, Italy, Saturday 7 September 2013.


Schumacher: I’m happy for Mercedes, it’s a surprise where they are now.
Ferrari: Raikkonen reports are media fantasy.
Vergne: I was a upset that it was Ricciardo.
Lauda: Hamilton’s drive in Hungary was the best I’ve ever seen in my life.
Gutierrez: The important thing is what I do in the second half of the season.
Renault: By mid-season the 2014 turbo cars will be faster than this year’s cars.
Petrov: We are working together with Sochi to find an F1 seat for next year.
Montezemolo: Alonso is a great, but drivers come and go while Ferrari remains.
Maldonado: It’s impossible for us to be worse than we have been this year.
Webber: My dad always says you shouldn’t hit boys.
Bianchi: Maybe I will be asked to join Ferrari this winter. Of course, I will not say no!
Tilke: Sochi track will be ready for Russian Grand Prix.
Brawn: I have never discussed the possibility of a return to Ferrari.
Vergne: I thrashed Ricciardo in the races where I had no problems.
Lopez: Salaries have always been paid on time and there’s never been a hint of a strike.
Piero Ferrari: My father would have liked the Ferrari of today.
Tost: Da Costa likely to replace Ricciardo at Toro Rosso.
Juncadella: Good chance in a few years I can become the main driver for Williams.
Perez: I am motivated to attack in the next nine races, but it will be very difficult.
Williams: Pat Symonds is coming and I think he will have an immediate impact.
Tost: We are preparing Ricciardo in the best way possible for Red Bull.
Hamilton: I feel just so invigorated and it’s so refreshing to be somewhere new.
Raikkonen: For me Spa is the greatest racing circuit in the world.
Brawn: Everyone recognises now that Nico was better than everyone thought.
Boullier: Our aim is second place in the [2013] Championship.
Symonds: My primary aim is to bring success back to Williams.
Hulkenberg: I do feel ready for Ferrari.
Massa: All the gossip goes in one ear and goes out the other.
Alonso: Wrong information went to Ferrari president Montezemolo.
Ricciardo: I still haven’t gotten the phone call, it so it’s still a bit up for grabs.
Hamilton: One race win people get excited, one bad race and negative things are said.
Kovalainen: If it’s about money again, then my F1 return is not in my hands.
Raikkonen: Lotus knows that there are issues and until those are solved there is no point talking.
Red Bull: Great to get a victory to start the second half of the season.
Vettel: We had massive pace and could control the [Belgian] race until the end.
Boullier: I am confident that Kimi will stay, he loves this team.
Lauda: Alonso should tread carefully when dealing with sensitive Italians.
Vettel: It’s not my decision, but it would make sense to sign Ricciardo.
Alonso: We need to win three or four races and have someone run over him [Vettel] at the start
Lotus: We are well positioned but we need a sponsor who pays really well
Whitmarsh: Last year we had talks with Kimi, I’m a big fan and completely open
Vettel: Hamilton and Rosberg are the ideal driver pairing this year
Lauda: Vettel will win 2013 title with races to spare.
Schumacher: Vettel has already won three titles, so why couldn’t he win seven?
Ricciardo: Even if I go on a massive diet my hip bones aren’t going to change.

F1 Grand Prix of Italy - Practice


Mosley: F1 has a big problem because Todt was never a friend of cost limits.
Marko: Continuity is important thus Ricciardo’s deal is for at least three years.
Tost: We at Toro Rosso have given Ricciardo a good racing education.
Lopez: Genii will stay in Formula 1 as long as we are interested.
Button: I want to be at McLaren in 2015, that is an important year.
Vettel: Number 1 or Number 2 drivers is pretty outdated in Formula 1 today.
Mallya: It sends a very wrong signal to the team to take pay drivers.
Ricciardo: Relief now that there’s no more speculation [about Red Bull drive] and no more dodging questions.
Perez: It will be huge for Formula 1 as a sport to go to Mexico.
Alonso: I still have three and a half more years with Ferrari which I intend to respect.
Hamilton: If I’m up there [on Monza podium] and I’m being booed that means I’ve won.
Vergne: I’m going to learn a lot as the number one Toro Rosso driver.
Sirotkin: F1 was my dream and when I was a child Schumacher was my idol.
Alonso to his Ferrari crew: You’re really idiots. Mamma mia guys. Massa is too far away!
Ferrari: In a great family you win and lose together.
Hamilton: I drove like an idiot [at Monza], the worst I’ve driven for a long, long time, I’m sorry.
Alonso: Zero tension at Ferrari and we fight for the Championship.
Vettel: The more booing we get the better we have done, it’s normal.
Montezemolo: I’m trying to convince a driver to come back, I’m speaking to Schumacher.
Massa: From 2014 I will no longer be driving for Ferrari.
Domenicali: I thank Felipe for the extraordinary job he has done for the team.
Alonso: I want to thank Felipe for all the support he has given me.
Domenicali: I am pleased to welcome Kimi back to the Scuderia.
Raikkonen: I am really happy to be returning to Ferrari.
Boullier: This is a disappointment, Kimi has been brilliant since he joined us.
Domenicali: The combination of Fernando and Kimi is the best one could have.
Schumacher: Ferrari with Fernando and Kimi will be explosive but exciting to watch.
Webber: Vettel will be Ferrari’s next signing.
Raikkonen: Hopefully in Singapore I won’t be asked where I’m driving next year.
Massa: Schumacher was very, very good but maybe Alonso is even more perfect.
Vettel: Webber and I pushed each other very hard and I will miss that.
Montezemolo: Fernando was always in the picture regarding choice of Raikkonen.
Massa: I know both Fernando and Kimi but I’m afraid that they will collide at Ferrari.
Vettel: Red Bull has got better and better, less mistakes and more confidence.
Webber: In the last few years in F1 my desire and passion started to wane.
Da Costa: This year I have not yet done enough to get the Toro Rosso seat.
Button: It’s going to be interesting especially if Kimi is as quick as Fernando.
Raikkonen: I left Lotus because of the money, I haven’t got my salary.
Alonso: When asked my opinion I said Kimi was the best out there in the market.
Vettel: There are people who are tired of Red Bull winning but we are not.
Domenicali: Changing a driver is not like changing the front wing of a race car.
Massa: I won’t pay to drive in F1 but I can help a team attract sponsors.
Alonso: I’m not interested in McLaren, I love Ferrari and will stay here until the end.
Lopez: I am very confused about the timing and content of statements by Kimi.
Boullier: Truth is yes we owe Kimi money, but he is going to be paid.
Lauda: Vettel’s boo-brigade doesn’t understand what this sport is about.
Ecclestone: Two or three teams have financial strife.
Raikkonen: I am not sure [if] I will race in Korea, we have to see.
Wolff: In three years I want to already have the Formula 1 title in the bag.
Minardi: It’s not my intention to devalue Vettel, I just want to tell what I saw.
Ferrari: Hulkenberg was one of the candidates that we thought hard about.

Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Race Day, Sunday 27 October 2013.


Hembery: We are expecting a journey into the unknown with the new 2014 cars.
Valsecchi: I am ready to replace Raikkonen in Korea.
Marko: Vettel cheat claims are utter nonsense.
Newey: Sebastian is well on the way to establishing himself as an all-time greats.
Whiting: Vettel’s car complies with the regulations, there are no irregularities.
Horner: Any suggestion of traction control is mischievous and complete rubbish.
Hamilton: When I had traction control I could put the pedal down as quickly as Vettel.
Vettel: Everybody has the right to his own opinion, we take it with a sense of humour.
Hamilton: I weigh 71 kg and I am not going to be 65 kg unless I cut my nuts off!
Lauda: Hamilton-Rosberg a better line-up than Alonso-Raikkonen.
Grosjean: It’s good to be back on the podium, good to score a lot of points.
Raikkonen: I would rather start in the front and finish in front, life would be easier.
Hamilton: Me and Fernando are of a higher calibre, we should be battling at the front.
Horner: Vettel has got to be right up there with F1’s greatest drivers.
Perez: One day something will happen with the tyres so we will regret it.
Boullier: I think Grosjean can be even better next year.
Hamilton: Vettel has already won the Championship and I feel for the fans.
Vettel: No interest in sharing on Twitter or Facebook everything I do in my life.
Hamilton: Sebastian is great Champion! A great human being who is funny and humble.
Alonso: I am a fan of Samurai culture and that is one of the things that inspires me.
Brawn: I am still talking to Niki about my role in the team.
Wolff: Reports of Brawn’s departure from Mercedes are surprising.
Renault: It would be foolish for Red Bull to try to do something illegal.
Vettel: Lewis is one of the best drivers currently in Formula 1.
Alonso: We will see how good Vettel really is later in his career.
Hamilton: Brawn exit won’t derail Mercedes goals.
Domenicali: Sebastian often reminds me of the good old times with Michael.
Horner: It’s unimaginable that Vettel has had the run of success that he’s had.
Boullier: Hulkenberg is our choice, we would love to sign him.
Domenicali: The problem at Ferrari is not Domenicali, I’m the first at work and the last to leave.
Domenicali: Ferrari and Fernando have to stick together, it is a challenge we have.
Vettel: First time I drove a Formula 1 car I sh*t myself the first couple of laps.
Gutierrez: F1 has created tensions not only for me but also my family in Mexico.
Marko: We want to risk and move a GP3 driver up to F1 – no risk, no fun!
Kvyat: To come into F1 with Toro Rosso, all that matters is performance and results.
Ferrari: Kubica comeback to Formula 1 will not happen.
Marko: We got rid of our weaknesses and what our rivals lack is consistency.
Domenicali: When Alonso crossed the line I reprimanded him in private.
Ecclestone: We don’t know how many titles Senna would have won, but Vettel is probably the best.
Massa: I am talking with many teams including Williams but I do not pay to drive.
Vettel: My weakness is that I am very stubborn and sometimes too stubborn.
Alonso: I’m doing the best races of my life so when I go to bed, I’m extremely proud.
Alonso: I remain confident in this team and there is no controversy.
Pirelli: There has to be more testing or we can’t do the tyres for 2014.
Newey: Lots of other things I would like to be involved in, maybe the America’s Cup, who knows?
Hamilton: If Fernando had been in that car…he would be far beyond where Vettel is.
Vettel: I’m old fashioned and I don’t like Formula-E at all, I think it’s not the future.
Newey: It was a career risk to leave McLaren and join an upstart team sponsored by a fizzy drink company.
Mateschitz: Like Muhammad Ali, Alonso’s media statements are very deliberate.
Horner: Sebastian has grown, it’s been his best ever year and he’s raised the bar.
Newey: Going back to the 2012 Pirelli tyres clearly helped us.
Marko: Webber versus Vettel feud started at Fuji back in 2007.
Lauda: I am trying everything I can to encourage and motivate Ross to stay.
Horner: Remaining races are like three FA Cup finals and we want to win every race.
Robertson: Kimi will always fight on track even with his teammate.
Newey: Conspiracy theories are nonsense, Vettel and Webber cars are identical.
Maldonado: I decide who I drive for in 2014, I cannot guarantee that I will stay with Williams.
Massa: It’s very important for Brazil to have a driver, a successful driver in Formula 1.
Red Bull: The India donuts were good for the sport and the penalty was a shame.

Formula One World Championship, Rd19, Brazilian Grand Prix, Preparations, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday 21 November 2013.


Hamilton: Mercedes has strength in depth and can win without Brawn.
Alonso: Every weekend I repeat the same thing, my relationship with the team is perfect.
Sutil: I know where I’ll be in 2014, but I can’t talk about it right now.
Raikkonen: I nearly didn’t come to Abu Dhabi because I’ve been paid zero euro the whole year.
Vettel: I am not going out there for statistics, believe me I love racing.
Alonso: Saturdays are good for the show and for talking, but points are [won] on Sundays.
Webber: I challenged for a few victories this year but wasn’t strong enough when it counted.
Vettel: I don’t know if there’s a secret. I’ve got traction control – that’s what they said.
Newey: Years ago I had the opportunity to go to Ferrari.
Quantum: Kimi will run the last two races and fulfil his obligations to us and us to him.
Horner: Sebastian stepped up another gear and what he’s done is mind blowing.
Ricciardo: Pressure is on Vettel, I’m just a young driver so no one expects me to beat him.
Alonso: My back is in pain because it was a big hit [during Abu Dhabi GP] but I still have all my teeth.
Webber: I had to find a balance, something that stimulates and I found it with Porsche.
Pirelli: Alonso wasn’t able to win for a number of reasons and not because of tyres.
Vettel: If Newey goes boating, he will come back with a huge sunburn, which is not right.
Ecclestone: What I paid him [Gribkowsky] was a very small amount, what I call an insurance policy.
Newey: Tyre situation in 2013 was about luck.
Rosberg: Next year is a great opportunity where everybody starts from scratch.
Massa: Schumacher was as quick, but in terms of intelligence, Alonso is better.
Vettel: It’s a pleasure to come here to the Red Bull F1 factory and say thank you.
Ecclestone: I don’t care who the shareholders are and who is on whatever boards, I run the business.
Button: Formula 1 will continue to deliver great racing in the new turbo era.
Raikkonen: I liked NASCAR a lot, it was a tempting idea before I decided to return to F1.
Webber: Hamilton also struggling in Pirelli era.
Massa: I definitely see myself coming to Williams as a leader for the team.
Bottas: I know I will be a better driver next year than I was this year.
Todt: Massa’s experience and talent key to Williams deal.
Whitmarsh: Lots of people are being considered and we’re still talking to Perez.
Lopez: Raikkonen’s operation comes at a very unfortunate time for Lotus.
Perez: McLaren lacked organisation and a little bit of humility to face reality.
Rosberg: If we talk about pure speed, Lewis and I are about equal.
Maldonado: I think I delivered more for Williams than they did for me.
McLaren: We’re delighted that Kevin [Magnussen] will be joining Jenson for 2014.
Perez: I had no idea I was going to be replaced, it came as a shock to me.
Massa: I will miss being part of the Ferrari family and the pasta!
Button: Massive risk for Magnussen to be put in the deep end with a team like McLaren.
Hulkenberg: I often spoke to Whitmarsh but it’s hard to know why there’s so little interest.
Valsecchi: It’s a huge blow to lose out to Kovalainen who is not a great Champion.
Kvyat: Without risk life isn’t interesting, I’m as ready as possible for a rookie to be.
Whitmarsh: Perez is an exciting driver and I am trying to help him get a drive.
Perez: I am going through a tough time, I don’t know where I am going to end up.
Kovalainen: I’ve done everything to step into Kimi’s shoes, I’ve even worn his underwear.
Maldonado: I think in my car somebody is playing with the pressure and the temperatures.
Lopez: Money has little to do with it, Raikkonen will get his money.
Renault: Newey’s genius will still be a factor in new turbo era.
Marko: Vettel alone is better than Rosberg and Hamilton together.
Vettel: Eight in a row…it’s one of those records you never expect to be beaten.
CVC: If proven that Ecclestone has done anything criminal, we would fire him.
Sutil: I don’t see a big point in talking to Maldonado, he’s on a different planet.
Maldonado: I accumulate energy and explode, but it’s not that I am crazy.
Rosberg: What Sebastian’s car can do in the corners is madness.
Schumacher: Sebastian is able to achieve seven titles, he is still so young and hungry.
Grosjean: Psychological treatment makes me a better person in my everyday life.
Brawn: Red Bull will be weakened by latest F1 moves.
Brawn: Hamilton’s bad tempered radio calls no problem.
Montezemolo: Alonso gets a good 8 out of 10 for this season.
Webber: When I step out of the car for the last time I will be fine with it.
Massa: It is logical to help with sponsors, but a pay driver is like a prostitute.
Button: Checo did a great job this year, he’s intelligent and is a complete package.
Mackenzie: CVC deal with F1 has been extremely difficult with constant crisis and firefighting.
Di Resta: I don’t know what will happen next year, I’ve got to wait and see.
Massa: My toughest moments at Ferrari were the accident and Hockenheim 2010.
Ecclestone: Horner would be ideal to succeed me, someone who knows the sport.
Briatore: US GP showed that Lotus made very bad choice with Kovalainen.
Alonso: I do not give myself a rating, I did my job and hope it is valued as much as possible.
Perez: My future is looking better than it was looking a couple of days ago.
Vettel: We didn’t have the best relationship but I’ve learned a lot from Webber.
Alonso: It’s not been a good enough season, we need to do things better next year.
Horner: Kvyat is very talented, has great car control, is massively brave and has a bright future.
Lotus: We have very serious proof of funds and good compliance of what is Quantum Motorsport.
Domenicali: I have such a respect for Ross Brawn as a professional and a friend, let’s wait and see.
Whitmarsh: Perez was dropped for Magnussen because a rival team boss reneged on a deal.
Massa: It will not be easy for Raikkonen to be the teammate of Alonso.

FIA Gala Awards, Paris, France, 6 December 2013.


Sutil: We had every problem you can have, understeer, oversteer, the [Force India] car was a carrot.
Lauda: Brawn wants time to go fishing, but I would not be surprised if he came back to F1.
Newey: 2014 car is cousin to Red Bull RB9 and shares similar traits.
Grosjean: I have not yet been informed if Lotus financial problems are over.
Lauda: I told Hamilton that if he made Mercedes win he’d be a bigger legend than anybody.
Ecclestone: Alonso gave up a little which is proof he was looking for another team.
Mallya: Having Nico in our line-up is a real statement of intent by Force India.
Bottas: I look forward to working with Felipe, but I want to beat him.
Hamilton: Winning is the only thing that counts.
Di Resta: Anthony Hamilton was not professional and he wholly failed to deliver.
Horner: We won the title early, enabling us to focus on the RB10 while our rivals battled.
Magnussen: It’s a good year to enter F1, I have a lot to learn, but so will everyone else.
Hamilton: When Ron Dennis told me I’d be much slower than Fernando, I thought – he’s wrong.
Anthony Hamilton: I never asked Lewis for a penny, thanks was all I needed for 18 years of graft.
Lotus: With proper support and team around him, we can do something nice with Pastor.
Vettel: I’ve experienced incredible times with the team over the last few years.
Alonso: I hate losing! The aim is to fight to win right to the end.
Alonso: I hope drivers become more important and engineers have less control.
Vettel: Double points is absurd and punishes those who worked hard for a whole season.
Di Resta: I recorded [Anthony] Hamilton because I was trying to find out what was going on.
Vettel: You have to work very hard to win races, this does not come out of the blue.
Brawn: I want to clear my mind, take a rest and then decide if I want to return to F1.
Massa: Fernando, we will meet again on track, this time I will try not to let you through.
Alonso: It’s never easy coming second, we must look ahead, Forza Ferrari!
Montezemolo: Fernando deserves to have a car which can win a World Championship.
Perez: We will work well together but my target is to beat Nico.
Webber: Lewis is handy but not quite as much as Fernando and Sebastian.
Allison: Everything is in place to open up a new Ferrari era.
Alonso: Raikkonen speaks very little and is more isolated, we will miss Massa.
Grosjean: I think I have proven that I am one of the best drivers in F1.
Mallya: Sergio and Nico are drivers with fire in their bellies, they are really hungry.
Vergne: It was a disappointment I had to go through not to go to Red Bull.
Pirelli: Safety of tyres which will be supplied for 2014 is not in question.
Pic: For me it would be logical to stay at Caterham but nothing is sure in F1.
Allison: To build the engine and chassis together is a nice advantage for Ferrari.
Ricciardo: I’m prepared for a big challenge, but not prepared for Vettel to kick my ass.
Montezemolo: After Bernie it’s necessary for different governance of the sport.
Alonso: Raikkonen is a driver who has a rare talent and from whom I can learn a lot.
Vergne: Alonso versus Raikkonen is a Ferrari time bomb.
Montezemolo: Allison is best technical boss since Brawn.
Button: Lewis is the worst possible teammate to have because he is so fast.
Jean-Francois Payen: For the moment we cannot say what Michael Schumacher’s future is.
Jean-Francois Payen: We can say that his condition is life-threatening.

Subbed by AJN.
(Compiled by Apex)

  • Felix Rae

    Here are my highlights of the year…

    Curse of the year,
    Jan – Wolff: I hope Ross is going to stay as long as possible
    Sep – Lauda: I am trying everything I can to encourage and motivate Ross to stay
    Oct – Wolff: Reports of Brawn’s departure from Mercedes are surprising

    Make your mind up, McLaren,
    Jan – Button: This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made
    Feb – Button: The MP4-28 is very good and we will be strong in Melbourne
    Feb – McLaren: Our car appears normal, we’ve had no major issues
    Mar – McLaren: We are struggling a bit to be honest
    Mar – McLaren: All our energy is going into the current car and understanding it
    May – Whitmarsh: I want to go to every Grand Prix thinking that we can win
    May – Whitmarsh: Frankly the car is not fast enough

    Apr – Whitmarsh: Perez needs to toughen up he’s been very polite so far this year
    Apr – Button: Perez has to calm down or soon something serious will happen

    May – Ricciardo: Vettel is pretty nice for a German

    Spat my coffee out,
    Oct – Hamilton: I weigh 71 kg and I am not going to be 65 kg unless I cut my nuts off!

    That escalated quickly,
    Feb – Maldonado: I will try to be away from the troubles
    May – Maldonado: Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, this is racing
    Jun – Maldonado: Williams rely too much on me
    Aug – Maldonado: It’s impossible for us to be worse than we have been this year
    Nov – Maldonado: I think I delivered more for Williams than they did for me
    Nov – Maldonado: I accumulate energy and explode, but it’s not that I am crazy
    Nov – Maldonado: I think in my car somebody is playing with the pressure and the temperatures

    Pot, Kettle,
    Nov – Sutil: I don’t see a big point in talking to Maldonado, he’s on a different planet

    Since you put it that way,
    Oct – Newey: It was a career risk to leave McLaren and join an upstart team sponsored by a fizzy drink company

    Now looking ahead for 2014,
    Dec – Vergne: Alonso versus Raikkonen is a Ferrari time bomb
    Dec – Ricciardo: I’m prepared for a big challenge, but not prepared for Vettel to kick my ass
    Dec – Vettel: Double points is absurd and punishes those who worked hard for a whole season
    Sep – Button: It’s going to be interesting especially if Kimi is as quick as Fernando
    Sep – Schumacher: Ferrari with Fernando and Kimi will be explosive but exciting to watch (Get well soon Schumi)

    Happy New Year to all at GP247, may 2014 bring us excitement and plenty to talk about.


  • matthew

    I don’t understand all the positive talk about hamilton. I know he’s a hell of a nice guy, but he really was not very good in 13, despite having a competitive car.

  • Donna

    Ha ha ha! Button in January: This year’s car is the best we’ve ever made.

    Some other good ones are:

    Alonso (in February): I share Felipe’s opinion that the F138 is on another planet (might explain why it wasn’t sticking to the track)

    Alonso (in June): Bad luck will come to Sebastian and in that race we need to maximise it (keep keeping your fingers crossed);

    Alonso (in July): Sebastian is ahead because he does the best job (not because of his Newey-designed car?)

    Alonso to his Ferrari crew (in September): You’re really idiots. Mamma mia guys. Massa is too far away! (i.e. tell him he’s slower than me!)

    Alonso (also in September): I want to thank Felipe for all the support he has given me (i.e. thanks for being slower than me, even when you weren’t)

    Alonso (in October): We will see how good Vettel really is later in his career (and so it begins)

    Marko (in November): Vettel alone is better than Rosberg and Hamilton together (literally!)

    Alonso (in December): Raikkonen speaks very little and is more isolated, we will miss Massa (i.e. crap, he won’t agree to be slower than me)

    Thanks for the memories. I’d forgotten quite a few of these quotes.

  • bobw

    Hamilton: I weigh 71 kg and I am not going to be 65 kg unless I cut my nuts off!

    I think he’s giving himself too much credit!

  • Hawk

    “Perez in Feb: McLaren MP4-28 is adapted to suit Jenson’s… SLOW… style.

  • Badman Jose

    Hamilton: When I had traction control I could put the pedal down as quickly as Vettel.

    Methinks RedBull and Mr. Vettel may just turnout to be
    a repeat of Lance Armstrong on four wheels.