Vergne believes Webber grew tired of Vettel’s constant winning

Mark Webber with Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber with Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber quit Formula 1 because he grew tired of being beaten by Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel, claims Jean-Eric Vergne, who drives for the second-tier Red Bull team, Toro Rosso.

Frenchman Vergne told Spain’s El Confidencial newspaper that he is now over the disappointment of missing out on the departing Webber’s seat at the premier Red Bull Racing team to his 2013 teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Vergne, 23, was asked if he thinks Australian veteran Webber, who is heading to Le Mans with Porsche, quit Formula 1 because he got “tired” of spraying champagne on Formula 1 podiums.

“I don’t think he got tired of that,” Vergne answered. “He got tired of his teammate winning all the time. And another year of the same made no sense to him.

“He would not even be happy if his team continued to win everything – you have the same car but you’re beaten every weekend by your teammate. You would get tired of that,” he added, “even when you are on the podium.

“I think Mark is a very good driver and a true competitor,” Vergne explained, “but things were not going as he wanted. If your teammate is always beating you…the goal is to win, not [just to] finish on the podium.”

Vergne was also asked about Formula 1’s sweeping changes for 2014, and he admitted that the move to the new turbo V6 engine will be “the main issue” for the season.

But he added: “There are many other changes. The [blown] exhausts will be gone, the tyres will be harder. Traction will be extremely difficult and sometimes it will seem like children learning how to drive!”

And Vergne tipped Pirelli to recover from its tumultuous season, despite the fact Nico Rosberg suffered a high-speed blowout whilst testing a 2014 prototype in Bahrain recently.

“I think they will do a good job. First of all the tyres must be safe,” said Vergne. “They will be more conservative.” (GMM)

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  • O’Ferrari

    Probably true.

    I really dislike vettel, but if u give him clear air and the fastest car he will never squander it. Senna, hamilton, lauda, patrese all used to throw away wins in the same situation.

    Vettel never throws away an easy win. Webber must’ve been completely demoralized…

  • LotusFan

    JEV is doing a lot of talking these days. For a guy in the 2nd tier RB team as this article put it, who has done very little of note, to be commenting about Alonso, Kimi, Webber seems a bit too much.

  • jev

    JEV is joining the ranks of Valsecchi and Di Resta, both constant whiners

  • StevetheGreat

    Put any other TOP driver in Vettel’s car and Webber would still lose. Dude had over a decade to prove himself and he couldn’t do it. Aside from that fluke at Minardi, of course.

    It’s hard to believe Australia is such a huge Red Bull market that they’d put another 2nd rate Aussie in the car. Especially with Alonso and Hamilton begging for it.

  • Rev.

    Esp with alonso and hammy begging for it?
    Get a life, u r a madman.

  • Boycotthebull

    JEV is really the king whiner of F1. For months he spoke to every reporter he could to try claim how he deserved Webbers Redbull seat over his teammate. Now he will speak on any topic he can just to mention that same issue somewhere in the interview all over again. His doesnt deserve to keep his TR seat let alone get one up front. one of the most inflated egos on the grid

    I see the Anti Australian lounge chair critics are out in force again. Stevethenotsogreat you and Bob Wheeler should start a hate club or are you one and the same person? With a consistently unreliable car Webber still got third in the championship, show some respect.

  • bobw

    Boycotthebull – Webber finished where he put himself. He never earned a WDC or stood out as anything but a professional number 2. Do I hate Aussies or Webber? No. Do I think Webber wasn’t a saint? yup! Do I think you have issues? Yup again!

  • Red Bull Cheats

    And if Webber had a few more points in 2010 he’d be a WDC. Plus Ferrari wanted him. So yeah achieved nothing.

    It’s been true for a long time that RBR favored Vettel, and that is why Webber got out. He wanted a level playing field.

  • Badman Jose

    I don’t believe Webber doing the 2013 season was ever provided
    a car equal to Vettel’s. A competitive car yes, but never equal to
    the #1 Red Bull. Ones first competitor as a driver is your teammate. Webber was not quick enough because his ‘Car’ was
    no match for #1 RB. The car difference was amazing to watch. RB #2 was never in the hunt…
    I stand by my earlier rant. I smell Dog Biscuits some type of
    nefarious chicanery was in the works. Vettel’s car was just to
    quick to be legal. Vettel is the WDC for 2013. I see no reason
    say yes for now. I wonder how Mark Webber would answer
    that question.

    Old Jose

  • Urko

    Lots of words from JEV lately….Instead he should be worried that Kvyat won’t become “his Vettel”

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    LOL so many experts around here…

    first, Hamilton in 2012 went to RBR first, then Ferrari, and then Merc… that’s common knowledge. Alosno went knocking this past August so Steve is correct about that. As for Red Bull keeping an Aussie in the car for sales, well that’s beyond me.

    As for Webber, well he and Alonso coincidently have the exact same amount of race starts… anyone care to wager on which driver has more than 9 wins in his career? LOLOLOLOLOL. Webber’s sacking was long overdue and I thought it was greatly respectful how RBR handled it. Much better than Ferrari’s dismissal of Schumacher or Kimi. Speaking of Kimi, I would greatly preferred seeing him join Vettel!!! Though I expect more fireworks from being paired with Alonso.

    Also, JEV imo should have gotten the seat if someone from Toro had to get it. Once you take away their mechanical failures JEV has way more points and no matter how you look at it, JEV gave Toro their best finish since Vettel was in the team.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Webber got barricheloed bad. That wanker christian horner saying the rest of the field tried to catch up with them when they were actually working on the 2014 car while adrian newey confirmed they are 6 months behind schedule on the 2014 car. Yeah. Christian Horner is all talk as well. And blaming pirelli at the end of the season for switching tyre strictures when they were the biggest whiners about the tyres in the first place. Pirelli tyre change was a reason why red bull became dominant after the summer break. Christian horner and JEV are tied on biggest whiners of F1. One as a driver and the other as a team boss. I afraid f1 will become the feeder series for WEC and mark is the first graduate.

  • Snowman

    Ricciardo got the seat because he is a far superior qualifier than JEV. That car is designed to win from the front – it’s good in corners but slow on straights, which makes it harder to overtake with that car when you’re in traffic, especially when the other guys are using their own kers and drs.

    The higher that car is on the grid, the higher it will finisher. If JEV starts every race outside the top 10 like he has been doing the last 2 years then he will never get a podium in the red bull.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I don’t understand why it’s so hard for Webber to understand he was never really part of the program. He should consider himself lucky those yearly contracts kept getting renewed. At anytime in the last few seasons he could have been driving somewheres else or out of F1 all together. Sebastian Buemi might have a Sunday ride right now. (lol) I’m sure Mark was paid rather well for being a second fiddle just like Barrichello. It was never intended for him to win anything except in the support role when it came to the constructors. In any other sport or business this would be so obvious to the point it wouldn’t even be discussed.

    If Red Bull wanted true competition within the team Kimi would be have been the replacement.

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Put any other TOP driver in Vettel’s car and Webber would still lose.”

    That’s pure speculation on your part. Or one part speculation and one part wishful thinking.

  • O’Ferrari


    agree 100%

  • MightyK

    You talk like you’re on the board for Red Bull Racing. The premise was one competitor’s opinion on Webber’s departure, and you’re talking down to us from the Ivory Tower. Save it !

  • Tamburello_1994


    Attack the messenger, Not the message. That’s fine.

    If you wan’t to debate anything I previously said I’m game for that. I believe what I said is relevant and I stand by it. But please, Spare me the ad hominen attack. I’ve got nothing against you, And I have a right to express my opinion just like everyone else.
    Using you and O’Ferrari as an barometer, It’s totally clear – You win some, You lose some – You’re not gonna please all of the people all of the time.

    In any case, Happy New Year.

  • Jules

    Why is s 3rd tier driver giving his opinion about better drivers than himself? HE should shut up and focus on getting himself a good drive. Maybe he should switch careers to be a commentator.

  • farizY


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, just like you and I. And JEV for that matter.