Salo defends Pirelli in aftermath of Rosberg blowout

Mika Salo

Mika Salo

Ex Formula 1 driver Mika Salo has come out in defence of the sport’s official tyre supplier Pirelli, after the latest round of negativity surrounding the company’s F1 tyres.

After its tumultuous 2013 season, including a barrage of criticism and questions about the quality of its tyres, Mercedes‘ Nico Rosberg suffered a high-speed blowout during testing of a 2014 prototype tyre recently in Bahrain.

The news triggered another round of speculation about Pirelli’s place in Formula 1, moving the Milan company to officially declare that the “safety of its tyres for 2014 is not in question”.

Former Ferrari and Sauber driver Salo said that the latest criticism was not justified.

“The drivers were testing prototype tyres,” he told the Finnish broadcaster MTV3. “They knew what they were doing.

“It’s right that they fall apart in the testing rather than in the grands prix,” added Salo. (GMM)

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  • MightyK

    This guy likes to hear himself talk. I don’t imagine Pirelli were to be accepting of blowouts. We have all seen that movie.

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    mika gets free pirellis… just like the guy who killed paul walker.