Mercedes is in F1 to show they can build the best engine

Dieter Zetsche with Niki Lauda

Dieter Zetsche with Niki Lauda

Mercedes has ruled out cooperating with Renault in the development of its all-new turbo V6 engines for Formula 1, and have warned that a ‘common engine’ for F1 would signal their departure as they are in the sport to prove that they can build the best engine.

On the road-car side, however, Mercedes and Renault-Nissan do cooperate, and it is expected the alliance will only be expanded further in the months to come.

Henry Foy, a correspondent for the Financial Times, said that the cooperation comes as “all global carmakers explore partnerships and joint ventures to reduce costs and grow in new markets”.

“The moves are designed to cope with the worst European car market in two decades and unprecedented pressure to innovate into new areas, such as more fuel-efficient cars,” he added.

But Dieter Zetsche, the chairman of Mercedes and its parent Daimler, said the alliance with Renault does not mean the two Formula 1 engine suppliers will work together in developing their engines for Grand Prix racing.

“No,” he insisted during an interview with Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport. “While we do cooperate, we do not do any common advertising campaigns. And part of our marketing is motor sport.

“We have also said that if the ‘common engine’ was introduced in Formula 1, that would be our signal to leave,” explained Zetsche.

“Engines are a core competency for us and we want to show that we can build the best one,” he added. (GMM)

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  • matthew

    Does that mean that when honda, the best engine manufacturer in existence comes in 15, mercedes will leave?

  • haha

    Best engine was and still is the Ferrari by a long mile, it has the nicest sound and the most power even the reliabilty has improved by lenghts since 2009.

  • gilgen

    Yes. The Merc engine will be a bomb. In fact, it already is. There have been quite a number of blow-ups already.

  • practical

    yeah , yeah , yeah ; can be the best engine , but ….. the trophies are going to RENAULT !

  • Ok

    Were they doing that when doing the illegal tyre test, cheating through lawyer-talk?

  • kimster

    Lol….and have they been doing it for the past 3-4 years….this is a cheater team(illegal pirelli test) and will always be…ferrari has had the best engine in recent years but redbull has won wcc due to newey’s brilliance not because of that shit from renault…

  • Mclaren_Mircea

    Mercedes engine is the strongest engine. And next year’s Mercedes engine is rumoured to be very strong. Ferrari is nowhere. Oh… excuse it’s very reliable but it’s not as strong as the Mercedes and not so adaptivee as the Renault.

  • Eevel

    How is Ferrari’s engine the best????
    The truth is we don’t really know which of the outgoing V8’s were the best. They are all very similar performance wise and certainly none are rubbish!
    The Merc V8 was supposed to have slightly more power while the Renault was apparently more efficient and thus better for exhaust blowing while the Ferrari was said to be somewhere in between.
    All three engines were capable of and did win races.
    The outgoing formula was dominated by aerodynamics and as a result the small performance differences between the different manufacturers engines didn’t count for nearly as much as a well designed chasis – especially if that chasis was designed by Adrian Newey.

  • Taskmaster

    I don’t see any difference in the engines between the Renault, Ferrari and Merc at all. They all do the job, and with the turbo mess, will likely continue to. The real challenge will not be the engines in 2014, it will be the ERS system. F1 is no longer about engines and car design, its a hybrid series where 23% of the total power will come directly from electric motors, and another +/- 20% from using a motor to spin the turbo to aide boost at low engine speeds. Everyone knows how to make a mechanical V6 engine with boost make power, and survive. Nobody yet knows if they can make the ERS system do the same. Last time this was attempted with KERS, it was 3 years before everyone was up to speed. They don’t have that luxury this time – without ERS, there is no qualifying for the race, let alone surviving the race, should it crap out. The tire lottery of 2013 is nothing compared to the wildcard mess this new power package will bring to the table.