McLaren could test new 2014 car with orange livery

Pedro de la Rosa in an orange liveried McLaren during testing in 2006

Pedro de la Rosa in an orange liveried McLaren during testing, 2006

McLaren could launch its 2014 car with their traditional orange livery, according to an Italian media report.

Omnicorse claims that the famous British team will publicly reveal its new car, the MP4-29, on 25 January.

The news is not yet official, but McLaren has reportedly informed its rival teams of its plans, in order to avoid a potential clash of dates in the days leading into official testing.

With title sponsor Vodafone now departing, and McLaren having not yet announced a replacement, the report said that the Woking based team is considering launching its last Mercedes-powered car in the orange pale historically associated with the marque. (GMM)

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  • Mclaren_Mircea

    They will not present in Orange, because at the launch will be presented the new title sponsor. It will be the last year in chrome, and it will be change the red of Vodafoone with the blue of Gillete or SAP or the orange oft he GSK (not the entire car, only the red of Vodafone). Don’t believe those italians, they also said that Marcin Budkowski the head of the aero, was removed, but it’s not true, he remains the head of the aero.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Very true. I think it will have to be small parts on the car that will be orange. While keeping chrome for the mercedes engine and the title sponsor colors

  • Ert

    Nothing beats chrome and fluorescent red/orange.

    That livery was epic.

  • matthew

    I can’t help but notice how beautiful that car is compared to 13 season cars

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    We shall see… I love the Mclaren Orange though so it would be nice to see, even if only for testing.

    Soon enough though they’ll have to go back to white and red, so suite Honda’s requirments, I’d suspect.

  • practical

    I can’t wait to read that Jenson B says that the MP4-29 is the best color ever build by McLaren

  • Taskmaster

    With McLaren no longer a works team for Merc, the silver is not required any more than it is on the Force India. Honda could be represented with a white dorsal similar to the Marlboro dorsal on the Ferrari, as it was back in the day. Gillette does not actually have a corporate base color, other than it uses black frequently, so there is no reason to believe a graphic of yellow, black and white could not be created to make everyone happy. That said, the solid yellow is more of a CanAm scheme never used on an F1 car. In F1, the most likely scheme would be returning to the diagonal orange/white/orange or red/white/red livery – if they move away from the chrome, and decided to go after an historic reference.

  • Lakmal Wijerathne

    Coca Cola is the new sponsor. Unofficial news though..

  • EugelLong

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  • ghog

    McLaren’s running in Orange is a great tribute Bruce, please keep it up.

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    @ Lakmal Wijerathne: not too sure about that as they already sponsor Mercedes with Monster at least on the helmets and I think on the coveralls and with that French team calling itself Lotus with their Burn drink on the front wing endplates.

    Gilette was the last major sponsor I heard had interest, but where Coke goes Pepsi follows and Mclaren has been openly courting Santander all year. I supect we’ll see in a couple of weeks who it is. Dare I say “Arrows”? :P

  • v.muir

    practical, i can’t wait to see if it matches his face.