McLaren 50 Years in numbers

Graphic supplied by McLaren

  • Mike Moorhead

    Didn’t David Coulthard win 13 Grand Pirx?

  • Mike Moorhead

    Grand Prix even!

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Why do they never recognize what niki lauda do fir them. Win them 2 championships. Wtf mclaren?

  • Th

    Yeah and they spelled “Chassis” wrong.

    Wtf indeed.

  • David Mcvey

    Coulthard’s other win was for Williams.

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Sorry it was just one championship in ’84. My mistake but McLaren will never show him any gratitude.

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    I still say Bruce Mclaren would vomit if he saw the direction Ron Dennis took in the late 1990s which is still affecting the team to this day.

  • Jon Mille

    “Nit picking” as well probably but McLaren and Tim Mayer raced under the Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd banner during the 1964 Tasman Series that included races at Levin, Teretonga and Wigram, all further south than Melbourne. Even though the car was built in the Cooper factory and sported a Cooper badge, it was designed, built and raced by founding members of the McLaren team and McLaren himself won the series. So, errors of omission, spelling mistakes and errors of fact, a disappointing and amateur effort.

  • Marti

    Bruce Mclaren would be more upset with Whitmarsh`s record
    Ron Dennis were GREAT for Mclaren. Ron`s aim is to become the British Ferrari – He is producing the road car. Whitmarsh has just let the team down by NOT delivering in F1.
    When Honda return and Mclaren are once again a works F1 team will be the time for Whitmarsh to deliver.