Kovalainen facing Christmas with uncertain future

Heikki Kovalainen

Heikki Kovalainen

Heikki Kovalainen will be eating Christmas lunch this year without knowing if he has a Formula 1 seat for 2014.

Throughout this year, the experienced Finn has been considered a favourite to return to the grid next season with Caterham.

But as the 2013 season ended, and 32-year-old Kovalainen struggled while replacing the hurriedly-departed Kimi Raikkonen at Lotus, Caterham looked increasingly likely to field a pair of sponsored drivers, such as Giedo van der Garde and rookie Marcus Ericsson, in 2014.

Kovalainen has travelled from his home in Switzerland to his native Finland for Christmas. He is already planning ahead for 2014.

“I have been maintaining my training programme for Formula 1 as much as possible,” the Finn is quoted by the broadcaster MTV3. “I will have a normal Formula 1 driver’s winter.

“The only difference to previous years is that I do not currently have a contract for next season.

“But this has happened more than once in my career, when I didn’t know what awaited me for the future but eventually I had something.

“The most serious negotiations are with Caterham,” revealed Kovalainen. “But all the different factors need to come together.

“In any case, it should be clarified by the end of January, when the tests begin. But I am not going to end my career,” he insisted. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Caterham should pair Heikki Kovalainen with Giedo van der Garde next season that should move them up again if the POWER UNIT does its job.

  • StevetheGreat

    Lol Kova needs to just go away now or beg for a test driver gig. Too few drivers get a second chance and he wasted his!

  • Ninjamonk

    He should go and have a decent sports car career and prove he’s a great driver. Why stay in F1 in a team at the back of the grid when you have been in a front running team.

  • drift

    It looks like there’s quite a bunch of “fools” out there, according to Lewis Hamilton:

  • drift

    Just search for “fools to overlook Kovalainen” + “Lewis Hamilton” anywhere on the net, and ya know where you’re at!

  • drift

    Plus, you might search for “Race of Champions 2004″ + “kovalainen” and look at all the legends he beat, and you’ll be informed just a little “bit” better…

  • matthew

    @drift who cares what he did in 04? We are talking about what he did in 13. He blew his last chance, his performance for lotus was undebatedly awful. He excited everybody with his qualifying, then immediately got smoked. The man finished 14th in both races in a competitive car! He doesn’t deserve a seat.

  • Badman Jose


    I have to agree..I watched hoping to see some good things from
    him a good car. He flopped.


  • drift

    ok, matthew and jose, let’s see if you will get it, another time: Kovalainen was about to confirm his qualifying, with which he “excited everybody” (O-tone matthew).

    What matthew (and a whole lot of people) are flat-out missing is this simple fact:

    “Heikki Kovalainen’s USGP Race Ruined By Garbage”

    If you will be able to get that in your head, that Kovalainen, under normal circumstances would have repeated his “excellent work” (original quote from the Lotus F1 team radio) during the race


    Get this, and your opinion will be much more relevant and near the truth than anything you have written before on Heikki anywhere, anytime and anyhow…