Ferrari preparing for life with Alonso and Raikkonen in the stable

Face-off 2014: Kimi Raikkonen versus Fernando Alonso

Face-off 2014: Kimi Raikkonen versus Fernando Alonso

It will be Kimi Raikkonen, not the Ferrari incumbent Fernando Alonso, who will get the first on-track experience of the team’s 2014 challenger, as the Maranello outfit begins life with the task of managing the sport’s two biggest and most experienced characters.

Italian media sources including La Gazzetta dello Sport, report that Finn Raikkonen will debut the new red single seater on the first two test days of the test at Jerez, in late January.

Spaniard Alonso, who until now has been regarded as Ferrari’s clear number one driver, will make his debut in the 2014 car later in the same test, completing the four-day session.

Kimi Raikkonen's move from Lotus to Ferrari was big, is and will be big F1 news

Kimi Raikkonen’s move from Lotus to Ferrari was big, is and will be big F1 news

Raikkonen, arriving from Lotus, has recently been recovering from back surgery which meant that he missed the final two races of the 2013 season.

“He is returning to us because we have new technical regulations next year and we need an experienced driver next to Alonso,” Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo is quoted by Welt newspaper.

“I am convinced that Kimi Raikkonen will meet our requirements better than Felipe Massa. Some people are calling it a big risk,” he added, “but I have been here since the early 70s and I know that risk is something you have to live with in Formula 1.”

Luca di Montezemolo with Kimi Raikkonen in 2007

Luca di Montezemolo with Kimi Raikkonen in 2007

Montezemolo is referring to suggestions that, while Alonso / Massa was a harmonious pairing, adding 2007 World Champion Raikkonen to the lineup might only further antagonise the already frustrated Alonso.

Spaniard Alonso, however, has played down claims that he is already stamping his feet about having to take on Raikkonen.

“I’m excited to work with him,” Brazil’s Agencia Estado quotes him, “because he has an extraordinary talent and he is Ferrari’s [previous] Champion. I can learn a lot from him.”

He said it is wrong to say that Ferrari’s new driver lineup will be too explosive.

In 2009 Kimi Raikkonen made way for Fernando Alonso at Ferrari

In 2009 Kimi Raikkonen made way for Fernando Alonso at Ferrari

“I cannot comment,” he is quoted by Spain’s El Pais, “because I don’t know him, I haven’t worked on a team with him or shared more than 10 minutes with him.”

Some days ago, Alonso suggested that Ferrari will miss Massa’s devoted efforts and open personality, which was interpreted by some as an early slight against Raikkonen.

“I’m not at all worried about such things,” Montezemolo is quoted by Finland’s Turun Sanomat. “Kimi will be Kimi, the same driver he has always been. If he spoke a lot, he would not be Kimi.”

“I can see he is very motivated to be with Ferrari again, after he had to pause for a while after his last period with Ferrari,” Montezemolo explained. “That was very important for him, as he came back very hungry for success.”

Kimi Raikkonen with Stefano Domenicali

Kimi Raikkonen with Stefano Domenicali

He insisted that Raikkonen will even be happy to work in Ferrari’s new driver simulator, despite earlier reports which said that the Finn is no fan of the technology.

“We now have a pretty good simulator at our disposal, and I think Raikkonen is happy to work with it,” said Montezemolo.

He stopped short of saying that Alonso remains the number 1, but he did allude to a hierarchy: “I think Fernando is the strongest racing driver in the world. He has a highly motivated new teammate. I look forward to both drivers getting a lot of points, so that we can fight back in the Constructors’ Championship.”

2001 F1 Rookies: Kimi Raikkonen, Juan Pablo Montoya, Fernando Alonso and Enrique Bernoldi

2001 F1 Rookies: Kimi Raikkonen, Juan Pablo Montoya, Fernando Alonso and Enrique Bernoldi

He is not expecting fireworks between the pair of superstars, who he expects will work for the collective good of the team.

“[Team boss Stefano] Domenicali has been very clear with them,” Montezemolo is quoted by France’s

“They have the honour and responsibility to drive for Ferrari. If drivers want to drive for themselves, they can make their own team or they can move somewhere else. But at Ferrari, there are very clear rules,” he insisted. (GMM)

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  • StevetheGreat

    All Ferrari needs to do is get Alonso a big box of tissues and Kimi a coke and ice cream. Kimi is going to do the best the car allows and won’t be worrying what Alonso is doing.

  • stoner


  • Rockie


    “Kimi is going to do the best the car allows and won’t be worrying what Alonso is doing.”

    This is what marks out Raikkonen and Vettel for me as drivers and that’s why I follow both drivers what interest’s them the most is their individual performance not what their respective teammate is doing!

  • Miles Long

    Let the mind games begin! Grazie Tante Luchino!

  • dcloudy777

    The main thing it means is that RBR won’t be able to build their #2 car out of the leftover bin this year.


    LOL Juan Pablo Montoya what could have been?

  • Forza Ferrari

    All I can say is: Forza Ferrari! As long as both of them will bring lots of success to Ferrari and won’t start bickering with each other, then I’ll be very happy. Hopefully both are mature enough to know how to work together.

    Bring on 2014!

  • O’Ferrari


    Kimi will get the best out of the car!

    Sure he will!! He will for some races and in other races he will go to sleep.

    It happened at mclaren, it happened at loltus, it happened at Ferrari and it will happen again.

    This is what puts vettel and alonso above pretenders like kimi, they never go off the boil.

    Still, I’m sure he’ll be better than massa (even if he wasn’t in 2008/09)

  • farizY

    I guess now it is up to Ferrari to get a machine worthy of their talent.

  • stoner

    @O Ferrari
    “This is what puts vettel and alonso above pretenders like kimi, they never go off the boil.”

    LOL, vettel is great, but WTF Alonso did to even match vettel an Kimi. Alonso is just a self proclaimed legend of F1. Cheated his way thru 2 titles and because massa was never a good driver, Alonso outshined him. A total waste is qualifying. That shows how fast he is , calling him some BS legend never will work out. Next year Alonso’s cat will be out of the hat. End of 2014 , Alonso will quit Ferrari like a scared chicken. They will replace him with Hulkenburg.

  • Kaartik

    I’m a fan of Kimi but that doesn’t mean i have to downgrade other drivers. Every driver has their strengths and weaknesses. After watching Alonso, Kimi and Vettelin my opinion, Alonso’s strength is that he can start the season very strongly and building on that, but struggles in the final leg of the season. In Vettel’s case e may not start the season very strong but final leg of the season is is strength. And for Kimi it is the middle of the season he struggles. But all three drivers are pretty strong in there race craft.

  • The Pessimist

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they end up colliding with each another and taking out one or both cars out of the race especially in turn one but the most interesting thing would be to see how Alonso reacts if that happens a few times.

  • Red Horizon

    2014 could really be the last year of Alonso at Ferrari. He is only waiting to assess the quality of the technical design of Ferrari for 2014 and what will be the evolution in the relationship with Kimi as teammate. After that, if not everything will be to his liking, he certainly will go away.

  • Tinto

    Predictions for 2014… This amazing pair of Ferrari drivers is not to last in time, one is gonna leave the team, possible Alonso, but that is not for sure. Expect great racing between them, but drama as well. People are always the same, past will prove future right.

    Many expect Alonso and Kimi to bring the lost glory, but chances are Merc and RB to blow them away. Money are on RBs, their pair of drivers is by far the best on the grid. If there is one that can beat Vettel, that us only Daniel, none on the grid has his potential even if they drive an RB. Potential means raw speed, steely consistency, youth on his side, dreamy mind, huge ambition to win, honest character, and that is Daniel in my view and he will be a hell of opposition for Sebastian. RB is the pair to watch for the next years.

  • Hawk

    BS. Just shut the f… Up

  • sebolonso

    If…and I say if…Kimi will be on top during season, I can’t see Fernando taking it too well. He has a weaker mind in this perspective than Kimi. If that happens Fernando will probaly retire after 2014 from F1.

  • O’Ferrari

    Funny how people rave about kimi, but can’t think of a season where he didn’t go off the boil at some stage.

    Funny stuff.

    Poor kimi. About to become the next massa

  • stoner

    @ O’Ferrari : in your dreams, it will be alonso who will get a taste of his own medicine ie, being massa aka being somebody else bitch

  • stoner

    “but can’t think of a season where he didn’t go off the boil at some stage”

    O’Ferrari, you can’t think because you haven’t see good enough F1

  • the fan

    oh my… another kimi vs fernando debate? people just love arguing for the sake of it… even if its already non sense

  • danyal ahmed

    both really good drivers, two of the best, but for me Alonso is the Number in F1, no doubt!

  • Fernanda Aloser

    Oh look who has to chime in! ‘Alonso’s number one fanboy, ‘The fan’!
    ‘Fanboy’ I’ll be right here laughing at you every time Alfonso is schooled by Kimi!
    Every time this happens I’ll appear to remind you what a loser you and your idol are!

  • sebolonso

    Nothing is for granted….but I believe….Fernando is over rated and Kimi under rated. I might be wrong, but I think not.

  • k-15-

    Why bicker u alonso fan boys?? Wait till all ur queries/insecurities are answered next year this time.

  • O’Ferrari

    Ha ha ha. Funny.

    You know I made a fair point. Hot-luke warm- hot -hot – luke wqrm – luke warm – hot……. the kimi method

  • the fan

    @Fernanda An idiot…

    too bad for you that im a kimi raikonnen fan who just recognizes alonso’s ability, but of course you have to barge in and do some idiotic comments like a 10yr old SOB… laugh hard like a retard, no worries, your parents must be really banging their heads right now for bringing up some idiot like you dummy.

  • stoner

    hahahaha, journalist are already talking about it!!!!!

    ‘Kimi will beat Alonso next season’ | F1 predictions for 2014 | ESPN Best of 2013

    www(.)youtube(.)com watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ie1CJIQwRUE

  • O’Ferrari

    And a poll of f1 drivers predict alonso will beat kimi. Coulthard explains it well (logically and respectfully) @


  • stoner

    Coulthard is another teammate whom Kimi has constantly and consistently outscored and beaten throughout their times together as teammates at Mclaren, no wonder he favour’s Kimi’s rival.

  • Hawk

    I am jotting down the names/monikers of all Kimi fans. I will make a roll call during the 2014 season break.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @Hawk, All those people who last year said that Lewis would be driving around in 15th place crying that he left McLaren haven’t come on here and said that they were wrong. They instead attack him for not beating Nico by 3 times the points.

    They don’t have the personal courage to admit their mistake. So don’t hold your breath for these people next year when Alonso beats Kimi in the WDC. They will simply keep quiet, pretending they said nothing. That is the cowardice of these people.

  • O’Ferrari

    Poor stoner.

    If coulthard was bitter, he’d be saying that kimi is the best. If (and I will give you an ‘if’) alomso beats kimi, then that puts coulthard even further down the food chain. …

  • O’Ferrari

    Coulthard beat kimi as teammate then, kimi flogges Coulthard the next two years.

    It’s funny how massa only finished 16 points behing kimi in 2007, despite gifting kimi positions (team orders) later in the season.

    Spanked kimi in 2008, tho heh?

    Massa never got anywhere near the points of schuey or alonso, hey?


  • sebolonso

    Schuey is and was bitter on Kimi, because he was the person and reason why Schuey was kicked out from Ferrari back in 2006. It was the most natural thing for him to help Ferrari build car round Massa 2008 and 2009, after LdM finalized dirty deal with Santander, that bought the seat at Ferrari for their pay driver Alonso. Condition was to get rid off Alonso’s worst treat Kimi.
    Now we are back to square one. Soon Alonso starts crying, when Kimi wipes the floor with him. It doesn’t help with Santander dirty tricks this time, because Kimi is backed up by Shell. Suck that:).

  • Felix Rae

    I love Kimi, but I think Alonso has the edge over him. At least until Kimi gets used to the prancing horse.

  • Tinto

    @hawk… Remember rusting, young versus old in a sport of milliseconds. The pair is a bit older, 0.12ms reaction time is required for a youngster that is increasing with age. Average age of RBs is consistently lower than of two Ferrari’s veterans, so get another tenth delay that is adding up for any fast maneouvers on the track. For equal cars, and equal experience, Feraris will be >0.3-0.4s behind RBs from start. Remember Schumacher’s return, reality check…

  • O’Ferrari

    Did schumacher personally build the 2013 lotus for grosjean in the second half of the year, too?

    Romain handed kimi’s ass to him after the summer break. Must’ve been schumacher with his meccano set ‘improving’ grosjean’s car to get back at kimi drunkkonnen

  • matthew

    @tinto you can’t put the old drivers all in one bag like that. Not every one of them will have slower reaction times then the younger ones. Jackie stewart is older then dirt and he could smoke any of us in a sports car on any track. kimi and alonso is a great line up. alonso is faster then kimi and is one of the best starters in f1. Kimi is a well rounded driver and will consistently finish top 3. All of this assumes that ferrari will have a competitive car for 14. If they don’t kimi will fail miserably. I predict ferrari to win the constructers championship, alonso to finish 2nd in drivers championship, and kimi to be somewhere between 4th-7th. (I think he’ll be top 5, but I play safe with my predictions.) Look for alonso to be at least 25pts ahead of kimi in the end. And yes, hold me to it…

  • matthew

    @tinto also, vettel and riccardo don’t have the experience of kim + alonso, so im not sure what you meant there. Vettel is the fastest driver in f1 experienced or not. I really have no idea about riccardo, he’s never been on my radar. He should be fast, otherwise RB wouldn’t have given him a seat.

  • stoner


    you are here just to praise your alonslow and try to finger all the people who believes Kimi, the most underrated driver is faster than that cheater PAY driver nando, whom all by himself thinks he the king of F1. nando is more BS than the real deal, i would say Vettel is the fastest off all on the grid with Hulk as an equal, Kimi and Lewis comes close. remember back in 2003-2006 time, Kimi was considered as much as what Vettel is right now in terms of speed.
    Nando was handed over the championships due to newey’s experiments on that mclaren in turn ruining Kimi’s career.
    Now Mr Coulthard, he is actually a biased guy, remember until this year he keeps praising Paul diresta all the time thinking he is some sort of super kid out on track. haha where is he now, wonder what he would be doing next year, ohh yeah, cribbing about all the sour grapes he ate. he was just BSing about his fellow scotsmen. Nando is no faster than Kimi, he is just strong on a sunday, but on the other hand Kimi is faster on saturday as well as stronger that alonslow on sunday.
    I am just waiting 2014 season to start, just to laugh at you

    hey, i know you are another nando fanboy sucking on him

  • sebolonso

    Schumacher was kicked out from Mercedes when it became clear he is mediocre driver without cheating. Ferrari discovered simultaneously that MS is a simple Moneyw…re who´s loyalty You can buy with peanuts. No one wants him anymore, even Lotus reject him.

    No idea for Kimi to push after summer break, without salary. Idiot Crashjean drove on the limit to rescue his career in F1. Let’s see if there is a Lotus team next season. Bankruptcy might come sooner than season ends. Wonder where Boullier and his idiot adapt will go by then. Marussia perhaps.

  • O’Ferrari

    Bahahahaha @ sebalonso

    Oh man, you hould do stand up.

    Stoner: I agree with u that kimi is faster than alonso, but alonso is consistently stronger over a season of Sundays

  • stoner

    lets end this here and wait for Melbourne 2014 :-)

  • Erich Lacher

    Räikkänen has earnd WM-title by Ferrari.

    Is he beter ?

    Lets see what happenns.

    Lets hope the best for both.

  • O’Ferrari


    Let me pick on the fanboys…..

    Just the ones who insist on claiming other drivers are horrendously slow (e.g. Alonso is so slow, Vettel is slow and anyone could beat him in the same car, ricciardo is slow, schumacher was the slowest ever and only won because of his magic beans etc)

    And I will accept kimi is amazing, at times.

  • Tamburello_1994

    This season is going to be a riot around here. Going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Hope all of you stick around and remember who said what. :)

  • O’Ferrari

    I will. I don’t mind being wrong if it is to someone like Stoner or Butterfly or yourself, Tamburello_94. I won’t feel any shame if I get owned by one of you, because you are fans and use logic and reason. Hey, someone’s gotta be required right and someone’s gotta be wrong.

    It is cumstains like StevetheGreat, Visz963, fernanda aloser, Alonso_is_slow, junior johnson etc that keep me entertained. Delusional teenagers like sebalonso are pretty funny, too.

    I think I will cheer for hulkenberg in 2014. Maybe grosjean if he keeps seeing his psych.

  • stoner

    As always, i will cheer for Kimi and the exceptional talent Nico Hulk.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Right on O’

    For the record, I’m a non combatant on this one for I have no dog in this hunt, I will watch the fireworks form the safety of the sidelines and keep count of the bodies that pile up. :)

    As for some of the natives here at 247 – I’ve had the usual contest of flames that come with any forum board – Nothing too serious. I don’t take anything personal and I hope they didn’t either. No hard feelings all the way around. Butterfly and I have had some truly epic battles in the past, But genuinely have come to respect her opinions. Visz has been here awhile – But we’ve largely stayed out each others way. Bottom lining it, I guess no one here is an real aggravation.

  • matthew

    @Tamburello… you do realise that butterfly is most likely a dude right? So respecting “her” opinion was a very clever (and humorous) cheap shot.

    *Dives out window and escapes after making heroic point*