Button: Lewis is the worst possible teammate to have because he is so fast

Jenson Button with Lewis Hamilton

Jenson Button with Lewis Hamilton

Jenson Button has admitted that Lewis Hamilton is the fastest teammate he has been up against in his long career in Formula 1.

Button spent three years as Hamilton’s teammate at McLaren and said, “Lewis is the fastest team-mate I’ve been up against.”

“Rubens Barrichello (Button’s teammate at Brawn GP) could sometimes pull it out of the bag in qualifying and be quick over one lap, but Lewis does that pretty much every qualifying session and he’s also very competitive during the race.”

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button during their last race together as McLaren teammates in Brazil 2012

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button during their last race together as McLaren teammates, Brazil 2012

“A lot of drivers would say that Lewis is the worst possible team-mate to have because he is so fast, but I find that exciting, it pushes me forwards,” added Button.

Button was beaten by Hamilton in the Championship by two points in 2012, their last season as teammates, but during the course of their three seasons together Button outscored Hamilton 672 to 657.

Hamilton moved to Mercedes at the end of 2012, while Button remained at McLaren and signed for an extra year which will see him drive for the team at least until the end of 2014.

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  • Brit media at it again

    I said last week that I expected Button to soon start praising his own name in build up to the new season.
    In this case it is this website starting up a reminder of Buttons 2011 season against Hamilton when Lewis drove like a paydriver.

    What the hell does the points difference over 3 seasons got to do with it? Button 672 to Ham 657. The 15 point difference could also easily be erased by the 3 car failures while leading the race in 2012. Come on peole come on. Button was annialated last year.
    The hulk also took out Lewis at the last race in Brasil while schooling Button which had Button the win and extra points to Lewis no points finish.

    Even if you erase all DNF’s of both drivers over 3 seasons and finish in the positions they had before retirement. Hamilton annialates Button even more. Watch them all and do the math.

    Each season was different with different cars and rule tweaks.
    Why did the article not read Hamilton beat Button 2-1 over the 3 seasons.


  • Snowman


    You realise none of the writing staff on this site are British, right?

  • Wesley

    I concur- over 3yrs Lewis beat Jenson 2 – 1 – quite a few British ex professional drivers said Jenson was the most consumate driver – tyre management , smooth operator- I thought they were talking about Sade- set up guru – the worst season for Mclaren -that is why they need Alonso the only other driver who has the capability to extract that information they can’t find in the simulator

  • the fan

    button never had a more threatening team in the past other than lewis thats why.

  • vincent

    i also am tired of the scored more over three seasons rubbish first rolled out by mclarens p.r guru whitmarsh to deflect criticism after another poor decision in a list of many.it is a new excuse one which i have never heard used before when comparing drivers past and present and i do not think it will be used again unless to defend another media darling nice guy.
    Brit media at it again- your right to most fans it is 2/1 to hamilton. jensons buddys in the media have got to make him still sound relevant but as most people find out in life being a nice guy will only take you so far.

  • StevetheGreat

    Talk about a dubious, double-edged compliment. JB better get it together for 2014 or he could be gone before Honda ever arrive.

    I wonder if Merc knows Lewis drives a Ferrari suv?

  • vincent

    wesley- i agree had to laugh when these monikers are bestowed on button the tyre whisperer in his silky smooth socks who is a consummate driver when he stumbels on a set up that works or he finds himself with a upgrade his team mate goes without spa last year or maybe brazil when he was struggling with set up in training and hamilton was asked about it he said i think he will come back to my way of thinking set up wise and lo and behold he inheritated another win. i like the other one that gets rolled out as well, master of changing conditions its a shame changing conditions are not a feature you expect every gp weekend unlike a good performance on a bad day.

  • Nick

    @Brit media at it again

    “…The hulk also took out Lewis at the last race in Brasil while schooling Button …”

    While he was schooling Button?? LOL!!

    When exactly was he schooling Button in Brazil? Was it when Button drove straight around him on the opening laps when it was wet? Or was it when Hamilton was 55 seconds behind Button before he was saved by the safety car?

    LOL – Gotta love one eyed Hamilton fanboy recollections!

    And need I remind you that when Hulk took Hamilton out, he was in the process of OVERTAKING Hamilton. Button was also closing him down at a great rate of knots and would have overtaken him AGAIN within a lap or two.


    “…he finds himself with a upgrade his team mate goes without spa last year …”

    The new rear wing was available to BOTH drivers. Hamilton CHOSE not to run it, Button did. What I think is even funnier is that even though Hamilton went with the higher down force rear wing he was still SLOWER than Button through the middle section of the track, where the higher down force should have made him quicker!

    And FYI for all the Hamilton bum boys out there, it appears you are all too thick to realise why people keep going on about the points over 3 years thing aren’t you!

    The ONLY reason people mention it is because of the pure crap that was being spurted by all the Hamilton fans when Button joined McLaren. All we heard was how badly Hamilton was going to SMASH Button and that he would be DESTROYED by Hamilton.

    Yes, Hamilton beat Button 2 seasons to 1, but the fact remains that in the first season he beat him by only 1 race victory, in the second season he was comprehensively beaten by Button (the first team mate to ever do so) and in the 3rd season he only beat Button by 2 points.

    So, for someone who was supposed to get DESTROYED by Hamilton, Button didn’t do too bad. Pointing out that he scored more points than Hamilton during their time as team mates is just a way of showing this.

    And yes, Hamilton did suffer more DNF’s than Button, but most of those were his fault. Button, in fact, had more mechanical and non fault DNF’s than Hamilton.

    Choke on it fanboys!!

  • Rockie

    Lol ain’t life grand Button is a more consistent driver simples as a constructor Button is more valuable than Hamilton, what’s the point of being fast if you can’t bring it home Hamiltons performance is like a yoyo this weekend he’s good the next you are wondering who is driving is car!
    He’s too inconsistent to be a top driver for the last 5 seasons his highest finish position has been 4th that tells you all you need to know about the man!

  • LOL

    So much LOL. Jenson said this last year. But of course, if you scroll Tumblr and copy and paste a blog, who cares, huh? LOL

  • Boycotthehaters

    It’s not like Button has had a lot of top teammates in his long career, is it? And he’s especially bad in qualifying. Eight pole positions in 247 starts – that’s dreadful.

  • the fan


    now at least we know how idiot you are, there is no such thing as a Ferrari SUV dummy!

  • farizY

    Button has been slow through out his career. Brawn stint was a fluke.

  • O’Ferrari

    Bahahahahahah ferrari suv!

  • A41202813GMAIL

    Ouch, That Must Have Hurt.

    Yes, He Is Fast, And You Knew He Would Pass You In CANADA 2011, When You Lost Momentum On The Left Turn Going To The Start Finish Strait, But You Pushed Him Into The Wall Nevertheless.

    Do Not Start Winning More Poles, And You And Daddy Will Both Be Out By 2015.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • Brit media at it again

    @ Nick
    FYI, i am a Alonso fan. Not a Hamilton Fan.

    Was just pointing out lack of credibility of Hamilton up against Button.
    You should watch less Harry Potter and come back to the real world. Honestly, did you not see i Wrote that Lewis drove like a paydriver in 2011 handing Button are good points margin.
    And how can you over look the fact the he drove beautifully in 2012. HOW HOW HOW.
    How many car failures did he have while leading the race??????
    a few Bad pitstops for both of them.
    Barcelona pole lost because of team under fueling. then Beats Button in that race from the back of the grid with a one stop.
    And Button is better on tyres.
    Who was the thorn in Vettel’s side last year, bar car failure and Mclaren team let downs.

    Just please answer me this without contradicting the anti Hamilton campaigne of yours yesterday. A very identical scenario is
    in 2010 Vettel vs Webber.
    Vettel alot more DNF’s than Webber and remember his many driver errors of that season. Yet he beat webber and yet he is regarded as Better and Faster than Webber.
    Than got paved his way for his obvious no.1 status.
    Yes, Webber is not a Button, but the scenario is similar.

    HULK, ALONSO, KIMI, ROSBERG are all quicker than Button.

    Even McLaren will give Button the boot if they can sign Alonso. FACT FACT FACT

    true fans should watch all the scraps in the races and not just look out for who is over taking Lewis. grow up

  • matthew

    We all know you and all the names you write under are retarded, but a ferrari suv? Put your bike helmet and pool floats back on little guy! From now on we will all address you as dumbass.

  • pitwall

    Everybody thought Hamilton would destroy Button, but it was more even than most believed it would be. As much as Lewis fans hate that fact, its history… and Rosberg gave Lewis trouble on several occasions last year. And the same people were saying he would destroy Nico…

  • Hawk

    It’s pathetic of you to say that everyone thought that Lewis will destroy Button and Nico. Button was a reigning WDC. He had beaten Rubens comprehensively. Nico had beaten Schumi over 3 years. However everyone knew Lewis would beat them just like he did but not destroy them. It is only you trying to fan your hate flames.
    But to all Lewis haters, ok Button out scored Lewis 672:657 so I have to agree with you that he is obviously better, right? The paddock agrees with you absolutely including the drivers. Next, one of the big teams will be breaking the bank to have him.

  • John

    Come one fellow f1 fans, stop bickering like school girls ans let’s enjoy the show.

  • DickDastardly

    so Mr kindly tires is trying to boost his own name by saying LH is the toughest team mate. The fact is that button does not posses the qualities to lead a team without having a half a second advantage from a car that was developed through pretty much all of the previous year, this was because ross brawn wanted to cover for buttons lack of development skills and talent. No wonder ross got rid of him after 2009, he does nothing but hinder teams with his lack of talent and development skills. In the 2nd half of 09 even rubens who was always a number 2 driver scored more than him and had to share his setup data with jenson. Mclaren must find a competent team leader and not somebody who will crumble

  • realf1fan

    TBH in 2011 Lewis never learnt about how to drive on the then quick wearing Pirelli tires and it hurt him a lot. How many times did McLaren tell Lewis in a race to look after tires and he just drove them as if he was on the Bridgestones which could withstand his aggressive style unlike the Pirelli’s.

    The smoother driving style of Jenson helped him to make the tire last longer than Lewis and I’m afraid this is where Lewis comes of 2nd best to the rest knowing when to drive hard and when not too.

  • DickDastardly

    realf1fan@ oh really? is that why in spain 2012 hamilton started last and still beat Mr kindly tyres ?. if hamilton is that bad at tyre saving then how did he manage to beat alonso in 2007. yes hamilton was not consistent with tyres in 2011 but he could manage them. if he couldnt then he wouldnt have won 3 races. it was only the fact hamilton was crashing a lot is why jb beat him in the standings. if jenson is so good with tyres why did he waste them in canada 2012

  • Cynical_F1_fan

    Lewis is good but Button is not exactly a brilliant driver. Being “faster” than a good, but not great, driver isn’t really a strong claim to greatness. You need to be fast and consistent to win championships. Mercedes will most likely give Lewis a car next year that is capable of winning the championship. It will then be up to him to prove that he can do it.