Alonso admits that 2013 was not his best season as driver

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has acknowledged that he did not perform as strongly in 2013 as he did the previous year.

Recently, the Spanish sports daily AS conducted a survey among Alonso’s driver rivals asking them to say whether they thought the Ferrari driver or quadruple World Champion Sebastian Vettel was the best driver of 2013.

The Spaniard came out on top.

“It’s always good to know that you are recognised by your peers,” Alonso responded, “but I think 2012 was the best [year] in my career.

“This season, there were times when I did not do well enough, such as when I could have had a little more performance, or when I made a mistake like in Malaysia.

“These are things that cannot be repeated next year,” he insisted. “We must look to have a year of perfection, like 2012.

“What matters is that you are comfortable with yourself, but there are things that will be improved 2013 to 2014,” added Alonso.

It has been reported Alonso is slowly but steadily falling out with Ferrari, and that he has thought seriously about switching to Red Bull or McLaren for 2014.

The McLaren reports are still strong, particularly after his old foe at Woking, supremo Ron Dennis, answered “never say never” when considering a return to the famous British team for Alonso.

Asked specifically about Dennis’ comments, Alonso would not be moved.

“You cannot comment on everything you read every day,” he said, “or you would need someone working for you who only does that.”

And Alonso insisted that he is happy with his choice of team for 2014, and the start of the new turbo V6 era.

“Maybe some have done well in choosing Red Bull in recent years,” he said, “but the safest option for any professional driver is to choose Ferrari. They said [that] we went wrong this year, but just look at Williams or McLaren.” (GMM)

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  • jl

    vettel make it worst. haha

  • TWD

    in term of consistency, no one beats vettel on consistency

  • haha

    Twd, i agree but kimi was quite consistent in 2012 with the Lotus too. Hope he can do the same next year, but it wil be harder for any driver to be consistent due to reliabilty of the engines plus i foresee a lot of troubles with ERS and cooling too.

  • matthew

    I don’t know how much more he wanted, he came in 2nd in a car that did not even belong in the top 5! I guess it’s good that he’s still hungry, lets see what happens in 14!

  • Muhammad Ansib Zia

    What more could have Mr.Alonso done this year. I can recall his facial expressions after Silverstone where he was on the podium but realizing that The full aero package of Ferrari was a Flop again.. but gutsy drives from Belgium, Italy and Singapore ( where he thought the win was in the bag after pitting under safety car conditions) and still be P2..on the Podium the expressions of Fernando were Priceless! but great to see that he is mightly hungry and his race-craft is still the best..Forza Ferrari, Forza Alonso

  • the fan


    Alonso is one of those pure racers like senna who wants to be able to perform at the highest level even though not being able to nail that title, his performance in 2012 remains his best to me in a car thats clearly an ice cream van. i agree, his best trait is that he’s still hungry even after all these years and the disappointments that came with it. most drivers would have already given up.