Red Bull Racing: 2013 Team & Car of the Year

F1 Grand Prix of India - Race

Red Bull are the best team in Formula 1, and have been for the past four years, No big surprise then that they are the undisputed Grand Prix 247 Team of the Year for 2013.

Granted, Sebastian Vettel is their driver of choice and Mark Webber was marginalised, but you cannot fault the team for backing the right ‘horse’ in their young German. Yes, he is only 26 years old – they have come together to be almost invincible.

Sure there were glitches along the way, as cold warfare between their drivers never really thawed since they became teammates in 2009. In fact it got worse as the years progressed. The Multi-21 saga in Malaysia was the proverbial nail in the coffin for any chance of a friendly relationship between the two.

F1 Grand Prix of India - Race

Yet the conflict did not impact the on track performance where they simply powered on relentlessly in a manner reminiscent of the dominant eras of their great rivals Ferrari, McLaren and Williams.

Dieter Mateschitz has pumped billions into the Formula 1 project and it is paying dividends through the wisdom of the personnel he has directly or indirectly installed at the helm of the race team.

Christian Horner is clearly a leader and motivator of people, despite criticism of his handling of the Vettel-Webber squabbles. But one has to ask who could have done a better job in that position? Did the outcome not suit the team as it bulldozed its way to title number four?

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil - Race

Then of course, there is Adrian Newey whose commitment to the cause is remarkable considering that he is desired by all the top teams in the sport, who would throw buckets of money to have the design genius in their drawing rooms. But he has remained steadfast in simply churning out remarkably good, blue race cars, working long hours while no doubt swigging gallons of the fizzy stuff that pays his substantial salary.

But a Formula 1 team is not a handful of people, and thus the success stems from the 500 or so members of the workforce which Vettel often goes to great lengths to mention and applaud.

Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Race Day, Sunday 27 October 2013.

“Red Bull Racing, Adrian, myself – and a handful of key people in the team. In general we all get enough credit. There is enough attention. But there are so many more people involved in that ‘winning process’ – Christian Horner was rightfully speaking about all the unsung heroes who contribute a lot with their hard work and brilliant ideas.”

“They don’t get enough credit. Sure, it is not possible to name 500 or more people, but kudos to them all! Every single individual in the team has contributed to Red Bull Racing becoming a racing legend,” said Vettel after becoming World Champion for the fourth year in succession.

No team was better than them in 2013, thus Red Bull Racing is the Grand Prix 247 Team of the Year. Applause!

Car of the Year: Red Bull RB9

Adrian Newey is known for his Formula 1 masterpieces, and the Red Bull RB9 he conjured with his very capable back room people is up there among his very best creations – claiming 13 victories in a season establishes it right there with the greatest race cars of all time.

Since 2010 Newey’s cars, in the hands of Sebastian Vettel, have gobbled up four Constructors’ titles, along with four Drivers’ titles and 48 victories, but the RB9 edition was outright awesome in it’s dominance, particularly after the summer break.

Newey obviously had a major brainwave during the September hiatus, because the car that he tweaked for the back-to-business Belgian Grand Prix never lost a race from that day on, helping Red Bull and Vettel to wrap up the titles well in advance of the season finale in Brazil.

Had we asked every driver on the grid which car they would have most wanted to drive in 2013, no doubt the the answer would have unanimous; Red Bull RB9 – ask Fernando…

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  • Snowman

    Hard to argue with that.

  • Nowhereman

    Newey and a shit ton of money equals F1 dominance..

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    Newey is a technical leader, not the sole designer.

    RBR certainly earned both these accolades, even with that anchor Webber. And since the pics and text are messed up I’ll tack on their Pit Stop record here: 1.923 seconds. Amazing!

  • farizY

    And the FIA will keep on changing the regulations until these guys are beaten.

  • StevetheGreat

    Lol in FIArrari’s face!!!

  • bobw

    But Hammy is still driver of the year. Go figure.

  • O’Ferrari

    Ferrari SUV bahahahahahahah


    Hey bobw! Use your brain! You suck, too.

  • Bob Wheeler

    O’Ferrari – pi$$ off!

  • Badman Jose

    The car was very fast, but 2.5 sec advantage in F1, something
    is wrong here, very wrong..Just one car had that advantage.
    Was it really possible for one driver to gain that large leap mid
    way through the season, 2.0 – 2.5 seconds. This old Dog will withhold congratulations for now until I know what really
    happened. I smell Dog biscuits, some nefarious schemes
    may be in play, I’ll just stand by my nose. Time will tell


  • Taskmaster

    Is it possible for a driver to extract 2.5s a lap for a few laps in a race to hold or gain position, vs. his team mate and the field? The answer is quite simple. YES. We have seen it in Vettel, Schumacher, Alonso, Senna, Prost, Clark, Stewart, Fangio, Lauda, etc… It’s what happens when a great driver is driving a great car, and why this is a team sport. Excellent drivers can win races, even close championship battles, as we see with Hamilton, Hunt, Raikkonnen, Button, et al – each exhibiting outstanding drives, but never total domination over the grid or their team mate. Red Bull delivers an outstanding car, Vettel extracts from it all it is capable of, and the result is so remarkable it causes some to fall into a state of disbelief, as we are seeing now.

  • Tinto

    2.5s? That should tell you how far behind the rest of teams and why not, racers, are. RB as a team has been stellar, when you bring together guys like Horner, Adrian, Seb, Dietrich, you get double championships year by year. Some may not like, but every driver is partially to be blamed for not helping setting the car as required, bringing the team together, and all the sh$$t that makes F1 what it is.