Lewis Hamilton: 2013 Driver of the Year

Formula One World Championship, Rd10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Hungaroring, Hungary. Sunday 28 July 2013.

Lewis Hamilton has scooped the Grand Prix 247 Formula 1 Driver of the Year for 2013! He narrowly beat Romain Grosjean and Sebastian Vettel to the top prize.

Hamilton defied his critics in 2013 as he thrived in the first year he spent outside the McLaren corporate cocoon, which had nurtured him from his preteens until his mid-twenties, while helping establish Mercedes as a force to be reckoned with by the F1 paddock in the process.

Many slagged off Hamilton for defecting to the Silver Arrows, predicting doom and gloom, those who did should now be eating humble pie because the Briton grew in stature while his former team plummeted to embarrassing lows.

Formula One World Championship, Rd10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Hungaroring, Hungary. Sunday 28 July 2013.

Was it because Hamilton left the Woking outfit that they suffered such a woeful season? Perhaps not, but credit to the 2008 F1 World Champion for his good timing in jumping ship.

At Mercedes he entered a domain obviously dominated by Germans – very foreign and very different for the chap from Stevenage – where Nico Rosberg was the main man, but with Niki Lauda on his side he was soon part of the family and at the end of the day they finished second in the Constructors’ World Championship.

The Mercedes boys and girls, along with good mate Rosberg himself welcomed Hamilton to the fold. Although there were early teething problems, he settled into the team and in Hungary scored his first victory as a Mercedes driver.

Formula One World Championship, Rd8, British Grand Prix, Race Day, Silverstone, England, Sunday 30 June 2013.

This came a few weeks after Hamilton looked set to win the British Grand Prix. He was in the zone all weekend on home soil, supreme in qualifying. He proceeded to take a commanding early lead in the race. Then a Pirelli blowout struck while he was leading comfortably.

The incident happened shortly after the start-finish line which meant a full lap on a shredded left rear, few would have given him any chance of recovering to fourth place, which he promptly did. He then joined the team celebrating Rosberg’s inherited victory. A Champion’s performance, a sportsman through and through.

During the latter half of the season he was the only one to really threaten Red Bull in qualifying. Before each session, with Sebastian Vettel in domination mode, you always felt that Hamilton could give him a good run  for his money and often he did. But the Mercedes W04 was no Red Bull RB9…

Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 24 March 2013.

It was also interesting to note that Rosberg was no slouch, surprisingly fast in fact, and at the start of the season the German was on fire, winning twice. That kind of performance would have stumped most team newcomers, but not Hamilton, who instead upped his game and stuck to his plan. In the end he outscored Rosberg, ending the season stronger of the two – beating him in the final championship standings.

During the course of the season many were confounded by Hamilton’s new ‘best friend’ routine with Fernando Alonso – the two having clashed so famously in 2007 as McLaren drivers, yet Hamilton was always ‘bigging up’ the Spaniard. It was a no doubt a ploy to try and destabilise a rampant Vettel. It did not work, but kudos to Hamilton for really scraping the barrel to obtain alternative ammo, and possibly creating an alliance of sorts, which could still play in his favour in years to come.

Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Belgian Grand Prix, Preparations, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, Thursday 22 August 2013.

In the end Mercedes did not give either of their drivers the tools to beat Red Bull, but they did come close, they were best of the rest and no doubt will get there one day. But for now credit to them for upping their game and establishing themselves as a title contending team, and a big dollop of thanks for this must go to Hamilton.

Off track Roscoe was an interesting addition to Hamilton’s entourage, while the absence of homies in the pit garage was a relief and although affairs of the heart were worn on his sleeve they did not seem to affect his on track form.

Perhaps the best way to understand Hamilton is to accept that despite being 28 years old he is now living an unspent youth in fast forward, he wants to be the coolest nerd on a F1 grid full of nerds. Hence the tattoos, Twitter rants, Instagram selfies, rap wannabe lifestyle, gangsta shades and the naive Pussycat Dolls relationship dramas. We should indulge him these fads.

2013 German GP Nurburgring Lewis Hamilton

On track, where he does his real business, Hamilton is the best of the best. In Gilles Villeneuve style he will drive whatever you give him blisteringly quickly, no holds barred and he adds to that ethos by being a great racer with a big heart, which he allows all to see beating.

Lewis is ‘The Dude’ and without him Formula 1 would be a lot duller and for sure a lot poorer – race wins beckon, Championships beckon – and in 2013 he provided the entertainment which made Vettel’s quadruple title rampage bearable. Thank you Lewis, our Driver of the Year!

Our previous Drivers of the Year:

  • 2012 Driver of the Year was Kimi Raikkonen
  • 2011 Driver of the Year was Sebastian Vettel
  • 2010 Driver of the Year was Sebastian Vettel
  • 2009 Driver of the Year was Sebastian Vettel

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  • wolfgang

    Now we know which site his fanboys inhabit. Still, its probably the only accolade he has won this year!

  • andae23

    You can’t be serious, right?

  • Mr. A

    What ?? Why ?? Lewis shdn’t hav been in top 4 .. rubbish

  • Taskmaster

    Interesting result… good for Lewis. He did a great job equaling his past performance in a new car. He has held tight to 4th/5th in the championship for 5 straight seasons while remaining a top star in media. Now to find focus and break that streak in 2014.

  • O’Ferrari

    Good stuff. He just fought and fought all year. I can’t wait to see him in a consistently competitive merc. In june, we all thought it would be a lewis/vettel/alonso fight for the title.
    Pity about the tyre changes. ….

  • Curmudgeon

    I can think of at least five F1 drivers who did a better job than Hamilton this year, including the fellow who won 13 races while crushing his teammate (so it isn’t just the car). Please cease printing nonsense like this if you want the website to be taken seriously.

  • Jose

    Amazing, awe-inspiring ..
    Ride like the wind baby
    How Sweet it is!


  • Snowman

    Hamilton ends the season with less wins than the highly under-rated Rosberg, and has to use team orders to keep Rosberg behind him in Malaysia, yet wins driver of the year?


    As much as I hate him, that has to go to Vettel.

  • O’Ferrari

    Oh Curmudgeon, settle down.

    Your boycrush is sweet (and I accept vettel really took the most from the rbr) but watching rbr qualify 1-2 or 1-3 and ride of into the distance was a monotony broken only by nico ‘I’m not gay’ rosberg, lewis ‘I’m a gang-star’ Hamilton, and romain ‘kimi who?’ Grosjean out qualifying one or both rbr’s.

    Hey, more power to lewis. He may act like a wanker, but he entered a new team, wrung the neck of an inconsistent car and was as thrilling to watch at ten-tenths as gilles or mansell or senna ever were.

  • JD

    It’s sweet that the little British fan girls have a website where they can go to escape the harsh realities of the real world in which Vettel is a god and Hamilton a mere mortal.

  • haha

    @ CurmudgeonGrosjean was the only one taking it to Vettel at the end. Rosberg did a better job than lewis but Vettel is driver of the year as was Kimi last year on his comeback. I was watching the reviews of the entire 98, 99 and 2008 seasons yesterday and in 2008 Vettel drove stellar with inferior material. Not only Monza 2008 impressed me, just the onboard cams proves his skill to me. He is the best of the moment and would have won 2010 and 2012 in the Ferrari as well, alonso screwed it up 2 times himself plus he screwed lewis in 2007 and massa in 2008. Signed a Tifosi who wants vettel in fernando out. Hence why alonso isn’t even mentioned in the poll. He will fall from his false trone next year, he even speaks two tongues already when talking about next year and Kimi. Kimi is our last champ live with it.

  • winter

    Ridicolous. This site has lost any credibility it had.

  • surya kumar

    It is crazy to see the Vettel fans fuming that their so called GOD is not considered the best driver of the year!!!.. Sometimes the reality strikes hard.. The author is right in telling that Hamilton is the one guy who provides most of the entertainment in F1 be it off track or on the track. I will still rate him higher than Vettel as Vettel is yet to prove his skills in a equal machinery unlike the RB where he just needs to drive to win..

  • M451

    British press, biased as always.

  • the fan

    he should be the “loverboy” of the year. but what the hell, this forum isnt even credible anyways. just another story for the trolls and fanboys to either get pissed or to fest on. must be really hard for vettel worshippers to read this

  • Peter Maltha

    This is a joke! Is it?
    It prove otherwise the quality of this site.

  • Jadi

    Obviously Hamilton owns the hearts of the British fans and press, but on track Vettel owns Hamilton. Hamilton is like Vettel’s little pet dog.

  • Max Smoot

    These sorts of articles just fill in the space between now and testing, which will thankfully be very soon. Then we’ll see who’s got the stuff.

  • Taskmaster

    Seems some miss the fact that his is just a pole of readers of this site, not an actual evaluation of driver performance or skill. It is biased like a popularity contest in a middle school, and has less credibility, since in a middle school contest, being popular actually has some meaning to the winner. Hamilton is not driver of the year anywhere it counts, like in the WDC points standing, in which he is once again behind two Red Bulls, and a Ferrari – just 6 points in front of a Lotus which was absent for the last two races. Popular he is, top of the driver rankings in real world results?… not so much anymore.

  • RedGrey

    On so many occasions this year during post race interviews, Hamilton expressed disappointment in his own driving, stating that he needs to up his game. GP247 must know better than the man himself…

  • Carl Smith

    April 1st is not for another 3 months and 11 days

  • shin


    Hamilton hopes to become as consistenly fast, faultless, and mentally equiped as Vettel and Alonso when he grows up. For now he”s behind them and Raikonnen by a country mile. Perhaps behind Grosjean and Hulkenberg as well

    What a joke this trophy..

  • Editor

    For the record GP247 current contributors – and for past year or more – are: Portuguese, South African, Australian, Swiss, French, USA, Brazilian and German. Only Sutton Images & Reuters are British – but we pay for their service :)

  • Boycottthebull

    The comments here are hilarious. This is a poll result of Fans and the anti British and Lewis haters crying that GP247 has no credibility. So if they falsified the results to make their own idols win then that would give them credibility? Vettel fans cant critisize Hamilton fans and the carry on as childish as you have here. Mummy they didnt vot for my driver they must be British biggots. Grow up. I voted for Grosjean and I dont even live in Europe.

  • Honokaa Chuck

    If this were a professional product, the title of the article would not be misleading… Instead, the title would be something like, “Lewis Hamilton Grand Prix 247 reader pick for Driver of the Year.”

    Of course an honest title for the article would probably immediately drive readers from the site by simply reading the title, feeling it was too biased for their taste.

    However, I don’t think a misleading title fools anyone, and will have the effect of lowering many reader’s opinions about the professionalism of the site, and possibly run folks away from the site that don’t feel that Lewis Hamilton is, or should be, “driver of the year.”

  • Nowhereman

    Lewis or Alonso in the RB9 would of made everyone forget about Seb who?

  • vincent

    boycottthebull – i have to agree, all worthy winners as for the sore vettle fans and hamilton haters cry me a river and try not to trip over your bottom lip while you mope around wondering why your boy (insert any) never got best driver you can still be happy for the team, recognition they deserve best car and team. be happy your boy just won four straight and now your all upset he lost an online award.

  • Jack

    Lesbi honest here, Hamilton did alright going to a new team after pretty much being bred into a McLaren, and coming back from off track distractions to actually do okay. That being said, I would say there were better candidates…

  • P1only

    A more intelligent analysis.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Boycott & Vincent have right. No need to re post.

  • Tahlon

    Even as a Fan of Hamilton’s I would have to say that Alonso is more deserving of the award.. Considering the car he had this year he truly pushed hard all season to get the points and results he managed…

  • Luke

    I just think its nice that he spent so much time with that elderly fan

  • Ang

    Well deserved award for Hamilton….he provides the F1 sport than true racing fanatics LOVE. He has said he wouldn’t like to win like Vettal. I presume he means, he wants to race against other drivers, not have a 2 sec a lap advantage, that makes F1 boring.

  • gilgen

    The RBR was never 2 secs faster than the Merc. But the driver was 2 secs a lap faster than the driver in the Merc.

    Not too difficult to comprehend, is it?

  • Donna

    Someone must have counted ballots from 2008.

  • LOL

    what a disgustingly biased article!

  • meh

    The butthurt here would be most amusing, if not the sad fact that the whiners blame a website for it’s readers choice. What a bunch of clowns.

  • Boycotthehaters

    Comedy gold. What makes it extra hilarious is that Hamilton was not even the best driver at Mercedes.

  • O’Ferrari

    So much butthurt……

  • Tinto

    Still laughing, works for the 1st of April… With less victories than Roseberg, the narcisist boy won similarly as his championship with less victories than Masa. Then started scuba diving four level down for a while, that worked out nicely, plenty of time to leash his dogs, get some tatooes, beat some drums, fun is what matters.

  • AFA

    Enough with the “Alonso and Hamilton would win too if they had Vettel’s car”.

    A car, no matter how good it is, DOES NOT drive itself!!!!!!!!!!

  • O’Ferrari

    Ouch! You guys are so butthurt.

    Sssshhhhhh, it’s okay. It’s not like Maldonado won!

  • Brian

    One of many more intellectual perspectives.

  • Brian

    Just kidding. I just wanted to see what it was like living in a dream world where results don’t matter.

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    Lol…. While Lewis had a fine first year at his new team and managed to best his imcumbent teamie on points, if not wins, there is no way he was the best driver of the year. I could name three others that had better seasons, but I can see the trolls here are well fed already!

  • hibbie

    What a joke

  • farizY

    20 years from now,nobody will ask who was the best driver of 2013, people will only remember who was the quadruple champion. Seriously, any of you guys ever thought,who was the best driver back in 1993?
    Anyway,do it on track Hamilton,as simple as that. I guess Vettel must have been really ‘lucky’ to have won the champioship 4 times in a row; according to some experts here.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    And he get to KEEP his trophies. Suck on that Ron Denis.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @ farizY, people remember Sterling Moss and Gille Villeneuve and neither of them won a single WDC. They are remembered as great racers not as winners. Like Lewis. So you are… wrong.

  • farizY

    @Red Bull Cheats

    This coming from a guy whose name is “Red Bull Cheats”, how original, Lewis equals to Sterling Moss, Gille Villeneuve? Are you f**kin’ kidding me?

  • Phil F1 LewisH

    I am a massive F1 fan, and Lewis Hamilton fan too!
    It amazes me the amount of so called fans that berate Lewis. He is so highly rated not just by the fans but if you listen to the people in the know (F1 paddock and pundits) as one of the most naturally gifted on the grid.
    May be Vettel should of had the award but the argument that is put forward is true! If you don’t like the guy that’s one thing but he is still a major player!
    Also as an aside was Mclarens woeful year due to just a bad car or the fact they loat their star driver? Remember 2009 what a dog of a car yet it still won 2 races that with Hamilton!

  • Wesley

    what a load of bollocks!!!

    why do you have to spoil the article with the stereo typical comments – every other racer wears sun glasses- but Hamilton wears his – he has gangsta shades.

    Even when you give him a compliment – ahh, I can be bother

  • tod

    At least this site gives me a good laugh.
    Haters keep on hating it’ll soon be time for the serious stuff.

  • bobw

    This is a joke right?

  • StevetheGreat

    Lewis best driver if 2013???? Lol he wasn’t even in the top 3!!!!

  • Boycotthehaters

    “Also as an aside was Mclarens woeful year due to just a bad car or the fact they loat their star driver?”

    It was the car. Hamilton scored the same number of points as Button in their three years together – so much for the “star driver” theory.

  • F1life

    Hamilton hasn’t finished in the top 3 of the WDC since George Bush was president.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @farizY, Right, so attack my name, not my message. You said that people only remember the WDC’s. And I give you two great examples that prove you wrong. And you skip that and go to something else, like my name. That is called avoiding the truth. Therefore as I said, you are WRONG.

  • farizY

    Not surprising,a biased comment,from someone with your name. Who cares if I’m wrong,fact of the matter is, redbull “cheats” won by “cheating” 4 straight seasons. They must have been really damn excellent cheaters. Got to give credit to them.
    Regarding those without WDC being remembered, yeah my mistake, there are those without WDC that are.remembered,are you happy now? Does that put a big smile on your face?
    But putting Lewis along side the guys you mentioned,is still a big effin joke.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @farizY, I also have to give credit to Lance Armstrong for cheating for 7 years and getting away with it. I see who you admire.

    Lewis Hamilton is acknowledged in the world wide press as one of the most amazing talents in F1, a driver who gives everything, can do amazing things in qualifying and in a race. He will always be remembered for that. Just like Villeneuve and Moss.

    In fact he is considered to be so great that Mercedes pay him $30m a year to drive their car and say how amazingly fast he is, and how he compares with Nico who beat Schumacher for 3 years in a row. So that sounds like someone who will be remembered.

  • RedGrey

    Hamilton was voted only 8th best of 2013 by the readership of Crash.net. The big discrepancy is indicative of the fact that these reader votes are worth Jack.

  • gilgen

    No, the difference is that Crash.Net is not inhabited by adolescents.

  • What

    Hamilton barely beat an average driver like Rosberg who had more DNFs and strategy mistakes by the team and that is an accomplishment for Hamilton?

    LOL. More like an embarrassment.

    If Vettel had barely beat Rosberg this way, people would claim how it is proof Vettel isnt good.

  • iceman 2.0

    Seriously guys ! I always thought it was Maldonado.

  • Hawk

    Finger boy fans why don’t you go to the previous post? It has only 6 comments. Go and flood it with your ass licking praises.

    No. You will not go back to it. Simple. It’s boring.

  • RedGrey

    Unfortunately you are absolutely right. The third comment after yous is living proof of that fact…

  • Badman Jose


    8th place at Crash Net, No surprise here.. Willing to bet all the votes were counted by the ‘regulars’..
    2009, richards, tiapan, rob01, matthew, but I could be wrong
    maybe a fair count…Not!


  • Eagle.

    Hey Jose, your right there bud, any mention of Hamilton on there starts a knashing of teeth and extremely rude comments by the haters on there, I dont do on there anymore because if you disagree with the haters your posts get removed! makes you wonder if the haters on there are mods who cant stand any fair minded comments?. Happy New Year to All.

  • Badman Jose


    You got that right. Keep flying high baby..Have a merry new year..All !


  • Taipan

    Jose, Firstly nice to know you haven’t forgotten me. You have to admit 8th seems far more realistic than the 1st place he was awarded by the F1 luminaries on GP247. Anyone who thinks Lulu drove better than Vettel, Alonso, Kimi, Webber, Grojo etc this year really needs a doctor visit as they seem to have contracted fanboyitis!

    Happy Christmas to all from Crash.net (the intelligent F1 forum)


  • realf1fan

    @ Eagle Jose, crash site is a good site is just Tiapan and his side kick Taz who cant think for himself and agrees with anything Taipan says i think they are from that Country north of Northumberland.

    Richard just likes to wind up anyone who is pro Lewis and I believe old Austin to be harmless.

    Lewis when focused will defeat any driver in the same car, just ask Alonso 2xwdc or Button 1xwdc or Nico the destroyer of the 7xwdc.

    Nuff said.

  • F1 Fan

    Its good to see Lewis fighting for Pole Positions and Wins in a relativelye new team in F1(newer than RBR).
    I would have liked this award to be awarded to Alonso who was 2nd in the 4th fastest car and 5th when Sauber gained aero performance..
    But as Martin Whitmarsh said People wont give Vettel his due credit until he has a World Champion as his team-mate and secondly he wins in another team. And I cant see any of that happening in the near future any time soon. from paddock insiders Vettel forced Horner and other senior management to stop negotiations with especially Alonso and Kimi aswell and sign a 2nd rate driver Daniel.. so pretty happy with Lewis winning this award given that all of kids were joking how idiotic Lewis is to leave the mighty McLaren for slow Mercedes!

  • Red Bull Cheats

    And he gets to keep his trophies! Which he has quite a few of now.

  • sunny stivala

    Jose and all Lulu fan boys, CRASH NET 8th vote for Lulu was a generous and realistic vote, on the other hand the 247 vote seems to have came out of an asylum/mental institution where all the CRASH NET drop outs seems to have found refuge/solace.
    All Lulu fan boys should prepare themselves for a much worse season for their Lulu next year, that’s of course outside of a 247 vote.
    With best seasonal wishes to all LULU FAN BOYS from SUNNY.

  • RGB

    Sunny is the biggest Lewis hater and a plastic Italian who is just trash just like those tuetonic tosser mods at crash who are a bunch of rednecks who cant handle the fact a hoody has beat up Nico in the same car.

    This guy Sunny is the worst on crash he is a bigot and a hater and he knows nothing about Lewis apart from spreadinig hisn hate this prat said that Lewis was not fERRARI MATERIAL only for LDM to say that would sign Leweis . Shows how much thisnplastic ITALIAN knows the prat.

    And the mods on crash are a bunch of Tuetonic rednecks who cant handle a hoody beasting Nico.

  • Eagle.

    Ha Ha Ha,This forum is being infiterated by the Jocks who normally post dozens of snidey, cowardly,posts about Hamilton on crash, they never posted hate about Coultard who was captain slow when he raced, Erh, I mean when he used to trundell around behind his team mate only ever won when his team mate broke down, I remember when DC won his first GP and in the results were shown his country was shown as Sco, up untill then his previous results he was stated as GB! as Mansell, Brundell, was shown in the results! FFS! first time the jocks had won a race for years. I still smile about it.

  • Felix Rae

    Sometimes I don’t know if Taipan is serious or not.
    Crash – Intelligent forum it is not.

    I like Crash, but only because of how much Hamilton’s haters (Bedpan, sunny, richard, ptolemy, etc) get so wound up by ‘lulu’. Seriously, it’s so cute. If you disagree with them, you are automatically a ‘fanboy’.

    When I try to show my appreciation of their cuteness, my post gets deleted by the over-sensitive mods at Crash. They fear I will upset Taipan and send him into a hissy fit.

    My favourite part is how much Taipan obviously dislikes Lewis, yet he goes on to comment on his EVERY story. I love it. If it wasn’t for Lewis, that site would be dead by now.

    Ironically, Taipan was talking about this site on Crash. I had no idea it existed. I will be sure to check my news here from now on.

    While I disagree with Lewis being #1 this year, he deserves to be higher than 8th. 5th is my personal

  • Taipan

    RealF1Fan/RGB/Eagle or should I just call you Troll? Do your new friends at GP247 know about your habit of posting under multiple user names?

    Hello Felix, *waves*

  • Felix Rae


    Fear not, Bedpan. I will continue to pop over from time to time to see why Lewis is annoying you this week. Please continue to comment on his every story, and feel free to visit this site for a less biased comment section. That is if you can handle logical conversations…

    I truly hope you are enjoying the holidays :)

  • Taipan

    Whiskas, Logical conversation? This is the site that voted Lulu driver of the year so don’t expect much in the way of logic!

    Best wishes to you as well, happy new year when it comes around.

  • sunny stivala

    As I said most of the CRASH NET LULU DROP OUTS found a cosy place all bunched together where they can rub each other’s back to their hearts content, chief amongst them is RGT, a multi name poster record holder on CRASH NET while it lasted, traced to posting from a civil servant place, claimed to be a physics teacher, he and his lot are a total disgrace not only to the driver they support but to any site they will ever congregate too.

  • ghog

    Can’t see how LH could voted in 1st place, for what exactly?

    Hi Tai, Richard, Sunny, Taz et all!

    Bleated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

    My Crash account has absolutely crashed, have kept up with you comment’s though. Keep on keeping on!

    Best Regards,

  • Taipan

    Hey Ghog, I’d been wondering where you had gone! Can’t you create a new Crash account? You’ve been missed over there.
    As for the ridiculous poll result the only explanation is RGT used all 300 of his user accounts to vote for his hero!

    Best wishes to you too mate.

  • ghog

    Hi Tai!

    I have had no luck making a new account so far, can’t post. Have really missed the craic……………

    Do they think I’m one RGT’s creations? OMG I really hope not.

    So RGTs doing his Rick Wakeman stunt on here now!

  • Taipan

    Ghog, You’ve got a sense of humour and can spell simple words so no chance of anyone thinking you’re RGT!

    Rick Wakeman impression! I can just picture the Troll with 4 keyboards

  • richard

    wow. I heard that this site was the home of rejects, led most famously by he who has been christened RGT (rons golden troll) for his incessant multi name abusing of anyone who disagreed with his love affair with lulu. seems that he is infecting this site too. appears he is a civil servant who has nothing to do but post the most stupid comments. and to cap it all, he just cannot spell.
    ie TRUNDELL ….for trundle.

    to grandprix247. beware of this troll as he will infect your site with spam.

  • Felix Rae

    I am by no means a ‘lulu fanboy’. I support all British drivers (and Alonso).

    From an impartial point of view, Crash is biased, and it’s mods are over sensitive. They will allow anti-Hamilton (some childish) comments, but if anyone attempts to counter that comment. DELETED. Try again. DELETED. Try again. BANNED. Lol. Yet any other topic, most comments go through fine.

    I was one of the first to sign up to Crash, many moons ago. So I have watched it go from a busy site, with hundreds of comments daily, to maybe 20-30 comments a day. All by the same repetitive posters saying the same repetitive things.

    By the looks of things, people have caught wind of this, and moved to here.

    I don’t blame them, I really don’t.

    But yes, #1 for Hamilton Driver of the year is just silly.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    I’m amazed at how easy it is to group the Lulu fans and the non-fans … just by grammar and spelling.

  • richard

    yes. crash comments seem to have reduced, particularly since rgt, the troll seems to have been blocked!

  • sunny stivala

    Ghog, you have been missed over at CRASH.
    Take my advice and get with someone that understands/can handle computers better than you can and I can assure you that your account will be logged-on in no time at all, I

  • Felix Rae

    Was RGT originally Ron’s Golden Boy? I remember him. How do you know he had multiple accounts? Similar spelling mistakes or stupid comments?
    I’m curious.

  • sunny stivala

    Ghog, (had a sudden outage of the system), I am convinced that your difficulty is a technical matter (computer) and nothing to do with CRAsh.

  • Taipan

    Felix, Yes it was Ron’s Golden to start with, back then he was a bit daft but acceptable then he took to posting under fake accounts when he felt the need to be more offensive, pretending to be a female, then an American, then having conversations with himself all just to piss people off. Lost count of how many names he’s posted under, certainly in 3 figures and quite the little bigot if you read some of his posts.

    Ghog, we’ll stick a post on Crash asking them to sort out your account, hopefully they can help.

  • Eagle.

    Jeeze, its ok for Tricky Dickie, Tincan, and the other twerps to post rascist hate over on the wally forum, calling Hamilton Lulu just to wind up fair minded F1 fans, how about we call other drivers the following- “Pettal” Poor darling not everybody loves him” “Aplonko coulda woulda won in a car 2 seconds a lap faster than anyone else” plus its seems the Rascists should get a hotel room between themselves and have a good time going by their love for each other the way they back each other up!! If you know what I mean.

  • Felix Rae

    Ah, okay. Now I see why the infamous RGT is disliked.

    Well, this has been refreshing. Not one post deleted. No hurt feelings. Everyone’s happy. I wish Crash would lighten up on the censorship.

    Enjoy your New Year all…


  • Eagle.

    Ha, Ha, Ha, just read bedpans accusation calling some poster as being a BIGOT!?? FFS that the pot calling the kettle BLACK. Hee, Hee, BIGOT QUOTE of the year!! Chortle. He’se just shot himself in the foot!!

  • realf1fan

    Those guy on crash it seems will accuse anyone who speaks well of Lewis as being this rgt and what as happened proper f1 fans who try to make a constructive contribution with their comments find their comments removed just because they say something positive about Lewis

    And btw this is what sunny stvala thinks of you guy on GP 247

    When told that the votes on here was democratic this is what he said on crash about you guys

    Counting the votes that have been dropped into a voting box even if by a bunch of lunatics can also be called democratic, but the problem is no democracy will place a voting box in an asylum place that gathers for mental malfunctions and goes out tell the world how proud they are with their voting outcome.

  • realf1fan

    But yet he come on here and posts what double standards.

  • Eagle.

    Well said real F1 fan. I was on Splash Cret but every time I posted a dislike what the B,boys was saying about Hamilton my posts were taken off. I then realised that the mods on there was either typin or richard the t””d or racists and was protecting their posts by making F1 posters P****d off by keeping their posts as cast in stone.in the end I packed in reading the racist stuff and read the better F1 forums.

  • Wolfgang

    Eagel. Do you get perverse pleasure from being a total idiot.

    Evryone can see you post many times with many names. Does your mama know you do this?
    Leave site to those who want to have sencible talk.

    You are bully boy.

  • Eagle.

    Wolfbang? Hrm, I see you are one of the crish nit. B,boys who howl down anyone who dont like posters who object to Racist comments on crish nit? may I suggest you find out where the rest of your chums are hiding out and meet up and form a circle and comfort yourselves being disliked by decent F1 enthusiants ?? and in between learn how to spell correctly. dont forget your duracell batteries.

  • Taipan

    Felix, If you look above at Eagle & Real F1 Fan that’s RGT having a conversation with himself, pretty sad really.

    But I agree with you that some of the moderation at Crash goes too far at times, I’m all for healthy, even heated debate. Part of the problem was with the amount of trolling RGT was doing Crash had to delete all of his stupidity then delete all the responses to his stupidity, it all got a bit much. They seem to be on top of him now and his posts don’t last long enough to cause trouble, hence the reason he’s here and up to his old tricks.

    Wolfgang, he also has a habit of cloning other users accounts to cause trouble, so if that’s been happening you know who to blame. Best wishes.

  • Eagle.

    Hey, Wolfclang, dont forget the KY jelly you will need over there! Happy New Year, NOT to you and your CHUMS OVER THERE. Ha, Ha, Ha.

  • Eagle.

    Sorry tincan, But I am not the mystery RGT you are blaming for objecting to your racist posts on crish not. On there I was sidewinder 391, your chum Richard the T++D had a go at me for daring to object to his and your schoolboy racist comments every time Lewis Hamiltons name was ridiculed by yourself and your chums. every post I made , in a fair, non objectible manner was taken off straight away, YOU.Even tried to belittle me you stated you knew more than me because you had been watching F1 longer than me?? I replied I was 74 years old and was a F1 fan since the days of Lauda and Hunt, Again I posted that comment twice!! Again it was removed each time? I am afraid the Protection that Crap Nit gives you and your Chums has driven a lot of fair minded fans away from there. PLEAS GOD DONT LET HIM AND HIS LIKE POISON THIS FORUM AS WELL.

  • Badman Jose

    Just a matter of time b4 the hate regulars would appear here.

    Best of 2014 everyone at 24/7 and “All” the posters.

    Badman Jose

  • Taipan

    RGT, I mean Eagle so you’re 74 now? Given the drivel you’ve been typing I’m guessing your IQ might be 74 not your age, although that might actually flatter your intelligence.

  • Eagle.

    Hey Jose, Same greetings to you and every fair minded F1 fan on here, NOT OF COURSE TO THE HAMILTON HATERS WHO ARE NOW TRYING TO EXPAND THEIR POISON ONTO THIS SITE! TOTALL B”^*&(+~*%” . To the good posters on here ATVB for 2014.

  • Eagle.

    Ah, Common Tincan, tell us all about BIGOTRY?? After all you make dozens of infloramity posts about Hamilton! Your “Best friend?”

  • Wolfgang

    Eagel. You are idiot. I do not go on other place. Just see you here.
    You have big head problem and use many names to make you feel big. Many know you are little baby boy. Mama will be vry angery with you cos you play with yourself. Why you not be man and talk nice to all.

  • Eagle.

    L:ooks like the Hamiton Haters are getting a foothold on here? SAD DAY FOR FAIR PLAY!…. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE PROPER F1 LOVERS.

  • Teacher’s Pet


    Do you hear voices from the other names you post under?
    You seem very very unstable!

  • Eagle.


  • Eagle.

    Must say there is a lot of RACIST haters coming on here now. shame there is no mods controlling the plebs.

  • Eagle.

    Teachers Pr**K, yep, we can see from where your coming from -PR**K+ go back to S*T NIT.

  • realf1fan

    I am a bit worried that this site is now being contaminated and infected by the crash EDL members who are trying to now drag a quality F1 site like GP 247 down to the gutter depths of that poorly managed site which once was an healthy forum but now only seems to have a few numbers posting with a senile type mentality about arguably Britain’s fastest driver who just happens to be a man of colour.

    What sad people you are.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    Do all the personalities have such bad grammar?

    That’s very unusual.
    Often Disassociative Identity Disorder patients have one bright personality.

    Also, your obsession with race in every post tends to suggest you have a history of committing race related offenses or attacks.
    Have you served time for these?

  • richard

    I am absolutely gobsmacked to see that the mods on this site continue to allow a deranged troll (eagle, realfan, etc ) to pollute their threads.
    his language, bigotry and ignorance are all to easy to see.

  • Eagle.

    Well lets see where Tincan is going to? he stated someone on here was a BIGOT!! “DUH”? who is fabled more than himself for his rabid mutterings about Hamilton whenever his name is mentioned on his/Richards forum? His Hamilton hatred is well known. (FACT) any time Hamilton is mentioned he goes ballisist frothing at the mouth and slaggin off anyone who should acknowledge that a half cast F1 driver is better than lots of White F1 Drivers he is a rabid old time white suppremist who cant accept that ” A NON WHITE IS AS GOOD AS A WHITE DRIVER!” FFS, MAN! GROW UP! have nice day.

  • Taipan

    Richard, I’m even more surprised that the Civil Service continue to employ him, referring to people as “half casts” and blatant homophobic remarks earlier he sounds like Alf Garnet, his small minded bigotry seems to know no bounds.

  • Eagle.

    Hey Richard the TU*D. I have stated what name I posted on you and Tincans Forum. I was sidewinder 391. only for a few days because any thing I dissagreed with about your Anti Hamilton Posts was taken off straight away and I realised straight away you two TW**S seemed to controll who posted what. CR**H N**T seems to be controlled by you two P****S and it is no longer worth watching! (This of course is my oppinion) your belated whining following your hero tincan does you no credit hanging on to his coat tails I seem to be your worst nightmare looking at some of your earlier posts on (CRACK MORE)

  • richard

    you really have lost it now! I am an f1 fan and have no hatred for anyone, no matter what their colour or creed is. it is your bigotry that assumes that anyone who believes that lulu is not the best thing since sliced bread, hates him. no, there is no hatred at taking a rise out of the fanboys, of which you appear to be the greatest. you are unable to comprehend that a driver who comes fourth or fifth continuously in the wdc, even when driving the best car, is not the greatest. a driver has to earn greatness. maybe, when you have learned a bit about f1, you will begin to understand what makes a great driver.
    by the way, you seem to be nearing a new record for the number of posts in a day.
    oh by the way, calling lulu a half cast (sic) driver, only exposes your own bigotry.

  • Eagle.

    U two close chums dont seem capable to realise I am who I say I am. I went onto CR*** **T as sidewinder391. everytime you two planks disrespected Hamilton I disagreed and saw my comments removed Why you 2 dic**eads was allowed your usual bigotry remarks to stand made me realise if you was a hater you was a white man and your remarks was OK? for you 2 PR***S to say I am someone you dont like is wrong. I am not the other chap you whinge about. FFS grow a Pair.

  • realf1fan

    richard it is a fact that you tinpan and sunny the hater named Lewis lulu because you were hinting at his colour because what you were trying to say was Zulu Iv’e never been so ashamed to be called British until I saw those posts by yourself, sunny the hater and snakeman.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    I know a white guy called Zulu …

  • richard

    rgt. you are aware, of course, that he has been called lulu, on national tv? and that he is called this too in the pit lane? and for your info, until you mentioned it now, I never even thought that it sounded like Zulu.
    and for your further info, my uncle worked for many years in Africa with mary schlesser. he is featured in her book. just shows how stupid your accusations are.
    oh, and by the way, sunny is not british either. but you appear to be too dense to work that out.

  • realf1fan

    teachers’s pet do you post on crash under the username Fullofit and if so I find it deplorable that you come on this clean site with a fake user name.

    richard , who the hell is rgt my name is realf1fan.

    As said I’m ashamed to be British sometimes.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    Oh the irony … because realf1fan, RGT, eagle, etc are all real names. BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Taipan

    Zulu?? You tool RGT. Lulu’s ex-puddycat calls Louis Walsh (a small white Irishman) Lulu. Now TRY to use your brain for a moment, do you think she calls him that because he reminds her of a Zulu or could it be because of his first name?

    You really are warped but we agree on one thing, we’re both ashamed that you’re British.

  • Herbalist

    What an incredibly well-articulated and totally objective article.


  • richard

    rgt. are you forgetting that you actually admitted that you used the name “realfan” here.

    and I agree with ty. you really should be ashamed to call yourself british. you are doing Britain no favours with your demented rants.

  • sunny stivala

    Ghog, with the hope of you visiting this place again and reading this.
    Check your e-mail inbox as chances are you have or will be contacted by crash net trying to help you recover your account with them.

  • Taipan

    Ghog, Just a thought. I used to have all sorts of problems with Crash when I used Google so I changed to Firefox and it’s been fine since, it’s worth a try.

    Morning Sunny.

  • richard

    ghog. have a look at 6th on other site.

  • ghog

    Well this site has lit up, the fibre optic cables from Ron’s Golden Troll near Stevenage must be white hot and visible from space!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers for the help guys, like Arnie I will be back………………..

  • sunny stivala

    For those fan boys that haven’t managed to record Lulu’s singing lyrics on boxing day, I did record them and I must say they sounds better than his driving, that’s apart from sounding love sick, I will quote on here as the facility to record has been removed within 24 hours.
    “Why don’t you give love another try babe”, “you should let me be the one”, and “I aint nothing like those guys”.

  • cleantherubishofcrash

    haha ground hog cant get on to crash. Now which other poster should send a worm to Hmmmmmmmmm.

  • ghog

    Hey Sunny,

    Thanks for your advise am back at Crash now!

    This sites interesting, seems funny without the voting and unfunny with RGT flaming around……..


    ghog (mk2)

  • sunny stivala

    I know, I have read you, you have passed Taipan’s checkpoint with easy, would have liked to have welcomed you back by sharing a double D with you.

  • v.muir

    realf1fan, eagle and felix i would not worry about them muppets who destroyed crashed.net. they are in a minority who feel safe in the company of like minded bigots and closet racists and protected by the same site and now we have one of the cheerleaders telling another poster he will allow him back on or make it good after all must of been a mistake he is one of the gang and they got that ban happy they banned a few of their own he must not of been brown nosing hard enough or they finally realized no one left to debate with and got tired of patting each other on the back. what makes me laugh soon as you mention the character assassin his other half appears to defend his honour(dickturpin) then true to form the rest of the crash brat pack turns up with pom poms in hand. one final note to the infamous obsessive ring leader, instigator ,wind up merchant character assassin go seek help and try enjoying the finer things in life instead of camping out at your computer waiting for your next hamilton fix

  • sunny stivala

    multi name posting, multi time voting, the use of computer at work during a working day, impersonating others, agreeing with and talking to oneself does make for a fake imaginary majority.
    A note to this site moderators, your site has been infected big way by some of the others sites rejects.

  • v.muir

    sunny cheerleader number2 why not be a good chap and head of back to crashed.net it’s missing a mod plus we do not need that kinda censorship you exercise other yonder and by the way stick to your tech talk comedy is not your forte. maybe we should all start shouting i’m rgt like at the end of that sparticus movie you and the girls obsession with this fella is nearly as disturbing as the other fetish. you made your bed over there if you do not like what you see why not head back over and go lay in it i know it is pretty hard to stay in your comfort zone with no one else left to insult but it is what it is what you and the posse made it. gp247 does not need advice of the likes of you it has a readership that is growing unlike that place you inhabit which is dying a slow death.

  • Taipan

    Oh yeah we’ve ruined Crash, banned trolls, fewer fanboys, 10 times more posts per day than GP247, far more users, more intelligence, more F1 knowledge and far more humour. If that’s what ruined means I’ll take it. As for dying a slow death, look at this place, 8 posts today and 5 of them from the Crash team!
    And your imagination is running away with you if you think Ghog was banned, he had a problem accessing Crash with his old internet browser, so he’s changed browser and he’s back in.

    One last bit of advice who ever you are, try using some punctuation in your rambles, it may make them make more sense, doubtful but it’s worth a try.


  • realf1fan

    @V muir cheerleader No 2 lol

  • richard

    amazing (not). v.muir appears from nowhere and is quicky supported by another of rgt’s many names!
    you really do not learn how to be clever, do you?

  • sunny stivala

    The 247 moderators and their bonafide F1 followers should take note that a couple of bad apples that can be counted on the palm of one hand has found solace on this site, these are declared rejects who were thrown out by another F1 site for having a negative influence on those around them, this stems out from the fact that from their first day of registration and so excepting the terms and conditions of said site their solo aim and intentions were malicious, as facts show such as, when the site moderator attempted to moderate one of them instead of obliging as per the site rule he agreed to on his registration attempted to hold the site at ransom by openly saying that he will refer the matter to his son who he claimed was an assistant to an attorney, and that he will report said site to MR BE, also that he will report said site to NAACP at the US GP, one other after being found out multi name posting and admitting to it was also found out of posting all his scam from a civil service computer at taxpayers expenses and after persisting he was notified that his employers will be notified. These are the type that are contaminating this or any site they will find solace at.

  • Felix Rae

    Crash has jumped the shark.

    There was a time when disscussions were had on all classes. MotoGP, Superbike and F1. Then, probably about two years ago, Crash went batsh*t crazy on the moderation of their comments section. From this moment, most of the regulars started to become uninterested and slowly disappeared from the site.

    Myself and a few regulars (RawDawg, R6, Nick66, and others) now disscuss the happenings of Superbike on an alternative, less sensitive site.

    Yes, Crash still gets traffic and comments, but nothing even close to what it used to get. Which is a shame, because it held so much promise when I first joined back in 2006.

    I will still pop by for F1 news from time to time, but I will steer clear of the comments because it is near enough impossible to have a debate on any subject, without having a few comments deleted in fear of hurting somebodys feelings. We are all grown ups being treated like children.

    The only coments that stick are ones about why somebody is not liked this week. Last week it was Hamilton, because he wears earrings, or wears his hat incorrectly(Seriously, all the superficial and irrelevant things). I agree Taipan, intelligent stuff that!

    It looks like this week it will be Raikonnen because he was ranked higher than Seb in the poll.

    I think it’s a shame. Crash was once a good site. That ship has sailed.

  • sunny stivala

    CRASH is not only one of the best sites but it managed to improve on a constant basis by sieving out the BAD APPLES that were generating such hate and negativity amongst others, these BAD APPLES rejected and thrown out by CRASH has now found solace on 247, time will tell how long will they last on 247.

  • Felix Rae

    Yesterday, I decided to join in a conversation on Crash. Taipan was trying to find out “Why lulu gets paid more than Rosberg?”

    I replied “Easy! He gets paid more than Nico because he has a World Championship to his name”.

    The post was deleted. wtf? If that makes me a ‘bad apple’, then i’m rotten to the core.

    Yes Sunny, you are right. Crash is one of the best sites, if what jewelry the drivers wear, or what style drivers wear their caps, or how drivers speak in interviews is important to you. Yes, Crash is the best for that.

    Most recently, Crash posted a story of lulu and his missus ‘maybe getting engaged’. That was the nail in the coffin. You might care about the irrelevant things, Sunny, but the majority of F1 fans care about racing, rules, technicalities, engineering and results. Not the superficial tripe that is littered in the comments recently.

  • sunny stivala

    Felix, my comments about the bad apples that were thrown out by CRASH and now having found solace on 247 are FACTS, this regardless of your personal opinion of CRASH.

  • Gex155


  • RGB

    Sunny talking crap, im still on crash posting and every time a get blocked i come back and i love winding up the Hami haters tinpan,taz,Sunny aka 107 and somtimes richard who is a aged man and i will generally try and avoid him.

    These numpties think it is ok to wind up Hamilton fans but when the shoe is on the other foot they cry to the mods who will back their whiniging every time. I will carry on my good work on crash which is only to wind up the unnwashed bigots and the dodgey mods. And itt does make my day when we have the likes of Sunny comming on here complaining, love it.

    Oh wel back to my Civil job today iv’e picked the short straw and have to open up for we are having a fire test this morning so no doubt i should find time to post some comments on crash letting them know how epic Lewis Hamilton is.

  • sunny stivala

    247 moderator/s and those bona fida posters of goodwill on 247, when I said that what I am saying are facts has now been confirmed right from the horse mouth, for the first time on here but for many times on CRASH, RGB says “I am still on CRASH posting and every time (a) I get blocked I come back from a civil service (place of work of course at tax payer’s expense)”, RGB (ron’s golden boy) which is your original pen name (and only one of many used by you) and which has been thrown out by CRASH, what you are not saying is that every time you come back on crash you do so under a different pen name and that every time you are found out (which is now an easy task) you are kicked out BY crash you being a persona non grata.

  • Tamburello_1994


    Interesting reading fellas. Thanks.

  • sunny stivala

    Tamburello and all genuine F1 followers on this site.
    I am in a solid position with facts at hand to assure one and all that this site has been infected with the most disgusting parasite the F1 forums has ever seen, his original pen name (one of dozens he make use of and openly admits too out of his place of work) is RGB which stands for Ron’s golden boy, if anybody wants proof of what disgusting behaviour is all one has to do is visit Christmas greetings and the Schumacher bad news page on CRASH and see the most disgusting and unbelievable disagrees on the well-wishers posts that is his work, now Tamburello you can wow some more.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Right on.

    I just think it’s remarkable you guys have carried on now for how many days? Yea, That’s a “wow”.

    I haven’t detected any overt chicanery or spammers so I think we’re good here.

    From what I can tell, You folks seem like decent people – I hope you can work through your differences, If possible. Either way, Its been highly entertaining and educational reading.

  • RGB

    Wo Wo sunny, that is slander. I go onto to crash to wind up people like you tinpan and taz long time haters of Lewis Hamilton By me posting disagrees would upset genuine f1 fans on crash which you guys are not.

    And there can be no fun in upsetting people who like myself support the most successful f1 driver ever who now lies in a coma .

    Sunny you are the sick one stop slandering me as it sounds like you are the sicko.

  • sunny stivala

    RGB You are Recognised by general consensus including Lulu supports as being the most despicable human troll trolling around the F1 sites.

  • RGB

    Sunny I really don’t care what you think and I’m glad that I’m getting on your nerves because you are a bigot and a hater who goes around calling Lewis Hamilton supporters black zombies which can be found on crash which the mods have not removed its you who is despicable you are trash,gutter and a hypocrite.

    And I don’t consider EDL members an authority on how a accurate peoples opinions are.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Anytime you guys want to knock it off and join the discussions going on elsewhere . . . . Would be o.k. . . . . Just sayn.

  • elasmith11

    Well I must say after reading all these comments some growing up is needed by you boys I say boys because of your juvenile comments Lewis is fast and furious If you take Lewis out of a race the excitement goes I would not say he was the best driver But one of the best of the 2013 season He lost his focus but watch out 2014 will be his year The man is a driver of high quality have respect for F1 and stop the racist and hate comments

  • Belize

    You know, you are a real ahole !!!!!! Why are you always making nasty comments? First of all, you declared yourself the official spokesman for ALL REAL SCHUMACHER FANS. Now you are telling people who are simply stating their opinions to go elsewhere. You NEED TO GET A LIFE !!!! I thought my world was small. I’m a shut-in in a wheelchair because of a deteriorating spine & all I have is my laptop. But you my friend (not) are one angry son of a beotch.