Ecclestone wants three ‘double points’ races

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

The days of the highly controversial new double points rule for the season finale appear numbered, and will probably only be in effect for the 2014 season.

Many fans and drivers have made clear that they are not happy with the change, designed to keep the title alive right to the end by offering twice as many points in Abu Dhabi next November.

“I think it’s wrong,” Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne told Italy’s Corriere dello Sport, “because it devalues the work a driver has done throughout the whole season.

“As drivers we are not excited about it,” added the Frenchman.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, who has the power to veto key decisions in Formula 1, has also emerged as an opponent of the rule.

“I would not be surprised if the rule is soon abolished,” said the Italian.

To discuss this and other matters, Montezemolo has invited chiefs of the other Formula 1 teams to a meeting at Maranello next month.

“There should be more dialogue between the teams when it comes to discussing the problems affecting Formula 1,” he said.

The latest development is that Formula 1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone is also re-thinking the double points idea.

“It may well be that the rule is cancelled altogether at the next [strategy group] meeting in January,” he revealed to the Telegraph newspaper.

But Ecclestone said that his preference is actually for the concept to be extended, with not just Abu Dhabi but also the preceding two grands prix attracting twice as many points for a thrilling end of season battle.

“I think it should be the final three races or nothing,” he said. (GMM)

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  • oppolock

    It will be horrible if a driver that worked hard and deserved the WDC looses because of the double points. I expect booing! If that happens I will be very upset, its ridiculous and I can’t believe it was ever brought up. Well lets just have random sprinklers for the circuits, get them nice and wet, have three double points races, we can just call it Mario Kart.

  • Mofombo

    It would be an ok system if there was a lottery for the double point races and they were not anounced prior to the srtart of the race. Making it a real wild card. WTF am I talking about. Any way you look at this idea its a FUC_ING JOKE. All the races should be worth the same points.

  • captain tortuga

    if any race should be worth more it should be the first one.. (for the team that did his homework best) then 1 before or right after the summerbreak, and the last GP which should NEVER be that hidious track in an even more hidious country..

    at least that way they could ‘translate’ something to the public, like it rewards the teams who make progress, and keep developing until the end.

  • Taskmaster

    Bernie and the FIA has sold F1 down the river to sell media points for long enough. Time for the old man to wander off and explore his creeping insanity somewhere quiet. Double points for any race, especially at the closing US, Brazil and Abu Dahbi fly-aways is bad marketing under the “do something rule” of half wit marketers. In the end, European and Asian viewers and fans (the bulk of F1 followers) are going to feel completely disenfranchised if the results gained during the meat of the season where they watch from the bleachers, are erased by some points fiddling at closing distant races. If they insist on double points, where in the season they occur is actually irrlevant – points are points. Perhaps Monza, Japan, and Austin would be better choices. These are great races for fans and drivers, and span the most popular parts of the globe.

  • Jack

    Just go ahead and make the whole season double points!

  • The End

    Double points for blue cars in Europe,red cars in Asia,white in the Americas and reverse points in Middle East with half the cars starting backwards and forced to make a u turn to continue. Or maybe something really unique. The best team on any given weekend that races to the win gets the most points. The pinnacle of Motorsport grows shorter every year with every new regulation.

  • jeff

    Berlin’s cheese has slid off his cracker.

  • haha

    I say it once again, mark my words “FIA ruining F1 to promote their “formula” E, but it will backfire and Le Mans WEC will become autosport nr. 1″ Look how rally WRC and IRC are ruined by TV rights and dominance of Citroen and Skoda. Red Bull does it to F1 and other sports with their big bucks without history, and the FIA seems to be doing the rest to tip over F1. I’m a lifelong F1 fan but this year I enjoyed WEC Le Mans (despite the fatality of Alan) and Motogp much more. Vettel another team is what f1 needs, I know 100% sure he wins in either the Ferrari, Mercedes, the Lotus from this year, and probablyhe would also in a Mclaren Honda. I think Red Bull, certainly horner and marko, is actually more hated than Vettel. Put him next to alonso in the same car without nr 1 and he crushes him. But kimi will do that instead next year. I think I’ll watch indy to support juan pablo, he already knew 9 years ago that F1 was going downhill. I was a schumi fan but I do miss him or people like him.

  • Barlow

    I have a really good idea, double points for all the races, that way the best team would win, thus keeping with the best F1 traditions. Or here is another idea, everybody race for points normally, after the last race, spin the “F1 Wheel of Champions”, it has up to 1000 points on it. That way a team would only have to race in the last race to win the championship. That would save everybody boatloads of money, and the only downside is the diehard fans would be really pissed. But that is that okay, because the people who run F1 don’t care about the fans anyway!!

  • McLarenfan

    All I see from all this double point cr*p is the FIA gaining more $$$$$ ££££££ per point yes they would be rubbing their greasy sweaty palms together and ordering the platinum cards for Jean Todt and his side kicks.

  • Te

    You are all wrong. An F1 season is not just a moment frozen in time at the start.

    Its also a development race. Bernie is right.. Those who develop better throughout the year than others… get more rewards at the end of the year (the final 3 GP is perfect).

    Bernie is right.

  • Zombie Jebus will eat your brain and take your knowledge

    oh Bernie… be sure to add the sprinklers and jumps and inverted track sections too!

    Someone please STOP THE INSANITY!!! The regulations are already terrible.

  • McLarenfan

    Double points is just a bigger pay day for the FIA, I hate to say this but look at the facts if say the final 3 races = double points this basic fee of €10,000 ($12,800) for the super licence plus €1,000 ($1,280) for each world championship point.

    The constructors’ champions will have to pay a base $500,000 US plus $6000 US per point gained in the standings.
    Every other team that wants to enter will have to pay the basic $500,000 US plus $5000 US per point.

  • StevetheGreat

    What a stupid idea. Double points for double length races might work, though. 88 laps of Spa would be epic!

  • David

    Taking a cue from the Campaign for Real Ale, I was thinking of starting a Campaign for Real F1. But what would be real F1? Taking out the technology and getting back to basics would be just putting the clock back. Removing the rule of the FIA might be worth considering. Any ideas anyone?

  • Imran

    There’s no reason for double points in F1.. If he want to stop the Red Bull dominance, that’s not the best way.. Other big teams like mercedes and ferrari should find another way around.. ferrari can’t fully use their veto in f1… This is a championship, not politics..

  • Allan

    What about double header races like BTC. Winner of the first race starts last on the grid and last first. I’m sure you get the idea. At least then we might get some “overtaking” which is what racing should be about , not a procession. The right tracks, ie Silvestone , Spa , would need to be chosen for this.