Vergne: Alonso versus Raikkonen is a Ferrari time bomb

Jean-Eric Vergne

Jean-Eric Vergne

There is no doubt that Kimi Raikkonen’s return to Ferrari has been big news ever since it was announced in September. Many are salivating at the prospect of the two working together or not…Jean Eric Vergne believes that the Maranello outfit may have a time bomb on their hands.

The Toro Rosso driver told Corriere dello Sport, “Alonso in 2014 is undoubtedly one of the title contenders. But what worries me is the fact that Raikkonen has taken over the cockpit of Felipe Massa. Kimi is a fantastic driver, as is Fernando, together they could be a time bomb for Ferrari.”

Vergne is also convinced that the pecking order in Formula 1 will remain the same despite the massive rule changes which come into effect for the 2014 season “I do not believe that the balance of power will change very quickly. I think that Red Bull will again be ahead of Ferrari.”

The Frenchman also aired his views on the controversial double points for the season finale rule, “I find that wrong, because [in one race] it destroys the entire work of a driver during the season. As drivers, we are not excited about it.” (GP247)

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  • Quit crying over the double points. The points are the same for all drivers.

    These drivers need to quit crying about the double points because every driver has the same chance to earn the points.

    It is in no way unfair. It is not like it will be sprung upon the drivers at the start of the race weekend.

    As for Kimi and Fernando I do not see any problems as Kimi is cool and collected. Fernando knows his mind games will not get to Kimi so when all is said and done you can pencil in Ferrari as the constructors champion for 2014 as both Kimi and Fernando will produce through out the year. The only real question is will Kimi be crowned drivers champion or will Fernando.

    My bet is on Kimi as I think he will want to show Ferrari how wrong they were to buy out his contract in favor of Fernando who has failed to do what Kimi has done and that is bring Ferrari a constructors and drivers championship.

    I think Ferrari also learned a lesson when they failed to develop a car to suit Kimi’s style and they will not repeat that mistake. Look for Ferrari to deliver a car for both Kimi and Fernando to suit each of their styles.

    RedBull made a serious mistake by promoting Riccardo (SIC?) as I do not feel he is anywhere near ready for a top ride and RedBull will suffer for that. Also I do not think Renault will deliver a good enough package for 2014 and you will see Vettel fall apart as well. I predict Redbull will struggle to finish in fifth place in the constructors championship and may even fall as far down as seventh place.

  • neutral

    the words of a failure mean nothing….i think 2014 will be his last year in f1…

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    Totally agree. Enjoy your last season in f1. I think toro rosso will have had enough with vergne. The reason they picked daniel ricciardo is bc he is all around better than you. And that shit about you wanting the. #27 will not happen. You dont deserve that number. 27 belongs to ferrari since villenueve made it an iconic number in the sport. Just keep your mouth shut and enjoy your last f1 drive

  • Stewy33

    You wouldn’t say the same thing if your favorite driver has a DNF or crashes out of the last race and get 0 points where his rival he is trying to beat gets double.

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    @Quit crying over the double points. The points are the same for all drivers.

    What do you mean promoting Ricciardo is a mistake? They did the right thing… If not what’s the point of having Toro Rosso then?


    well said mate. Kinda imagine how much 50 points can do. Imagine its a 1,2 for a midfield team. That sums up to whopping 86 points can do to constructers!

  • Mad maxx

    Oh screw it! Double point for every race!!

  • Taskmaster

    Raikkonnen is a tenacious and talented driver, but does have a tendancy to throw in the towel when things are not going his way. He also need a car that suits him well. Hopefully he gets what he wants from Ferrari – it will add a new dynamic to the season.

    On the other point. I know from direct personal experience that double points season ending races are unfair and a bad deal for drivers. I went from leading a regional championship over the runner up, a position I maintained and grew over 9 races – to losing by one point in the double points season ender – from being spun out by a back marker running over my right rear, bending the suspension. I remained driving as hard as I could as the car came apart – but the resulting non-points finish erased an entire seasons effort in one race. With normal points, I would have still won by 11 points. While the back marker was reprimanded for his actions, the result remains. And that was a regional sportsman series. Double points bonus rounds have absolutely no place in world championships. This is media driven stupidity and nothing more.

  • Spartacus

    @Mad maxx

    LOL!!! Hahahahaaa….

    Thank you for your simple yet fair comment. And funny as well!

  • Tamburello_1994


    Fascinating story – Sorry for the misfortune, But a prime example nonetheless on why this scheme is unfair to all drivers.

    Elevating one race above all other points-wise is suppose to create excitement years end, But all I see is controversy if it’s a factor deciding a championship no matter who it involves.

    It’s an solution looking for a fix a problem that didn’t exist.

  • Hawk

    @Taskmaster, thanx for that
    @Spartacus, I hope you will not find Taskmaster’s comment funny.

    like is said better to acquit 100 criminals than convict one innocent. this scheme will definitely hurt someone.. so badly.. it does not matter how many benefit, they should not in the first place. this scheme is meant for the fans but how tangible is that benefit? especially to that driver who will lose the WDC like Taskmaster did?

  • Red Horizon

    @Quit crying over the double points. The points are the same for all drivers.

    I agree 100%

  • matthew

    So lets get this straight… The drivers, the teams, and the fans don’t want double points. Why are they still doing double points again? As far as kimi vs alonso, I don’t see it as a time bomb. I mean come on, they’re not going to get into a fight or anything. Alonso is faster than kimi, he will deliver. Kimi is a great driver and he can deliver, but he is a quitter, if things don’t go his way we’ll see him crash out on turn one lap one, or overheat the brakes(theres a lot of speculation he cooked the brakes purposely) or have a slow race, like he did in 13. As long as kimi is happy, I can’t see anyone beating ferrari in the constructers championship.

  • kimster

    You are wrong…..I think kimi is faster than any other driver on the grid if he’s on form….but alonso is a more complete package because he may not be that fast but his strength lies in his “its not over till its over” spirit and his consistency…f1 is up for some interesting times ahead…

  • Imran

    Kimi vs Fernando 2014 = Senna vs Prost 1989…