Alonso: Raikkonen is a driver who has a rare talent and from whom I can learn a lot


2013 Australian GP race winner Kimi Raikkonen is congratulated by Fernando Alonso in parc ferme

2013 Australian GP race winner Kimi Raikkonen is congratulated by Fernando Alonso in parc ferme

Fernando Alonso is using the festive season to start firing up the troops at Ferrari with some choice quotes before the brief Christmas and New Year hibernation period kicks in.

Speaking at a Santander function in Madrid, the Spaniard said, “I have faith in Ferrari and I am happy to be able to work with Raikkonen, a driver who has a rare talent and from whom I can learn a lot.”

“The experience he and I have will be vital to develop the car: the most important thing is that we work together for Ferrari and that a red car is first across the line, no matter which one.”

Kimi Raikkonen with Fernando Alonso

Kimi Raikkonen with Fernando Alonso

Asked about his optimism despite again playing second fiddle to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull in the F1 Championships, he responded, “Why am I optimistic? Because I’m in the Scuderia. Maybe now there are those who believe that it would be better to choose Red Bull, but Ferrari is always the winning hand and one has to have maximum faith in them.”

“I hope [that] we can improve on 2013, maybe making the most of the rule changes to be at the same level as the best,” added the double F1 World Champion. (GP247)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    Twice in the last 4 years he went into the last race with a good chance at being WDC. No other team has achieved that outcome. Only Webber at Red Bull had that opportunity once. So it could have easily been Alonso 4 WDC and Vettel 2 WDC. Hardly a bad situation to be in. Now that their wind tunnel is fixed and they make their own engine and chassis, they have a good shot at beating Red Bull. Plus he doesn’t have to kiss Marko’s a$$.

  • Angela

    Nevertheless, you will expect him to obey team orders and let you pass him, Fernando, won’t you?

  • Imran

    Kimi doesn’t like team orders.. He’ll give no consideration to fernando like what he did at Korea this year.. He didn’t give the chance for Romain to finished second..

  • Fernanda Aloser

    Kimi will teach Fernanda the Loser what the back of a Ferrari F1 car looks like.
    Fernanda will suffer a similar humiliation to the one he suffered at the hands of Lewis in 2007 and hopefully this dispicable human being, this cancerous cretin, this cheating, miserable, moaning little baby will leave the Scuderia, for whom he does not deserve to drive for, and hopefully the sport altogether!
    He will return home to his little village in Spain where ‘the fan’ will be waiting to receive his punishment.

  • captain tortuga

    It would not surprise me at all to see Kimi move for Alonso, I mean, as it seems Kimi can not really bothered. xD

  • McLarenfan

    Kimi has proven in the past he is more of a team player than Alonso but that is only if he is out of contention but if he isn’t out of it then he will not give Alonso breathing space and Alonso knows Kimi drives hard, as for Alonso learning from Kimi well that is something his mind tricks will find hard and I sense given a glimpse inside Kimi’s mind Alonso will not cope with what he finds.

  • neutral

    alonso mind tricks again!!…..but one thing is sure though if kimi is fully motivated and has a good car he is unbeatable while alonso is the most complete driver out there……i couldnt see sennaXprost(i wasnt born at that time) therefore to me it looks like the next best thing….even if the 2014 season goes only half as good as it went for mclaren in1988…i will be more than happy…..

  • jl

    yessss,…absolutely. he will learn that kimi imune to all mind games.
    kimi only drive not interested in playing dumb trick like alonso did.

  • Tinto

    Alonso ahead with simulator work, that says something.

  • O’Ferrari

    Yawn. Being nice to him before u turn him into the next massa.

  • the fan

    @Fernanda Aloser…

    typical fanboy you are, and just like a 10yr old who cant accept the facts and fantasize about things like what you posted on the other thread… well you said you brought me down to earth? well i just made you look so abnormal and immature with your response :D i guess your mom just had you for 6mons during pregnancy.

    for the record, i aint no alonso fan nor a vettel but I do recognize what they have done and I accept it as the truth not fantasize over things that supposed or didnt even happened.

    sell your brain it’d be worth so much since its slightly used

  • lawl

    yeh alonslow… you better be afraid.

  • Butterfly

    Man, reading about “mind games” and “mind tricks” makes you think Fernando Alonso is some kind of Jedi Master.

    Not bad, but this isn’t Star Wars, fools.

  • SteveIsGreat

    Lol, Alonso loves to try and affect other with his comments… it’s become a Ferrari policy! Too bad he comes across as worried about Kimi, while Kimi isn’t worried about him at all.

  • Brave_Heart

    Its amazing how much of a baddie, some people think Alonso is. let me work out some reasons for such hate!!, i guess may be because he crashed into his team mate and took both out while running 1-2 at turkey? or disobayed direct team orders from the TEAM Frekinn BOSS? or broke his frontwind at silverstone and cried out loud to get his team mates front wing for the race.. oh no wait! it wasnt him, it was that finger boy!

    No disrespect to vettel as well, he is a young fast driver, vettel is just like the new iPHONE, All nerds go buy it, cheer for it, and when a new one comes, ditches it and do the same with the new one.

    Where as Fernando is like, very old rotary phone, you bang it everywhere, kick it, burn it, but it still works and is there when you need it!

    nuff said!

  • O’Ferrari


    Hahahahahahahah you’re such a loser. You are so much fun. You are one of my favourite trolls.

    Stay in school, son.

  • the fan

    @brave heart… this one is really explains it all

    “No disrespect to vettel as well, he is a young fast driver, vettel is just like the new iPHONE, All nerds go buy it, cheer for it, and when a new one comes, ditches it and do the same with the new one.”

    you nailed it!

  • jl

    yea right.
    Then who use old phone nowadays? Haha
    @butter alonso thinks he is Jedi ut actually he isn’t force sensitive at all.

    And remember this.

    Kimi choose Alonso as his team mate, he doesn’t afraid anyone.
    Alonso afraid of Kimi so he choose Massa as his team mate.
    Look,.. this year he work on simulator while last year he enjoy cycling. Haha

  • Tinto

    Brave_heart: Enjoyable reading, smart people are always welcome and for sure you are one of them.

    Now since smart people are honest too, and again you must be one of them, write down similar events that has plagued Alonso career and make clear who of two is more villain… That open and honest attitude may help others applauding you above for a change.

  • neutral

    @brave_heart……..very funnyxD…

  • Greg

    Alonos’s been locked in the simulator 18hrs a day. Dasha’s been with ME Fred. She’s great!!!!
    Did’nt he cost Mclaren $100 million after lewis kicked his ass?
    I really want Kimi to clean his miserable clock!!!!

  • LOL

    Wow lots of haters in this one! alonso beat kimi in 13, hes scored more points and wins in his career then kimi has, he didn’t leave f1 and go fail in rallying, (shameful for a finn) and he didn’t pay tons of $ to drive a nascar and also almost come in last each time!

  • matthew

    I’m convinced kimi was drunk or high when he tried nascar. Have any of you seen his driving footage? Crashtor would have put him to shame!