Ferrari will choose name for 2014 F1 car with help of the team’s internet fans

Luca di Montezemolo

Luca di Montezemolo during the traditional Christmas lunch at Maranello

What will be the name of the Ferrari F1 car for 2014? It will be chosen this coming January by millions of Ferrari fans from around the globe through the Internet.

President Luca di Montezemolo announced the news at the traditional pre-Christmas dinner with the Italian motor sport media at the Fiorano circuit.

Ferrari has always made good use of its website, and indeed the Scuderia was the first F1 team to present its new car on line, back in 1996.

Once again this year, the new car launch proved very popular, with 83,000 all on-line at the same time, a figure almost equal to those who watched the wedding of William and Kate live (87,000) from 158 different countries.

Ferrari Facebook page

Ferrari Facebook page

The Scuderia’s official Facebook page, which has only been up and running for a few months, this morning at 6.15 CET reached the 500,000 liker mark thanks to Giovanni Refugia Arceo from Colombia, while the company page has sailed past the 12.5 million mark. @insideferrari, the official Twitter account which, among other things, allows one to follow a race weekend in real time from inside the Maranello marque’s garage, has over 670,000 followers.

The Scuderia’s website has comfortably exceeded 10 million pages visited (+13.5% compared to 2012) and had 3.5 million individual visitors (+28%) while hits have grown by 20% from 4.5 to 5.5 million. Visitors have come from 227 countries: Italy still leads the way, followed by Great Britain, Spain, USA and Brazil, but there are also plenty of fans in the Central African Republic and Tonga.

Of the most significant increases, Finland has gone up by 554%. Indeed the news concerning the return of Kimi Raikkonen was the most clicked-on of the year (166,119 hits.) (Ferrari)

  • Butterfly

    I suggest they go with F138v2 to show the fact that it’s going to be just as hopeless on the tires as its predecesor. Or, if they don’t like the 8 in that name, they could use F150v2 for the same reasons.

    No matter the regulations, Ferrari’s design office just can’t:

    1. add enough downforce to the car
    2. get the tires to work properly

    which is what F1 engineering is all about, really. These guys have no clue what they’re doing.

  • AlonsoFan

    Ferrari needs to work on suspension geometry to improve traction out of corners.they suffer a lot at Hungary, Singapore, Abu Dhabi..Man that Redbull is good in traction out of corners..

  • ashyxt

    dear Scuderia Ferrari…

    you may run out of ideas for name


  • the fan

    id rather wait for its performance before naming it. to be honest, since dominicalli became manager, they have come up with the lamest of names for a car. they should stick to naming it after the chassis name just like before

  • Mercedes supporter forever

    How bout calling it the F16T

  • Forza Ferrari

    I would name it F614T or with a hyphen F-614T

  • SteveIsGreat

    Do any of you geniuses realize Rory Bryne is back with Ferrari and in charge of the 2014 car design? Remember Schumacher? 6 time Ferrari Champion? Who do you think designed those cars and destroyed Newey’s Mclarens? You 12 year old know-it-alls really have a LOT to learn.

    Not to mention the addition of Allison. The red team is making good decisions… the real question is will it be enough to beat one of the best drivers in the best car!

    As for the name, well F159 would be their logical choice… but I’ll go with SF6HT. Scuderia Ferrari 6 (cyclinder), Hybrid, Turbo. Not glamourous, but after a 7 years of failing they can save the glamour and mind games for after they prove they are a true contender!

  • ferrari

    F2014 obviously, other cars that don’t follow this order don’t win championships.

  • bobw

    The 2014 Bulchetta? The Lamebastico? I know….”Always Last!”

  • jeff

    Dumb… Reaching out to the internet…Hits…BE…Let Ferrari give it it’s due number…Public opinion…Call it F2014… Lets Race…J

  • Butterfly


    Actually, we know about Rory Byrne. In fact, at the F138 launch he said he’s working full-time on the F2014, so no secret there. Plus, the LaFerrari supercar is his creation, a sort of design exercise before the F2014.


    It doesn’t have to be like that. They can call it Fslow and still win every race if it’s designed properly, so the name has no importance.

    I just hope they don’t let that idiot Nicholas Tombazis do any of the design on it. His cars have all been awful. And please, don’t say he’s designed the F2007 & F2008 – those were refinements of Rory’s previous designs.

  • WHL

    How about calling it 2nd Place?

  • WestMclarenMercedes

    It was 5 championships with ferrari (200-2004) which he almost lost 2003 to kimi. And just go with F2014. I loved the F2012 cause it looked sort of agressive.

  • Fernanda Aloser

    How about calling it ‘the fan’ because it’s bound to be a loser just like him!

  • Junior Johnson

    Hi guys its a nice day isint it? Im missing f1 so much right now.
    I cant even think bout the name of the new ferari right now all i can think about are too things.
    First is look at the first picture man thats soo scary!
    There is a car hanging on the wall were a picture should be!that car could fall any minute now onto either the table an crush the table an brake all of there legs or onto there heads!Just imagine the weel is not screwed on proply and it falls of onto di montizumelos head haaa haaaa! Well then at least Ferari can look for a new titti di capi maybe get Tote back at least he knows how to work the wind tunnel proply!
    The other thing is why are ferari guys wishing us new years now?
    Guys its still 2013! Haaa haaa

  • SteveIsGreat


    So then, Mademe, if you know about Bryne then why do you accuse 2014 of being like the past few seasons? The guy is a pure innovator and leader in his field, just like Newey.

  • SteveIsGreat

    Though i should’ve added I appreciate your non-trollish response! Some posters here have put me off, so I wish you specifically would ignore the tone of my first post.

  • Troy F Collins

    I’m surprised that some off us haven’t looked down the hallowed halls of tradition….

    every one knows the true Ferrari Nomenclature for competizione is the cubic capacity of one cylinder of the engine

    Therefore i commit to 266 T

    perhaps 266 C for corsa works too

  • DE

    Dogshit VII.