Ferrari unveil their V6 turbo saying farewell to engines and hello to power units

Ferrari V6 Turbo F1 Engine

Ferrari V6 Turbo F1 Engine

The V6 turbocharged engine (designated 059/3) which Ferrari will use in the 2014 F1 World Championship was shown to a select group of the media at the team’s Maranello headquarters in Italy on Thursday.

The new rules mean that F1 engine technology has been taken to another level, hence the term ‘power units’ which the team’s head of engines and electronics Luca Marmorini explained, “As a result of the 2014 regulations, we no longer talk of engines, but of power units. It’s a very complex project and we have been working on it for the past two years.”

“It’s a 1600 cc turbocharged internal combustion engine and only 100 litres of fuel can be used in a race, which means that the more efficient an engine, the more power it can use. Along with the turbocharger, there will be an electric motor, which will also act as a generator, allowing for the recovery of energy from the exhaust gasses.”


Ferrari 059/3 unveiling

Ferrari 059/3 unveiling

“As was already the case, a second electric motor will recover energy from braking, although it will be able to put out almost double the power of the one currently in use. All the energy generated by the electric motors will be stored in a much bigger and more powerful battery pack than the current one, but it will still be fitted below the fuel cell.”

Marmorini added, “The electronic control system will be even more sophisticated to coordinate and manage all these new electro-mechanical devices. A new regulation, a fascinating challenge, which places great emphasis on energy recovery and on the efficiency of the power unit.”

During his presentation Marmorini called up on stage with him those who had coordinated the various areas of the project: Mattia Binotto (deputy head of engines and electronics,) Enrico Gualtieri (engine reliability,) Guido Di Paola (engine design,) Dave Salters (testing,) Daniele Zecchetti (advanced systems development,) Stefano Lovera (electronics) and Thierry Baritaud.

Ferrari concluded in its press release, “The adventure of the new power-train has only just begun.” (GP247)

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    Ladies and Gentlemen and Anonymous Trolls, we give the 2014 Ferrari Hoover Vacuum!

    Damn that fake replica looks as ugly as it sounds.

  • The Don

    If Carlsberg made engines it wouldnt look like this!!!

  • Hugo

    I hate this.

  • matthew

    100 liters of fuel… How slow do they want F1 to be?

  • Butterfly


    It won’t be “slow”, but it won’t break any records either. My guess is Jean Todt wants F1 to become part of WEC as a separate class next to P1, P2, GT, etc.

    Shame, but that’s how it is when you elect a moron as FIA president for two mandates.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Power units?

    I’m longing for the days of the mighty V10’s and V12’s already.

    Not looking forward to this next evolution in F1 but, I suppose like everything else – in time – I’ll get use to it.

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    Oh the epic butthurt amongst the armchair experts. The LOLing never stops.