BBC and Sky confirm shared live coverage of F1 races in 2014

bbc-logo-21217808Following a very successful 2013 season which saw 27.8 million people* watching F1 racing on the BBC (which is an increase of 1.2 million on 2012) the BBC today confirms it will show the following Grands Prix live on television in 2014:

  • Malaysia – 30 March
  • Spain – 11 May
  • Canada –  8 June
  • Silverstone –  6 July
  • Belgium – 24 August
  • Italy – 7 September
  •  Japan –  5 October
  • Russia – 12 October
  • Abu Dhabi – 23 November 

The remaining ten races will be shown as extended highlights, which are proving increasingly popular with audiences – the highlights from Germany saw a peak audience of 7.7  million.

All 19 races will be live on BBC Radio 5 live or 5 live sports extra.

BBC Head of F1, Ben Gallop says “It has been another great year for F1 on the BBC. We’re now very much looking forward to 2014 and feel we have a strong package for our TV coverage. This format of both live and highlights is attracting a wide range of viewers and we hope to see even more people tuning in next year to experience the magic of Formula 1.”

As in previous years, the division of live and non-live races is reached through a negotiation process with fellow broadcaster Sky, the BBC does not just pick a list of races to show live. Preferred picks are based on a wide variety of factors with the BBC aiming to put together a strong cross-section of the season that delivers for audiences, with those not shown live on TV strongly complemented by extended TV highlights, live radio and online coverage.

Meanwhile, Sky announced: “The grands prix to be shown live only on Sky Sports F1 include three of the first four races and two of the final three. The ten races to be shown exclusively live are Australia, Bahrain, China, Monaco, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Singapore, USA and Brazil. All of the remaining nine races will also be shown live on Sky Sports F1.” (Press Release)

Subbed by AJN.

  • njellis

    Hmm …

    An interesting definition of the word “shared”.

  • McLarenfan

    At first I was mortified when Sky took over F1 from the BBC just as in the past when ITV had F! with adverts but since Sky has taken over the coverage is possibly the best I have seen with all the practice sessions qualifying and the full race who could have asked for more from a channel dedicated to F1. The BBC always had qualifying and the race but then they never showed the in depth footage Sky has managed to get I still feel that the the BBC did their best for the fans but Sky has done it even better.

  • SteveIsGreat

    BBC coverage is way better than Sky. Quantity doesn’t always trump quality! Even NBCSports has greater depth than Sky and they don’t have half of Sky’s airtime.

    I’m glad though! I think D.C.’s honesty makes him a great commentator! Though BBC without Brundle is just weird – he pretty much saves Sky, imo.

  • McLarenfan

    MARTIN BRUNDLE is the key to sky and without him I think that it may have bombed.
    NATALIE PINKHAM is great she presents and works well with the drivers.
    DAVID CROFT very good in the team also has a vast amount of F1 Intelligence.
    TED KRAVITZ work well in the team and has a great nose for spotting small changes on the cars and also finding out information of interest, Ted’s notebooks are quite often very interesting.
    ANTHONY DAVIDSON is great on the sky pad pointing out things sutch as where an incident started showing us what caused a massive incident or how an overtake was made.
    Damon & Johnny are a big assets adding other perspectives
    SIMON LAZENBY not bad at his part I found I wasn’t keen in the beginning but he has proved his worth.
    Non of the team will ever have the MURRAY WALKER style with his Murrayisms but they don’t try to be Murray.

  • mik

    So we miss the start of the season unless we pay Sky for the privilege but on the upside I get my Sundays back to do something more productive Eastenders omnibus anyone ?

  • Barlow

    I live in Hawaii and I can watch Sky F1, I watch all the quali, and all the practices and races, Sky F1 is great!!!