Mercedes packs up after Rosberg’s scary high speed blowout on final day of Pirelli test

Rosberg Tweet

Nico Rosberg survived a scary 320 km/h blowout on the Bahrain straight during the third and final day of Pirelli tyre testing at Sakhir cicuit.

Rosberg wrote on Twitter, “Just spun at full speed 320 km/h on Bahrain straight cause my tyre blew up without warning. Thanks to that need to get some toilet paper now…”

The tweet was removed shortly afterwards.

The test is shrouded in secrecy as Mercedes, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Ferrari test the 2014 specification Pirelli F1 tyres with their 2013 cars.

It is understood that the Mercedes W04 was damaged during the incident and with only half day left in the test the team opted not to repair the damage and instead began packing up to return to Brackley.

Pirelli’s media office confirmed to GP247: “This is a private Pirelli tyre test, despite the attendance of more than one team. The test is not open to the media or public, and we won’t issue any media information from the test.” (GP247)

Subbed by AJN.

  • Rahman

    Good humour from Nico but They have no chance for next year Pirelli and this with 2013 car.(never mind extra torque)

  • McLarenfan

    Well I presume this is why Pirelli wanted to do tests on the New tyre. The Torque that will go through the new tyres is estimated to be considerably more than a 2013 car yet all they have to work with is simulated data then they are to make it randomly give up at an undisclosed distance I would tell the FIA were to stick the contract if I were Pirelli.

  • the fan

    pirelli wont get out of F1 till someone is killed, be it driver or spectator

  • Urko

    Untill Pirelli is throwing piles of money into “corrupted man’s” wallet, they won’t get out of F1.

  • Carlos

    That is indeed a scary issue! Engine torque shouldn’t be in the equation when sitting at max speed down the straight, that’s a construction issue or the tyre was damaged earlier in the run.

    The biggest challenge for Pirelli is going to be increasing the temperature range in which the tyre is ‘turned on’, because there’ll be a huge difference in how much energy is being put through the tyres between qualifying and the race, as well as throughout the race itself with fuel saving, etc.

    Personally I’d be more of a fan of bringing all 4 compounds to each race and allowing the teams to decide on 2 compounds they use, with evaluation throughout the Friday P1 and P2. To a large extent that’d put more responsibility on the teams to make the tyres last properly and would also allow more strategy.

  • JodyRenza

    What will Pirelli call their 2014 compound…the Toilet Roll?
    Not a good sign with turbo’s that will put even more strain on the tyres.Lucky it happened now during testing!

  • matthew

    Are we sure the test wasn’t done at silverstone? haha

  • Butterfly

    So these are 2014-spec tires used on 2013 cars and the tire blew?

    I suspect a race start will go like this:

    1. all lights go red, engines revved up, drivers waiting to go
    2. lights go out, cars start moving
    3. all tires explode due to the large amount of torque generated by the engine

    LOL at Pirelli’s tires. What a joke.

  • fools

    How is this considered secrecy if we know there testing? Unless the secrecy lies where we wont ever see any footage of film or pictures. Id like to see the footage of this tire being blowing up.

    Wait, we saw that with Perez and many others in 2013 :)

    Michelin must be laughing.

  • spornbot

    You can’t blame Pirelli. They were only doing what they were contracted to do which is to make crappy tires so there would be more pits.
    The SHOW must go on.

  • Butterfly


    Well, they were asked to create tires that degrade, not blow up.

  • Junior Johnson

    Guys my brother was driving around today in one of his feraris when all of the tires blow up at once and of course what would they be? Yup you geused it it was pirellis tires! My brother is lucky to be alive! I could have lost my brother today do you know what that means!
    Guys we should all stand together and take the pirellis of our tires and burn them! This will be in protest towards pirelli who just today almost killed rozberger and my brother in one go!

  • Junior Johnson

    Please guys this is now a dangerus situasion we have to act

  • O’Ferrari

    @junior johnson


    You so stooopid!

  • farizY

    @Junior Johnson

    Minus the misspelled name and some of the words; seems legit.

  • JPSmoove

    Why aren’t the F1 drivers, driver managers and sponsors throwing absolute fits over this. Its their necks on the line when things go wrong. Don’t they have a union?

  • Zombie Jebus Will Eat Your Brain and Take Your Knowledge

    Pirelli make me miss Michelin and I thought I’d never, ever say that.

    What a bunch of media-spinning, damage-controling, greasy politicians. I don’t trust anything they say anymore.

    Boycott Pirelli. They killed Paul Walker too. RIP.

  • O’Ferrari

    Yeah and they killed jesus and mother Teresa and jfk and martin Luther King and the radio star.

    They only people they haven’t killed are paul walker and senior johnson.

    Where was pirelli on 9/11…… hmmm? Food for thought.

  • LOL

    pirelli didn’t kill paul walker. The vtec kicked and surprised him yo.